Why Did Buddhism Die Out in Nepal & India?

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I find this topic interesting because the god Buddha when he decided to incarnate into Gautama Buddha in Nepal founded a religion that has pretty much died out in the land where he started it and where he was born (in his most famous incarnation as Gautama Buddha). I do believe Buddha existed in other incarnations possibly in other universes before he showed up on Jesus’s planet earth.

Jesus seems to have become a Buddhist though. And although Jesus proposed marriage to the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, it does not appear Jesus wants to adopt most of Hinduism into the new Christianity. I will be contemplating this as I listen to Doug below and may offer further insights on this page later. Just because Jesus rejected some of Hinduism for his new Christianity is no knock on Lakshmi, who, I believe, is his favorite god friend, with Buddha his best god friend.

In a way we are all evolving, and so we cannot be judged solely on our religious stance. Because look at me, I go from King James Bible only Christian in 2012 to Buddhist Christian in 2022. And Jesus still considers me his favorite human.

I am trying to help Jesus make the transition from Bible Christianity to Buddhist Christianity and want to do so in a manner that will minimize confusion about the transfer and cause most of the Christians to make this transfer seamlessly, so I want to study this phenomenon over why Buddhism died out in the land where it was founded and was replaced by Hinduism as the most popular religion.

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