Jesus’s Future Plans?

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First off, I’d like to say these are my guesses and I could very well be wrong. But I am the type who always enjoyed Bible prophecy and I like to speculate about what Jesus may plan for earth’s future, now that the Bible is cancelled. However, it may be wise to take my guesses with a grain of salt. I only bring this up, so that people won’t think Jesus has forgotten us. He did say that the future is for future generations to find out and that it’s nobody’s business at this time.

I speculate that he may have decided not to let us know the future because perhaps we would not understand it if he tried and would come to some wrong conclusions. Or perhaps he does not want to give Satan any hints, so that he can better carry it out without complications.

I make these guesses based on my very high emotional I.Q. and having a bit of knowledge of the heart of Jesus, having been friends with him for so long. I also have an honorary doctorate from Dallas Theological Seminary.

My mother died, in what seemed to be a type of the rapture. So, because that happened, I speculate that I, Brent and my men may go in a similar manner. I do believe that before God the Father cancelled the Bible, that Jesus was planning on doing the rapture within a year or two, probably 2022 or 2023. This is why He felt justified to take Brent’s root chakra.

First off, we have to understand why Jesus created earth and humans. It was to custom design his bride. He was set on the goddess Lakshmi and she rejected him as a marriage partner for his promiscuity. He figured he could deal with all the complications by dying on the cross for the bride. It never occurred to him that the main reason his plan would fail would be HIS OWN SINS or FLAWS.

He basically created an entire race to be His Lakshmi. That would be the human race. I was to be the main lover in that bride, as his favorite human. He was confused over who he was and came up with several plans for earth and some of his original ideas, like to just be a Father to the human race and not even consider the humans as a type of bride, also came into consideration. That plan probably would have worked.

Growing up as a god and observing his fellow created or begotten beings, he falsely concluded he could only get a following by being one of the guys. That if he was true to who he really is, he couldn’t get a following. Basically, deep down underneath, what makes Jesus happy is when all in the Universe honor goodness, and free and true love. When that happens, that is all he needs to be happy and complete. What this basically means is that all he does is to that end. He never had a need for sex or romance and basically used it as a means to an end.

He became fixated on getting a wife, to be the supreme example of free and true love. Lakshmi seemed the only one who would do, but she didn’t want him as a lover. He experimented with sex with other gods, perhaps angels and other begotten or created beings, to find who he is and to be a supreme example of free and true love. His dad knew this wouldn’t work, but Jesus wanted to prove his dad wrong.

His dad is more Old Testament and Jesus is more of a free spirit. Jesus was convinced the only way He could be happy as a god was to have free and true love and that he and his “wife” would be the supreme examples of that. Lakshmi seemed the perfect type for that, but she’s very monogamous, which is something Jesus actually greatly respected about her. So he decided to create his own Lakshmi, since he concluded she was perfect for a god who represented both free and true love, but the Hindu goddess Lakshmi just happened to be monogamous.

Bottom line, Jesus was fixated on proving to his dad that it was possible to be a god of free and true love, seeing his dad as a little too rigid for his liking. Father God actually did not have a problem with Jesus’s concept of free and true love, but knew that for it to work out, Jesus must not get directly involved with the lesser beings to be an example of it. The only exception being a goddess wife.

Any ways, because Jesus had this fixation, his plan was to create his own free and true love bride, the human race. He’d solve the sin problem, by dying for them on the cross. The 1,000 year reign with his bride was to prove to his dad that all the sex he had with all the gods (and whoever) was not sinful and that the way forward was free and true love to the MAX with goodness as a part of it. He figured a bride with millions of humans would accomplish this objective.

His dad saw this as a major lust fest and wasn’t sure this would be a good idea. Besides, why would His Son want to have sex with a bunch of “its”, who could never be a true soulmate to his vast supreme deity Son? Only a goddess would do! But Jesus was sure He could prove his dad wrong.

Unfortunately, his dad was right.

So, here was the original plan. Prove to his dad that free and true love can exist together and that Jesus could have a big true and free love sex party and participate in it and the mere fact that Jesus, the Son of God, was part of it, would make it “right”. The only sin would be to be mean, selfish, possessive, jealous or cruel in the practice of sex. While his dad agreed with Jesus on this, He knew it wouldn’t work out this way.

So, after being the prime example of free and true love in the 1,000 year reign, Satan would be loosed from his bottomless pit to create a bunch of rebels and to try and prove that Jesus’s concept of a free and true love Utopia just would NOT work. Then God the Father would send fire down from heaven to destroy the rebels, and from there, Jesus would extend his rule from earth to all the multiverses. It would be a Utopia of free and true love and his human race bride would be the supreme example of what a bride should be. His dad would get in on the act and bring heaven down to earth and we’d all get together and have a big party of holiness, goodness, glory, love, sex and free and true love. That was the plan before the Bible was cancelled.

