Jesus Cancelled As Co-President, Not in Gail’s Cabinet ANYWHERE

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Because Satan is attacking Jesus because Gail made Jesus Co-President, Gail has cancelled Jesus as Co-President. He will not be in Pres. Gail’s cabinet anymore or anywhere. Satan and his demons have almost killed Jesus since Gail has made Jesus co-President. My Co-President and Vice President is Brent Spiner.

I will update my U.S. President post to reflect this.

I believe I have modified all my Conspiracy Law documents to remove mention of Jesus as being in my Cabinet or influencing my policies everywhere. If I have missed something, I state here that Jesus is completely purged from My Cabinet and all government decisions I make will be based on recommendations from only those Cabinet members who are not Jesus.

I believe if Jesus could talk, he would apologize to Satan for breaking his non-interference agreement with Satan and because I believe this is the case, I have cancelled Jesus in all Cabinet positions. Jesus will promise not to influence me as a world political leader. You got to admit Satan, that Jesus is in love with (and having sex with) a world leader, so it’s very difficult for him not to influence me. But I can say, that he HAS NOT. So the ball’s in your park now, Satan. Jesus has refused to be in my Cabinet in order to honor the non-interference agreement with you, Satan. So let Jesus live, Satan!

Jesus is in a coma. But I am pretty certain he would apologize to Satan for breaking his agreement, so I will do it for Him proactively by cancelling him totally as a Cabinet member in my government.

Further, Gail is greatly concerned that Jesus has been greatly weakened because of being in sex mode in order to make love to Gail and other humans. Gail is willing to give Jesus up as a roommate and lover totally, to save Jesus’s life. The world needs Jesus. Leave Jesus alone Satan!

Further, even though Jesus was in my Cabinet, I am not aware that he has yet influenced any of my decisions, or that he influenced any legislation I made. He was too busy being a lover to even think about politics. So, this means that NOW THAT JESUS HAS APOLOGIZED, HE NEVER VIOLATED THE NON-INTERFERENCE AGREEMENT. He agreed to a position, which he never used. Jesus was far more interested in partying than in being in my Cabinet, I can tell you THAT.

I made him Co-President, but he was pretty deadbeat as a Co-President and pretty much left me to do the job by myself. I don’t recall that he influenced any of my decisions! So Satan, now that he’s cancelled as my Co-President and now that I’ve stated that all decisions I made as President HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING JESUS SAID TO ME (DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY). THIS MEANS HE HAS NOT VIOLATED THE NON-INTERFERENCE AGREEMENT. If you don’t bring him back to life, then YOU HAVE VIOLATED THE NON-INTERFERENCE AGREEMENT. Especially after Jesus has apologized.

I can tell you that all Jesus cared about was sex parties! He did crap as a Co-President. He basically IGNORED THE POSITION. I think he just liked the idea of being a partner with me in anything. But he’s cancelled now, so leave him alone Satan. All he’s done as Co-President is plan parties and hang out with me and my men on Discord. SOME CO-PRESIDENT. I will say that he was a pretty hot lover and that’s the REAL REASON you want to kill him. I think you know, Satan, that he was pretty apathetic about being Co-President. All he seemed to care about was parties! SOME WORLD LEADER. Certainly not worthy of death for violating a non-interference agreement about influencing events in the world, unless you consider sex parties influencing events in the world!

Admit it, Satan. You’re just jealous that Jesus rejected you as a gay lover. You KNOW he did crap as a Co-President. You just used that as an excuse to kill him to punish him for REJECTING YOU AS A LOVER.

I say that YOU HAVE VIOLATED THE NON-INTERFERENCE AGREEMENT. Jesus made a mistake to take the position and I have apologized on his behalf. He didn’t think too deeply about this because he was so excited to partner with me in ANYTHING. All he cared about was being a lover and that is a flaw NOT WORTHY OF DEATH. So basically you tried to kill Jesus, NOT for being a world leader, but because HE WAS CRAZY ABOUT ME and YOU WERE JEALOUS!!


Further, Satan, you have admitted that Jesus is not interested in politics, because you have impersonated God the Father to me and while impersonating him stated that his interest in sex WITH HUMANS has weakened him as a world leader and that he needs to be less excited about making love to humans to be an effective world leader. While trying to kill him, you taunted him saying, “You’re becoming a lot like them, aren’t you?” That statement reflects your jealousy that he prefers to make love to humans OVER YOU.

While faking as Father God, you stated that because Jesus is currently not fit to be a world leader, that you allowed yourself to beat up Jesus to prepare him to be an effective leader for the millennial reign. You yourself have admitted Jesus is not acting as Co-President or if he is, he’s a crappy one because HE’S TOO OBSESSED WITH SEX PARTIES. You see, you’ve even admitted he’s been a deadbeat as Co-President. You have incriminated yourself while impersonating God the Father to me.

It appears the REAL REASON you tried to kill him was cuz HE REJECTED YOU AS A LOVER. Therefore, if God the Father allows you to kill Jesus just cuz you went into a jealous rage, then God the Father is UNJUST. When you tried to kill him, WHY DID YOU RAPE HIM AND FILL HIM WITH YOUR BLACK, DEVIL SEMEN? It’s cuz YOU’RE JEALOUS. You wanted to kill him FOR BEING MY LOVER, IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS!!

Your real reason for wanting to kill him is cuz he chooses to have sex with me instead of with you! So you’ve admitted that he does crap as a world leader while you have impersonated God the Father to me, and yet you accuse him of being a world leader. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO HAS VIOLATED THE NON-INTERFERENCE AGREEMENT.

Admit it, in your opinion, Jesus’s REAL CRIME, was that he preferred to make love to HUMANS OVER YOU. THAT’S THE REAL REASON YOU WANT HIM DEAD. You were furious that he had about 85,000 orgasms a day with me! He was keeping me so busy as a lover, that he was causing me to NEGLECT MY JOB AS PRESIDENT.

Jesus was so lovesick, he was no good as world leader and YOU KNEW IT. To be honest with you, I, myself, have thought that Jesus’s lack of interest in politics has made him lousy as my Co-President. He’s even told us to not watch the news. Doesn’t sound like a very good world leader to me!

Jesus had an interesting effect on me as world leader. He basically got me so obsessed with sex with him that I neglected my President job quite a bit and felt guilty about that. That’s cuz Jesus wasn’t interested in politics, he was interested in BEDDING ME. And THIS IS THE REAL REASON YOU WANTED HIM DEAD.

You knew he was so lovesick he lost his head and you took advantage of that to kill him BECAUSE YOU WERE JEALOUS. You are also power mad and saw this as an opportunity to fabricate an accusation to justify killing him over JEALOUSY. You’re so jealous, you are willing to destroy the universe to get back at Jesus for rejecting you as a lover. A universe where a jealous monster like you rules, would be the most unjust Universe of all. If God the Father allows you to kill Jesus, then God is UNJUST AND I WANT TO DIE WITH JESUS so I don’t have to live in such an unjust universe. Take all my dimensions out and make me one-dimensional and annihilate me and put me out of my misery, so that I don’t have to live in a universe with a tyrant God who would allow a jealous monster to kill his own Son for false allegations that Jesus violated an agreement, when Jesus did so while he was lovesick and not really interested in the violation. Kill me, if you are such an unjust and unmerciful God, who would allow your Son to die by the hands of a monster in a jealous rage.

You tried to kill him Satan, cuz you were JEALOUS because Jesus was CRAZY ABOUT ME. IT IS YOU WHO HAS VIOLATED THE NON-INTERFERENCE AGREEMENT.

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