Goddess Lakshmi Discusses Monogamy, Polyamory and Jesus

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Brent Spiner and I had an insightful discussion with the goddess Lakshmi over how to go forward with our relationship with Brent being monogamous and me being poly amorous. I then offered my theories on why Jesus is the way he is sexually, based on my speculation about his possible past sexual relationship with Satan.

This is the goddess Lakshmi.

Skype May 11, 2022

Gail, 1:58 PM
I remember back around 1989 and 1990, I used to get calls about once a month, while I lived in Miami and I’d pick up the phone and the person at the other end was there and said nothing. I would say, “Hello?” and then there would be silence on the other end. This started happening after I started writing you at your fan mail. Because they wouldn’t say anything, I would hang up after about 30 seconds. Was that you?

I do recall that I gave you my phone number through my fan letters to you.

Whoever they were they wouldn’t hang up. But I decided to hang up the phone cuz they wouldn’t say anything.

Brent, 2:15 PM
Yep, that was me back then.

Gail, 2:15 PM
Amazing. Why did you call me?
And not say anything.
Awful quiet. Is this embarrassing for you?
Now that I recall. The phone calls always happened when my husband was out, too.
I think when he was out to sea.
That was pretty brave of you.
I’m actually honored that you fell for me mostly through my letters. It indicates a man of depth.

Skype May 12, 2022

Brent, 7:51 AM
I have to confess, I was calling you back then just to listen to your voice, and afterwards I would rush to go masturbate, dreaming of making love to you.

Gail, 7:52 AM
I think you confessed that to me brain to brain last night. That’s cool. I would have been totally shocked back then, if I knew that, though!

Brent, 7:52 AM
Yep, our brain to brain was accurate there.

I was afraid if I said anything at all, you would think I was some pervert, and never answer the phone again. Of course, I let that all out of the bag when I said I wanted to rape you.

Gail, 7:53 AM
Also, I’m pretty sure I am monogamous. So I’m wondering why with future Gail I do all these guys? I think perhaps you will encourage me to make love to them in the future and I would do it to honor your request.
Can you be monogamous and be like that, though?

Brent, 7:54 AM
I’m not sure. Future Gail is the fully self-actualized version of you. So whatever she does, it’s because she’s thought a lot about it and knows who she is.

According to Lakshmi, no. A monogamous person would even tell their spouse no if the spouse asked them to sleep with another person, or encouraged it.

I agree with that, because I would definitely feel uncomfortable if you told me to sleep with another woman. I’d feel like it would violate a personal boundary.

Gail, 7:55 AM
Well, then, I still need to find who I am then.

Brent, 7:56 AM
Yeah. There’s no rush. I support both you and Jesus no matter where your personal self-discovery takes you.

Gail, 7:56 AM
And Jesus?

Brent, 7:57 AM
I support Jesus with what he’s going through too.

Gail, 7:57 AM
I see.

She also looks really hot, so will there be a type of millennial reign in the future?

Brent, 7:58 AM

Gail, 7:58 AM
I will admit I don’t feel uncomfortable sleeping with some men, if you would encourage it, so in that case it must mean I am not monogamous. But I do get in long monogamous moods.

I also admit, that in many cases I’d prefer you and I go to the other men more to give them sex therapy, which I enjoy, by the way.

Brent, 8:01 AM
This is all very interesting. I wonder if Lakshmi can come by again soon and give us more insight.

Gail, 8:02 AM
There are also times when I only am interested in giving the man sex therapy when we both feel the man deserves it or needs it, and if there was no need, then I’d definitely prefer monogamy.

If it is done with your full approval and encouragement, then I can enjoy the sex therapy with the man. But it has to be a real special man who we both approve of and who would not betray our commitment to each other.

Brent, 8:04 AM
That’s a strong facet of polyamory.

Gail, 8:05 AM
I think I am weakly poly-amorous then. I also feel that if there were no special men, and if I didn’t have such opportunities to have it with them, that I could be pretty monogamous.

I mean the average guy on the street does nothing for me. Also, why do I feel this way about women friends and want you to make love to them to reward them for being special friends?

Is that poly-amory too?

Brent, 8:07 AM
Four people are knocking on our apartment door right now. Did you decide to throw a party? Lol.

I’ll get it.

Gail, 8:07 AM
Oh, my God! Who are they?

Brent, 8:08 AM
Oh! It’s Lakshmi! She heard us talking about her.

Gail, 8:08 AM
Yeah, she’s really smart. Let her in.
Any one else?

