Jesus Attained “Enlightenment” In June 2022

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Update on Dec. 8, 2022: We need to be careful to not obsess over Jesus, though I think learning Buddhism is fine.

I am a new Buddhist and I could be off. But as a new Buddhist I am studying Buddhism and learning things that are helping me to incorporate Buddhism into my updated Christianity. My Buddhist belief system is more Theravada (which is why I enjoy listening to Doug below, because he is more Theravada) because I feel that is closest to what the god Buddha teaches. “The Mahayana branch of Buddhism is without doubt the most popular form of Buddhist practice throughout Japan today with over 53% of practitioners compared with 36% for Theravada and just 6% for Vajrayana.” taken from

The problem I have with the Mahayana branch is their emphasis on salvation of the group, to the exclusion of perfection of the inner person. The problem is that if you emphasize the salvation of the group, what standards are set for the group? If the standards are faulty, then all in the group are faulty. You see what I mean? We cannot neglect individual perfection, for this reason. I don’t believe the group can be saved until the inner person reaches perfection. This is why I lean towards Theravada Buddhism. I also believe that meditation helps us achieve that individual perfection. I believe we are all evolving to perfection and that some of us are closer to this than others. Jesus has reached it. Satan and my sister Sandra are probably the farthest away from it, at this time.

So, you might say, how does one get to heaven? None of us is perfect. I think those who go to heaven are those who are on their path. Following the principles of Theravada Buddhism willl help you stay on your path. This can even happen in hell, if a person there decides to change. This happened to Adolf Hitler.

So, does this mean Jesus did not need to die on the cross? No. He needed to die because we are all sin cursed. So do you have to be a Buddhist to go to heaven? No. You just need to try and stay on your path and you can do this, without being a Theravada Buddhist. However, I think Theravada Buddhism is the best way to stay on your path at this point in history, which is what I currently practice. The main point is to practice the Eightfold path in your life. When we follow the eightfold path we not only help ourselves, but we feed the good forces in the Universe and help the Universe as well. The Gail Commandments seem based on the Eightfold path. Jesus has always been a bit of a Buddhist. To only spend money on food and bills is a type of losing cravings and not being caught up in the cravings for transitory pleasures. Enjoying the day that the Lord has made while doing our daily walk, is a form of being present and meditating as we walk. You see what I mean?

I am not sure, but I think my Oshu Fujiwara ancestors (password is Oshu Fujiwara) practiced a type of Buddhism that was more Theravada. They all went to heaven, too. We have this on the authority of both Jesus and Buddha.

When Jesus went through his identity crisis (which came to a height after Satan beat him up and almost killed him permanently), Jesus spent a lot of time with Buddha and the goddess Lakshmi right before he attained supreme deity status, where he is now even with his dad in power.

I was a little wary, coming from an evangelical Christian background, about the Buddhist concept of enlightenment, fearing it meant demon possession. But then, Buddha informed us in Sept. 2022, that demon possession does not exist.

It seems to me that enlightenment in Buddhism simply means freeing us from the hindrances to keep us from our path and who we were destined to be. In short, it seems to me that the “enlightened ones” in Buddhism are those who are fully self-realized. This is certainly not demon possession.

I find this man’s teachings about Buddhism very helpful.

Those, like myself, who come from an evangelical Christian background need to unlearn several concepts:

