I Believe Jesus Is Now A Buddhist

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UPDATE on Dec. 6, 2022: Jesus is more than just a Buddhist. He is EXISTENCE in all its forms. But he obviously likes a lot of stuff in Buddhism or he would not have appointed Buddha as his god representative on earth.

I have decided to become a Buddhist because I believe Jesus has become a full Buddhist. The god Buddha himself got me started on this and I am convinced that Buddhism is the religion closest to the truth at this time in history. Jesus has installed the god Buddha as the deity who best represents his interests on earth. My husband Brent Spiner, who, interestingly, has practiced meditation almost his entire life, is also another that Jesus wants us to follow. So what should Christians do now? I think they need to follow my example and my husband Brent’s example. I find Doug (below) the most helpful Buddhist teacher at this point, outside of the Buddha HIMSELF, of course. I like to follow Doug because he seems closest to what the god Buddha believes.

We evangelicals tend to be obsessed with the future and like to debate over prophecy. I don’t think Buddhism is against us knowing enough about the future to know that the eightfold path results in happiness and eventual happiness for the entire multiverse. So I have made intelligent guesses about the future to give us hope that the future is bright if we honor Buddhist principles as Buddha HIMSELF taught them. I know when I see all the suffering around me and in myself, I can get fearful or discouraged, thinking all is hopeless. Jesus does not want us in this state. So I have made some intelligent guesses about the future that help me stay peaceful and joyful. The Buddha believes that all the multiverse will be good someday and I now believe that, too. We can help it along by following Buddhist teachings, like how the Buddha teaches us to do it. Doing the Gail Commandments is one way to help us attain the aim of a good Universe everywhere.

I have noticed that the Buddha is gradually easing me into Buddhism, because it’s quite a transition to go from evangelical Christianity to Buddhism. It seems to me that Doug (below) teaches Buddhism that is very close to how the god Buddha practices it. Doug calls himself an early Buddhist or one who is more of the Theravada Buddhist tradition.

Here is something to read to give you an overview of the Dharma, which is what the Buddha taught. Interestingly, the Gail Commandments from Jesus seem based on a lot of what is in the Dharma.

For those who want a good website to explore Buddhism, I tend to be Theravada in my leanings, check out this one: https://www.buddhanet.net/

What if a Christian wants to become a Buddhist nun or monk? I don’t think Jesus would encourage this, but wouldn’t be against it. Practicing as a Buddhist lay person is sufficient. Like for medical reasons, I couldn’t shave my head, I would have itchy rashes all over my head. Besides, I know how to cut and color my hair and I can do it for very little money, for that reason. But as a Buddhist, I would not want to become vain or too obsessed with my hair as a lay Buddhist practitioner. I also could never give up my music to focus solely on meditation. Jesus is a Buddhist, but more of a lay practitioner and so the new Christianity is following the Gail Commandments, which are based on Buddhist principles that a lay person would follow. Kind of like Doug (below).

What Christians Need to Keep In Mind As We Transition to Christian Buddhism:

  1. Satan and the demons exist, along with evil deities, but we should not obsess over them, but focus on mindfulness, meditation and honoring the Eightfold path and the Gail Commandments to overcome them.
  2. The best way to overcome evil and promote what Jesus loves is to do the Gail Commandments, forgive our enemies in our hearts, though don’t necessarily associate with them. If you must confront them, make sure you are following the eightfold path as you do so.
  3. The Bible is a history book only and is only historically accurate in what it says about PAST EVENTS. If you tend to read it to interpret truth, it may be best to avoid it and go full Buddhist and do the Gail Commandments. God the Father cancelled the Bible in April 2022.
  4. We still believe in deities, demons, angels and many of the things discussed in the Bible. But we realize that the Bible omitted some important aspects of truth. For instance, God the Father was the ONLY supreme deity until June 2022. Jesus just attained that status in June 2022 by practicing Buddhist principles with his best god friend Buddha meditating with him on a regular basis.
  5. The Bible had some flaws. This is a hard one for Christians to swallow. This is because Jesus was flawed when He wrote it. The only safe attitude towards it now, is to view it as a history book and an incomplete one at that. The Bible never mentioned how Jesus proposed to the goddess Lakshmi and she turned him down for marriage, but remained his friend. You can get that from this website. Just do a search on the Hindu goddess Lakshmi here at this website.
  6. The only infallible being until June 2022 was God the Father. God the Father still hung out with other supreme deities like Zeus, Allah, etc. But they are not infallible. Only God the Father and Jesus are currently infallible. Jesus attained infallibility in June 2022, when he experienced enlightenment and reached his highest state.
  7. Buddhism seems to portray the truths of the Universe in a very helpful way to Jesus followers. The only way that Brent and I could overcome Satan’s forces when Satan almost killed Jesus permanently in April 2022, was by following Buddha’s advice. I have great respect for the god Buddha because He saved Jesus’s life. His meditation restored Jesus’s chakras, which saved Jesus’s life.
  8. It is possible for any being to die or be exterminated PERMANENTLY. Basically, all your chakras go down to one dimension or less and YOU’RE GONE. The only exception to this may be God the Father.
  9. Rebirth is an option for Buddhist Christians. We can choose it if we want or can go straight to heaven with the self we lived in our most recent incarnation.
  10. There are infinite universes in existence and earth is not the only planet that has sentient beings. The way to go to the other universes is through higher dimensions. I have observed that deities, angels and Satan use portals to travel interdimensionally.
  11. Our planet earth is Jesus’s favorite planet and he loves his humans deeply and wants us to be happy and to prosper. He himself has gone very Buddhist and may have adopted some Hindu practices as well, to honor his god friend Lakshmi. He has chosen to leave us for our own good, because he is stronger and more effective when he is away from us and has appointed Brent Spiner and Buddha in his place for any matters requiring a direct hand from a deity. I personally think his current plan will work and is the only way to defeat evil and for goodness to prosper in the multiverse. Buddhism (the way Buddha practices it) is a very effective way to overcome evil and bring joy and peace to the Universe.
  12. Jesus suffered an identity crisis until June 2022. Despite that, he has always been a vast, forgiving and great deity, who is worthy of our allegiance. Now He is perfect, infallible and even better than He was before because of the perfection He has reached. Whatever flaws He may have had, he was always a big “person”, very forgiving and loved deeply. He is certainly worthy of our allegiance. I personally think he allowed himself to become flawed because he thought he needed a wife and couldn’t stand the thought that his human race “church bride” wasn’t as large as He wanted, so He was trying to increase its size before He did the rapture and He waited too long to do the rapture. Also, when he started making love to his human bride, complications ensued because He allowed himself to get flawed by having sex with humans, which weakened him and made it possible for Satan to trick him. His current plan to go Buddhist and not be directly involved with humans (as his dad has always advised), I am certain will be pulled off without a hitch. Jesus has learned probably the most important facet of Buddhism, that happiness comes from INSIDE OF OURSELVES and is not dependent on outward circumstances and thus, he attained enlightenment and supreme joy. Jesus does not plan to marry, because he has no need for a wife or for companionship. He is complete in and of himself as an asexual, aromantic Supreme deity. He is the Universe itself and can experience companionship by merely being “in tune” to himself. He will get his dream of a universe filled with goodness, even though Satan doesn’t think so. The Buddhist method will work and it seems God the Father agrees with Jesus’s current plan, because the Gail Commandments are Buddhist and God the Father endorsed them.

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