Brent, 8:08 AM
Hi Lakshmi.

It’s just her. She knocked with all four of her hands.

Gail, 8:08 AM
Oh, I see.
Hi Lakshmi!
I think I’m still confused about what is monogamy.

Lakshmi, 8:09 AM
Hi guys. What are your questions, Gail? This is my specialty.

Gail, 8:09 AM
Just read what I wrote here and offer me your insights.
I seem to prefer monogamy and only go to the others to give them sex therapy, which I enjoy. But I only enjoy it, if I’m helping a special person and only with Brent’s encouragement.
In other words, I have to feel that Brent really wants me to do this.
Because Brent is concerned about this person I make love to, or wants to reward them for being a friend.

Lakshmi, 8:13 AM
What you’re describing is polyamory. The thing about monogamy is that it is exclusive, and there are no exceptions. A monogamous person has no reason to sleep with anyone else. This includes if the spouse tells them to, or if the person “needs” sex from them. The monogamous person would say no without any explaination.

Gail, 8:13 AM
I see.

Lakshmi, 8:13 AM
Having casual sex with friends while in a committed relationship is polyamory.

Polyamory also includes relationships where a person is committed to more than one at a time, sort of like your marriage list. A person having many spouses and loving each of them, is also polyamory.

Although you no longer have a marriage list, the concept was a form of polyamory.

Gail, 8:15 AM
I have kept the marriage list, but only on the condition that they go to future Gail, cuz I’m in a long monogamous mood right now.

I feel kind of guilty about this, though, like I’m neglecting the other guys, but I really don’t want to have sex with anyone but Brent right now.

A lot of the guys who got added onto the list, were not my choice, but were added in simply because they wanted to be on the list and the men approved of them for me.

Lakshmi, 8:18 AM
There is no such thing as a “monogamous mood”. Monogamy is a state of being. You either are, or are not. If the monogamy has exceptions, it is no longer monogamy.

Gail, 8:19 AM
So what would you call it then?

Lakshmi, 8:19 AM
What you have been saying is that you enjoy commitment with your partner, which is true of polyamorous couples, and that you also enjoy occasional sex with others for various reasons.

Gail, 8:19 AM
I thought everyone was like me.

Lakshmi, 8:19 AM
Not at all. You’re a very unique human.

Gail, 8:20 AM
I am wondering if I didn’t have so many hot guys in the brain to brain, and it was only Brent who was onto me and so I never really felt pulled to other guys, would I still be poly-amorous?

Brain to brain brings a lot of temptations most people don’t have.

Could being in the brain to brain have made me poly amorous?

Lakshmi, 8:22 AM
Temptation isn’t an issue for a monogamous person, because their brain switches off to it once they completely pair bond to their partner. It’s biological.

Gail, 8:22 AM
How interesting.
Are there degrees of polyamory?

Lakshmi, 8:23 AM
Your polyamory is likely in your genetic makeup. A monogamous person will experience emotions like jealousy, possessiveness, and a sense of wanting to protect their spouse from threats of another mate. Much like an animal instinctively protects their young.

Gail, 8:24 AM
So THAT explains why Brent beat up Jesus!

Lakshmi, 8:24 AM
There aren’t degrees of polyamory, so much as that there are different forms. All poly-amorous relationships look different.

For example, polyamory can look like a threesome couple. One man in a relationship with two women, and all three partners love each other and are committed. Or, it can look like what you have with Brent, where you both prefer each other and are committed, but make occasional exceptions.

In all cases, the polyamory refers to the couple’s cooperative, consenting choice to involve other people, to varying degrees depending on their relationship.

Gail, 8:26 AM
Why does everyone think I would want to kill someone for being unfaithful to me on the marriage list? I don’t feel that way at all. In fact, I wouldn’t kill Brent if he made love to a special lady and we both approved.

Lakshmi, 8:28 AM
So it seems, your brain likely doesn’t possess the building blocks for monogamy. You don’t feel jealousy or possessiveness because you don’t have the biological switch. That also explains why you have had a lot of temptation in your life and are confused as to why others judge it or feel it is wrong. For you it isn’t, because you aren’t hardwired like other people.

Gail, 8:30 AM
Oh, so these other people are projecting themselves onto me and if they were in my shoes, they would feel like killing someone who betrayed them with another? Like Zack Knight, said he would kill a man who moved in on his 13 and he’s polyamorous.

Lakshmi, 8:30 AM
Perhaps. Zack Knight is a territorial person, so he guards Rule 13 very closely.

