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The following is an update to President Gail’s Conspiracy Law, and has been added as Sect. 22 to International Military Law.

22.0 The Linux Project is designed to phase out unstable and criminal Windows computers, which have been designed to enforce Loree McBride’s Windows monopoly and control over people. Those people who are not retards and who agree to the contract to receive a free Linux computer (whether it be a phone, desktop, or an Ipad style computer) must, before they can log into the computer and use it, pass a course on how to use the computer safely. We will give out a free phone and one free computer (like a desktop, iPad style or whatever) for each qualified user. The phones cannot be used as a vaccine passport (see Sect. 22.8 below) and will report violators so that they are arrested and dealt with.

22.1 All Linux computers will be programmed that before you can log in, you must pass a course on how to use the computer safely and you must agree to the contract. First, they must agree to the contract.

22.2 The contract will be worded as follows: As a condition for using this computer, I agree that I am not allowed to take any vaccinations designed to prevent any sort of viral infections. This is because these vaccines make you retarded, which means I would probably destroy this computer within a month after becoming retarded because of taking the vaccine. A retarded person could easily destroy a Linux computer. Secondly, if it’s determined that I have become retarded (for whatever reason), the computer will be taken from me, but, the current hard drive removed and given to me as the retarded person. The seized computer will then be refurbished and given a new hard drive, so that it can be given to another person who qualifies to have the computer. To ensure retarded people are not using the computer, it will be set up with a scanner that determines if the user has become retarded and once that person has become retarded, the computer will freeze and the government will come and seize it (except the hard drive will be given to the person to protect their identity and privacy). Also, my body will be scanned to determine if I have taken any vaccine designed to prevent a viral infection. If the scan determines I have done so, my free Linux computer will also be seized, after the hard drive has been left behind (as already described).

22.2a Those who have already taken the COVID vaccine and who have not become retarded can still qualify for the Linux free computer, but must not take any more vaccines designed to protect from viral infections. Most “vaccines” designed to protect from viral infections are actually bio weapons designed to keep Loree and her vaccine manufacturers rich at your expense.

22.3 For any computers that must be seized, we may attempt to use transporter technology as the first method to seize the computer. If this does not work, we would then just deactivate the computer and freeze it so that it does not work and the person will be asked to turn it in to a drop off place. The military will be coordinating all this.

22.4 All Linux computers will have Team Viewer installed on them, or an equivalent, so that our software installers can install software for the person’s computer once the new computer user has passed the course on how to safely use the computer. Once the person has passed the course on how to safely use their Linux computer (of whatever sort it is), they then fill out a form and let us know which software they’d like installed on the computer and what they use the computer for. Our software installers will then install this software for their computer based on their assessment of this computer user and how they’ll use the computer.

22.4a The SOFTWARE INSTALLER CORPS will be a new branch of the government, who will work with our military to program the Linux computers and to work with new computer users to install software for them. To make this efficient, the SOFTWARE INSTALLER CORPS will develop different packages of software that cater to different demographics of computer users. So, not only will the SOFTWARE INSTALLER personally install software for each new computer user, but will also create packages designed for different types of computer users. The way these packages will work is, let’s say the user is a writer who designs their own books, the software installer would install all software that this writer wants, but would also install the WRITER PACKAGE, which would contain install buttons for software that may be useful to this writer, that he/she can safely and easily install these apps themselves after they start using the computer. The SOFTWARE INSTALLER can install several packages (like one for WRITER, one for PROGRAMMER, etc.). So the SOFTWARE INSTALLER would ask the new user which packages they want installed on their computer, as well as which specific software they want. The advantage of using packages on Linux computers is that it solves the software compatibility issue and makes it so that the user can easily install additional apps as needed, after he starts using the computer. Installing software on Linux is not that easy, so creating SOFTWARE INSTALLERs will greatly encourage people to use the Linux computers and leave the dangerous Windows computers alone.

