My YouTube Channel Backed up to Odysee. Gail Takes Over Odysee and the SEC.

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I backed up the last 500 videos at my YouTube channel to Odysee. Check out my channel there.

In order to protect Odysee, I make an executive order on this Aug. 19, 2021 to take over Odysee, which should protect them from any actions against them by the SEC (which we will also take over). So now both Odysee and the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) are part of my government and must honor my Conspiracy Law.

YouTube blocked comments on the video I uploaded yesterday entitled CENSORED: Loree McBride’s Time Travel To Prehistoric Earth, so if you want to comment, I encourage you to join Odysee and comment underneath one of the two uploads of this video at my Odysee channel. The reason there are two uploads is because Brent Spiner suggested I delete it and upload it again to YouTube with a new title and omit the word “cum” from the description. That didn’t work, as it appears you can’t even use the word cum in the video at YouTube. Loree calls her murderous star (which is actually Satan’s prehistoric mineral garden earth with an armour), the cum star. You can watch the censored video below:

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