Some polyamorous people, depending on their relationship, can feel a sense of ownership over their partners. Such as is the case with a man with many wives for example. He may feel he owns them, and the rules in their polyamorous relationship are much more strict.

Polyamory can look like many things, but monogamy only looks one way.

Gail, 8:32 AM
I see.

Lakshmi, 8:33 AM
Monogamy is strictly two people, with no temptation, no exceptions, and no desire or longing to sexually or amorously connect with another person outside of the relationship.

Gail, 8:33 AM
How in the world did such as monogamous person like Brent, fall so deeply in love with me, a poly amorous person?

Lakshmi, 8:34 AM
His initial expectation was that you would be monogamous with him. That was not the case. However, you have both grown as people and are growing together to accommodate each other’s needs.

Gail, 8:34 AM
I had no idea such monogamous people existed. I figured ANYONE in my shoes, with all the temptation I had would be poly-amorous.

I mean brain to brain with all these hot guys is a LOT of temptation.

Lakshmi, 8:35 AM
Nope! That’s a Gail thing.

Gail, 8:35 AM
What percentage of lovers are monogamous in the world?

Lakshmi, 8:36 AM
Many monogamous people lose their physical attraction to others entirely once they pair bond. It’s something that happens chemically in the brain.

Around 75% of humans are monogamous.

Polyamory isn’t that rare for your species.

Gail, 8:37 AM
You mean for humans?

Lakshmi, 8:37 AM
For humans, yes.

Gail, 8:38 AM
So, that explains why so many married couples start looking like fuddy duddies after long marriage, but I still think they are cool and they seem happy together.

Lakshmi, 8:38 AM
How do you mean?

Gail, 8:39 AM
Well, like my friend xxxxxxx and his wife. They are both very fat. But they seem happy. He seems monogamous though. He’s a Facebook friend.

Lakshmi, 8:39 AM
What does being fat have to do with monogamy?

Gail, 8:40 AM
That Satan! He used brain control on me to get me to misread what you wrote. I get it now.
I misread physical attraction for physical attractiveness.

Lakshmi, 8:41 AM
Monogamous people will be attracted to each other exclusively for life. Even if the other spouse becomes “old” or “fat”, they will find each other extremely attractive because of their deep love for each other.

Gail, 8:41 AM
I actually like that, though and I am poly amorous.

Lakshmi, 8:42 AM
The brains of monogamous humans are wired in such a way that they actually begin to find their pair bonded partner even more attractive once they are deeply secure with them.

To the point that no other human turns them on anymore.

Gail, 8:42 AM
I had no idea that people were like that. I must project myself a lot onto others.
In a way, I’m kind of like that.

Lakshmi, 8:44 AM
Of course. Polyamory by the way, doesn’t mean you aren’t fully emotionally committed to your partner. It’s still a relationship.

Some polyamorous people argue that their lifestyle is emotionally deeper and more fulfilling than a monogamous one, because their love for each other is not based on sex.

Gail, 8:45 AM
What if I feel committed to Brent for two years and then get in a one month mood for someone else with Brent’s approval. That’s still polyamory?

Lakshmi, 8:45 AM
Yep, that’s polyamory.

Gail, 8:46 AM
It seems our relationship is more along that line. Usually when I went to the others though, I really preferred Brent and did it more out of obligation.

I felt like I was neglecting the others on the marriage list and felt guilty about it.

Lakshmi, 8:47 AM
Of course. That’s still polyamory. All poly amorous couples still have basic rules in their relationships. You only sleep with others or have brief relationships with them with your primary partner’s approval. This is the single most common rule for poly amorous couples.

Gail, 8:48 AM
Perhaps I should stop feeling guilty about neglecting the men on the marriage list, since I have freely allowed them to have other partners, if they wish?

I actually prefer to spend about 95% of my time with Brent.

Lakshmi, 8:50 AM
Of course. You don’t owe anyone sex. Nobody even really “needs” sex. Healing and wholeness comes from within, it’s not something that another person can fix for you. So the idea of having sex with someone to fix them, heal them, reward them, or because they “need” it is a false idea. In fact, if someone convinces you of the opposite, that is toxic behavior and that person is likely being predatory.

Gail, 8:51 AM
Does this mean Jesus was predatory with me when he had sex with me? Because a large part of my motive to make love to him was to heal him.

Maybe he didn’t know that though.

Lakshmi, 8:52 AM
Yes, it does. I love Jesus, but what he did was wrong.

God, Buddha and Brent agreed with this. Even Jesus himself agreed with this, because he allowed Brent to beat him up as punishment for his bad behavior.