  1. The Bible was only meant to be a history book with valuable lessons we can learn from. Jesus does not want us worshiping any book. Keep in mind that when it was written, Jesus was a teenager as god, and still had not attained “enlightenment” as a god and had a lot to learn about being a supreme deity. Jesus attained enlightenment and became fully self-realized in June 2022.
  2. God the Father was the only deity who is a supreme deity until Jesus attained that status in June 2022. Jesus was NOT equal to his dad until June 2022! Jesus was a young god and made some mistakes and some of his ideas in the Bible were faulty for this reason and that is why God the Father had to cancel the Bible in April 2022. Right now, the only supreme deities are Jesus and God the Father. The Holy Spirit is also part of the trinity and has supreme deity status.
  3. It is not healthy to view ourselves as sin-cursed and born into sin. A more accurate approach would be to say that many of us are “off our path”. None of us was ever created to be evil. While it is true, we are born with more of a tendency to sin because we inherited a sin nature from Adam and Eve, it is also true that we can REVERSE that by following Buddhist principles. Eventually, all in the Universe, SATAN INCLUDED, will be good. Satan obviously does not believe this right now, but he will learn eventually that this is true.
  4. While the Bible states that Satan fell because of pride, this is an oversimplification of the matter. Both Jesus and Satan suffered from an identity crisis and the identity crisis that each experienced poisoned the other. You see, both Jesus and Satan mirrored God the Father. Jesus was much like his dad simply by virtue of being his son. Satan was like God the Father in that he was created to reflect God’s beauty to the Universe. The identity crisis revolved around the fact that though Jesus and Satan were like God the Father, they lacked his perfection, authority and infallibility. Specifically, Jesus has different sexual tastes than his dad and longed to be more like his dad in this respect. Feeling being different from his dad as a sexual being made him feel inferior as a god.
  5. Satan longed to have God’s power and authority, which he was denied, because no being is allowed to have God’s power and authority, except Jesus. Satan craves this power and authority, feeling he has been denied it because God views him as evil. Satan was God and Jesus’s favorite angel and considered himself to be like a “son” to God.
  6. What will happen to Satan when he loses his craving to have God’s power and authority? I don’t know. But when he learns to live in the present, in the moment and to be thankful for his current state and to practice the eightfold path and the principles of Buddhism, he will attain enlightenment and full self-realization and will be the angel he was destined to be. We shall find out what that is, when Satan obtains enlightenment. So evangelical Christians need to stop seeing Satan as the epitome of evil, even though he is the current leader of the evil forces in the Universe. But rather, we should see him as a beautiful angel who is way off his path and needs to stop his addiction to sin and evil. He’s like a drug addict, who gets a high off of sin and thinks that’s all he can settle for. However, Satan practices so much evil karma, that it would be wise to separate ourselves from him (a bit of advice to Jesuits) until he comes to the light, lest his ill will contaminate us and prevent us from proper meditation.
  7. I do believe it is the intention of God and Jesus that all in their creation will attain enlightenment. Obviously, it will take more time for some than for others. Satan won’t be coming around until he sees it happening everywhere, then he will want it for himself. Right now, Satan is not convinced that the universe is based on goodness. He thinks the universe is based on evil. Satan is confused about who he really is. God and Jesus see him as the beautiful angel who is off his path. He thinks he was created evil. This is a lie and a delusion he believes about himself, because he has too much craving in his life and it has poisoned him. Listen to the video playlists above to get an idea how craving can mess you up.

In a nutshell, Christians need to remember that the Bible was inspired by a teenage god who didn’t know who he was, so some of the concepts in there are faulty and don’t work according to the laws that God the Father set up for the multiverse. It is an accurate account of history however. I, myself, am no longer reading it, except when I need a history refresher, because I’ve already read it hundreds of times.

I am experiencing bits of enlightenment because I have been meditating and I share my insights with you all. It appears part of my path is to be a shining light and inspiration to the multiverse, to illuminate those in darkness with the light that is in my heart, when I stay on my path and honor the heart that Jesus gave me.

It is a waste of time to compare ourselves with others or long to have what others have. This is craving and causes much harm to ourselves and the universe. Eventually, when all of us lose our craving, the universe will be fixed and all will turn to goodness. This is, what I think Buddha believes and I think it will happen. By losing our craving, we achieve self-actualization and self-realization. We become what we were destined to become and find peace and happiness. When all achieve this, all of the Universe will be good. God makes no mistakes and we are all important in his plan. For instance, if we were created to be the heart, why should we long to be the mind? We all need each other and we all need to fulfill whatever role we were created for. It is a waste of time to long for what another has. This was Jesus’s problem and you see it almost resulted in him losing his life permanently.

When Jesus found himself, he attained Supreme Deity status, which is what he thought he could never be.

Imagine, what potential could be reached for each of us, if we would lose our craving and learn to be present, to be mindful and to be thankful.

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