22.5 The SOFTWARE INSTALLER CORPS will be a branch of the government that works with our military and will be funded by the money we seize from Loree McBride Jesuit bank accounts and from fees earned by servicing Linux computers, answering questions and installing additional software for users (if they need to do so). The initial installation of software will be free, including any packages the user requests. But after the initial installation, a small fee (perhaps five dollars or the equivalent) will be charged for each service requested. The fee structure will be determined and reassessed as needed by the SOFTWARE INSTALLER CORPS. Those who work for the SOFTWARE INSTALLER CORPS will receive a government salary, so it is not necessary for them to charge outrageous fees. The fees for their services must not be too high, but must be in the range of about five dollars for each service. They are kind of like getting a tip for each service.

22.6 Because a lot of people have lost their jobs as a result of Loree’s COVID nonsense and perhaps by refusing the COVID vaccine, those who have lost their jobs for refusing the COVID jab, will be the first people hired to join the SOFTWARE INSTALLER CORPS. But we won’t necessarily limit hiring to this group. A lot of homeless people may get jobs this way, too. This is primarily an online job, which would work great in today’s social climate.

22.7 Upon hire, they will receive training as a SOFTWARE INSTALLER. All that is required is a high school diploma and a computer, which we will supply to them, since they will need to use our Linux computers for their work. Obviously, we cannot hire retards and Loree McBride Jesuits or criminals. The military will conduct the training. I predict this agency will become HUGE and supply a lot of employment for people who have lost their jobs because of Loree McBride’s unfair edicts.

22.8 The Linux computers will also be programmed so that no one can use the computer in any way to report on anyone’s vaccination status. If anyone attempts to request your vaccination status using a Linux computer (since phones are computer programmed, too), the computer will block the transaction and further, will report the transaction to the government and will send information to our military headquarters to arrest the violator, since it is death penalty to promote the coronavirus vaccine. If the vaccine status requester is denying access to services (or threatening the user) because of not having a vaccine passport, all the Linux computer user must do is press a button to report a violator of Gail’s vaccine ban, and the computer will be programmed to take out the person (if they are a Loree McBride Jesuit) or programmed to have the military show up and take them out. Then if necessary, new workers (supplied by our military) will be transported in to take the place of the violator and the person will receive the services and justice they deserve. Further the violator will be FINED, with a fine of at least a thousand dollars for each infraction (of disobeying Gail’s COVID vaccine BAN) and these fines will be used to pay for the Linux computers and the SOFTWARE INSTALLER CORPS. If the vaccine status requester is a Loree McBride Jesuit, the fine will be a million dollars!

22.9 People can keep their Windows computers when they receive a free government Linux computer, but we think they will prefer their Linux computer because it is safer for them and protects their rights and privacy.

22.10 In the meanwhile (because Zack controls Microsoft and Apple), at Microsoft and Apple, the Windows and Apple operating systems will no longer be made and must be replaced by the Linux operating system or equivalent open-source operating systems. The Windows and Apple operating systems are not allowed to be produced anymore (and must be phased out), because they are criminal operating systems designed to assist Loree McBride to remain in power and to enforce her criminal edicts. All updates to these operating systems must stop and those who need computers in the form of phones, computers, iPads, etc., must sign up to receive our free Linux computers. To make this efficient, all new hard drives that contain operating systems that are not open-source, must be destroyed, if they are found in stores for sales and only new hard drives in all computers that contain open-source programming can be sold. We must take drastic measures to stop Loree’s draconian control and she uses computers heavily for enforcement. Retarded people can use refurbished Windows and Apple computers, since the older ones tend to be safer. But we are definitely encouraging everyone to transition to our free Linux computers.

22.11 Though Gail will allow older copies of Windows and Apple operating systems, and predicts a black market will evolve around Windows and Apple computers, at least this will damage Loree’s empire and make it so that freedom lovers will have a way to fight back against Loree’s edicts. Loree maintains a lot of her control through computer hacking, identity theft and malware and ransomware in her Windows and Apple operating systems. It’s a lot harder to pull this off with Linux operating systems.

22.12 Any willing attempt to violate the laws in this Sect. 22 with the intent to further Loree McBride’s criminal computer empire or to promote her violations of Conspiracy Law, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit violator to that person and a fine of one million dollars (minimum). The fine will be used to pay the salaries of the SOFTWARE INSTALLER CORPS and to finance the new Linux computers or, if there’s money leftover, to help those needy people through our INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK.

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