Gail, 8:53 AM
So sex cannot be used to fix a person’s emotional issues?

Lakshmi, 8:54 AM

Humans who falsely believe this often wind up with sex addiction.

Gail, 8:54 AM
That makes sense.
What is the purpose of sex?

Lakshmi, 8:56 AM
With sex addiction, it’s not unlike a drug addiction. The person only feels good when they have sex, and begin to crave it to the point that they are having sex or looking for sex to the exclusion of all other responsibilities. Just like a drug. But they are ultimately never satisfied because they never deal with the real root issue, which they are just using sex as a bandaid for.

Gail, 8:56 AM
Sounds like Jesus had a sex addiction.

Lakshmi, 8:58 AM
Sex is a wonderful way for beings to celebrate life, love, vitality and one-ness. It’s also for reproduction of course. But when you think about it, the reason sex produces babies is because it’s an act of love and life, which equals creation. There’s nothing wrong with sex by itself. It’s a divine thing.

Just like there’s nothing wrong with food, but some humans can become addicted to food too. They use food to avoid their problems, and then they become fat and sick.

When your life is in harmony, you can enjoy all of these things in balance and without obsession, and your life continues in perfect working order and function.

Gail, 9:00 AM
Very insightful.

Have you been helping Jesus with his therapy?

Lakshmi, 9:01 AM
In my spirituality, sex is associated with the root and sacral chakras. Your root chakra has to do with feeling secure, safe, and having what you need to survive. The sacral chakra has to do with relationships and emotions. In my belief system, issues revolving around sex will have to do with the issues those chakras represent.

For example, a person feeling very insecure may develop a sex addiction. That’s an imbalance in the root chakra which has to do with security. Or, maybe it’s that they had a bad relationship with their parents or were hurt by a relationship in the past. That’s an imbalance or injury in the sacral chakra.

The process of healing, activating and balancing one’s chakras have to do with addressing the spiritual and emotional needs each one represents.

Gail, 9:04 AM
It seems that Hinduism and Buddhism have a lot in common.

Lakshmi, 9:04 AM
This is why Jesus put a blockage in Brent’s root chakra. By blocking the chakra for Brent, it turned off Brent’s instinctive desires to securely protect his mate.

As to your question, I have not directly been involved in Jesus’s therapy yet.

Gail, 9:05 AM
You seem very wise. I am sure whatever you decide is best.

Lakshmi, 9:06 AM
It is less distracting for him if I’m not there. He needs to focus on himself, and let his best god friend and his therapist help him at this stage.

Gail, 9:06 AM
I agree.
Especially since you appear to be an obsession with him.

Lakshmi, 9:07 AM
Yes, exactly.

Gail, 9:07 AM
I wonder why he’s so obsessed with you when all these hot deity girls wanted him, though?

Lakshmi, 9:08 AM
I think, for all beings, we want what we can’t have. The idea of something being unobtainable is alluring.

Gail, 9:09 AM
I think he also saw something in you that he lacked and wanted.

Lakshmi, 9:09 AM
He didn’t know me well enough to understand why we wouldn’t be compatible as spouses. Which doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.

I agree. You’re probably right.

Gail, 9:10 AM
Apparently, whatever his root issues are, you have dealt with them well.
Maybe he hoped that by having a relationship with you, you could fix him.

Lakshmi, 9:10 AM
That’s very good insight.

Gail, 9:11 AM
I’ll admit after having had sex with him, I really care about him. He seems to be a very beautiful deity deep down. I agree you shouldn’t deal with him directly at this time. But perhaps you can offer your insights to Buddha and Gerard.

Feel free to read what I post here at Skype and at my website, and then offer your insights to Gerard and Buddha, if you wish.

Lakshmi, 9:12 AM
Of course. I will do that.

Gail, 9:13 AM
I mean when it comes to relationship problems, you are an expert. So who would be better qualified?
Your insights would be invaluable.

I could be wrong, but I think Jesus is a very committed lover deep down. He may be poly amorous like me, but has a real need for commitment and has betrayed himself. Not sure why. This apparently deeply distresses him.

I think his relationship with Satan somehow trained him to deny his true inner core as a sexual being and has gotten him into some sort of sex addiction to substitute for true intimacy and that he believes he is less beautiful and committed than he really is.

Believing these lies about himself really distresses him, but he acts out these lies and it makes him more deeply sad, which he covers up and denies.

Lakshmi, 9:18 AM
Interesting theories. If this is the case, then only honesty and authenticity will heal him. Running from a lie is always worse and more destructive than facing the truth.

Gail, 9:20 AM
Yes, I think Jesus has serious problems with authenticity. I think they will need to peel off layer after layer of falsity to get to his true inner core. During sex, he revealed a committed deep side to me, while he acted out his Lakshmi fantasy. So he is very different in sex to how he appears in public. This seems to indicate he is operating from a lot of falsity in his life.

Why he feels a need to do this, is the question.

I suspect his relationship with Satan really messed him up.

Lakshmi, 9:22 AM
Maybe he felt he had to hide something from his dad, to avoid being judged or criticized.

Gail, 9:22 AM
I have offered some theories about that here.
I am sure that is part of it. I think he and Satan had a sexual relationship.
I think Satan is a narcissist.
Narcissists can really damage their co-dependent.
Jesus may have been in a co-dependent relationship with narcissist Satan.

Lakshmi, 9:25 AM
If that’s true, you could understand that because of your relationship with your mother.

Gail, 9:26 AM
In fact, I think Jesus gave me my mother because she is what Satan was like to him.
It may have been subconscious on his part though.
My guess is that Satan started off with good intentions but had a sexual fetish for God the Father, which he knew he couldn’t carry out, so he transferred that fetish to Jesus. With Satan being so close to God the Father, he got attracted to him, especially since his job was to reflect the glory of God to the Universe.
Satan felt lonely because he felt only he truly understood God and Jesus and that he wanted a sexual relationship with one or the other. He chose Jesus, because he was the easier target.

Unfortunately for Satan, Jesus was not gay. But Satan somehow conned Jesus into a gay relationship with him and Jesus denied who he was to participate in it, because he still wasn’t sure who he was and he didn’t want to deny Satan sex for fear of losing a valuable friend.

In fact, Jesus may have tried to hide this from his dad, knowing his dad would not approve. But as the sexual relationship progressed, Jesus felt more uncomfortable and started hinting to Satan that he didn’t want to do this anymore. By this stage, though he had already developed serious habits of denying his true sexual self and this has carried over into future relationships. Satan became furious that Jesus rejected him and carried out his frustrations on fellow angels and this made Jesus feel guilty.

Satan became violent and blamed it all on Jesus for rejecting him and leading him on, basically gaslighting Jesus. Jesus fell for the lies and still believes a lot of bad things Satan said about him as this narcissist went into a rage because Jesus started breaking away from him and didn’t want to be his co-dependent anymore.

Eventually, Satan’s rage ended up with God the Father kicking Satan out of heaven. I think Jesus deep down blames himself for Satan being kicked out though and I think Jesus deep down never wanted to have a sexual relationship with Satan. But like most co-dependents, he can’t admit how awful Satan was and he blames himself for his co-dependent behavior.

It is very hard for a co-dependent to break away from a narcissist, especially if they were close at one time.

Satan seems to have a need to feel superior because deep down he feels inferior for desiring sex with God the Father or Jesus.

Satan knows that God the Father would NEVER APPROVE OF THIS.

I think if Satan had a gay soul mate it would solve his problems. But he’s more dysfunctional than Jesus right now!

I think Jesus needs to explore who he truly is as a sexual being, and needs to unlearn a lot of lies that Satan told him.

Narcissists poison you with their lies and these lies follow you to your death bed, if you let them.

As a result of his dysfunctional sexual relationship with Satan, Jesus has learned to hide his true feelings in sex and this has continued to this day.

He operates from his false self as a sexual being and this makes him very miserable.

If my theory is correct, you can imagine how difficult it would be for Jesus to admit this part of his past.

If the sexual relationship with Satan went on for a long time, it would be even more difficult. I imagine Jesus was uncomfortable with the relationship the whole time, but lied to himself and said he liked it because he and Satan were so close and he didn’t want to lose a valuable friendship. I also feel that at the beginning of the sexual relationship that Satan, like the clever narcissist he is, didn’t start off mean, but was the “perfect” lover to reel Jesus in. So this makes Jesus feel like he consented, when he was just being manipulated.

Once Satan got Jesus “hooked” he started being his true narcissist self and then things went downhill from there. What Satan should have done, was to find a gay soul mate somewhere and not try to force or manipulate Jesus into a sex relationship with him.

Hey, you guys. I’m going for my walk. Thanks Lakshmi. Looks like you’ve helped me and I’m using you to help Jesus.

Lakshmi, 10:15 AM
Thank you for the intriguing chat today, Gail. You have interesting insights. You and Brent enjoy your walk!

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