I think Jesus actually planned to back off a bit on the sex and just let the humans have all sorts of fun and he’d only participate occasionally to be the supreme example. It’s because as an asexual supreme deity, he’s not really into sex any ways.

Well, we all know how that turned out.

I would like to point out that just cuz Jesus is an asexual and aromantic Supreme deity does NOT mean he expects us to be asexual or aromantic. That’s just how he is. For instance, I think his dad, God the Father, another Supreme deity, is monogamous and very romantic and sexual. So Jesus is just who he is and his dad is just who he is. They are both Supreme deities and both deserve our respect, regardless of our sexual orientation. Jesus only wants us to be true to ourselves and true to love and goodness. He would never expect us to be a Supreme deity. That’s his job. It appears Jesus had a hard time accepting the fact that he’s asexual and aromantic as a Supreme deity and felt it made him inferior. Kind of like the ugly duckling in that fairy tale The Ugly Duckling. But he now realizes that it’s part of who he is as a Supreme Deity and now he glories in all that he was destined to be, which is as it should be.

Oh, by the way, God the Father is totally devoted to his goddess wife (Jesus’s mother), so don’t anybody out there get any crazy ideas, just cuz I insinuate God the Father may be fully sexual. Please remember we are dealing with Supreme deities and we are just “its” to them sexually. If a Supreme deity ever could fall in love, it would definitely be with another 11 dimensional god or goddess, so don’t anybody get any crazy ideas!

God the Father knows how dumb humans can be about Supreme deities, which is why he appeared as an old man when he showed up at the Supreme Court to watch His Son deal with Satan. He doesn’t want us dumb humans or angels or beings to get any crazy ideas about him as some sort of romantic interest to anybody but his goddess wife.

Dec. 4, 2020:

Joshua J. Joshua: Terry, who’s that aged man next to Jesus?

That aged man was God the Father. Father God showed up as an old man.

Taken from transcript of Satan at the Supreme Court

Jesus still cares about free and true love. As a result of his mistakes, he now realizes that he can be his Supreme deity self and still get his free and true love Utopia. He is an asexual, aromantic Supreme deity.

The reason he had trouble “settling down” is because he basically has no need for sex or romance and just wanted a wife to help him inspire his followers to honor free and true love. It’s kind of hard to commit to something you feel lackadaisical about. He’s lackadaisical about sex and romance for himself.

He used to feel guilty about this and think it meant he was inferior. Now, he realizes that it only means he is complete in and of himself and just doesn’t need sex or romance. He is the Universe itself.

So, knowing who he is and what makes him happy, here’s what I think he plans for earth.

You see, his earth project is not a complete failure. One thing he did right was to create Brent and Gail and those who love and honor Gail. You see, we have the same ideals that Jesus has and we care about the same things He cares about.

Jesus left us in June 2022 with this song. He’s a real free spirit. But I think He eventually plans to make earth his headquarters for the entire multiverse.

He now realizes that he can still promote free and true love and that the better way is to encourage those who share his dreams and ideals for the Universe. People like Brent and Gail.

So, here’s what I think he will do. He plans a rapture of sorts, after Gail’s story and example goes out throughout the earth. After the rapture, he will purge from the earth those who oppose his dreams for free and true love. I guess it will be a type of the tribulation (as in the original plan).

Not sure how the purging will take place. It may or may not be a Final Battle, but I think there will be some sort of purging. Because Jesus still cares about free and true love and realizes that those who sin willfully block his dream of a free and true love multiverse.

After the purging, Satan and his leaders and followers will be locked up somehow.

The Gail followers will return to earth in our immortal, resurrection bodies. Jesus will still be reigning from on high. He knows better than to be directly involved now.

After the purging, I think he will install Brent Spiner as his world leader and the supreme example of free and true love, using Buddha as an advisor to shine the light of free and true love for a 1,000 year reign with Brent reigning over the earth in Jesus’s place and showing the world how a husband should love his wife. The 1,000 year reign will be a Buddhist paradise with free and true love reigning over all. Jesus has learned to greatly respect his god friend Buddha. So I think it will be a Buddhist paradise.

Satan will be loosed from his prison at the end and will cause a rebellion among the mortals. God the Father will knock them down, cuz God will approve of this plan, since his Son is not directly involved and not allowing Himself to get flawed.

I think there will be a Judgment Seat of Christ of sorts, to judge the Jesus followers sometime after the “rapture”. There will also be a Great White Throne Judgment after the 1,000 year reign to judge those based on how they honored free and true love.

Satan and those who dishonored free and true love and who haven’t repented of their evil, will all then go to the Lake of Fire. Then God the Father or perhaps Jesus alone, come down to earth to co-reign with Brent Spiner over all the multiverses from the earth.

Jesus wants to honor Brent for saving his eternal life from Satan and my evil sister Sandra. So this is what I think will happen.

So I think Brent will be the eternal leader of earth and Jesus will be the eternal leader of all the multiverses and after the 1,000 year reign, Jesus will move his headquarters to earth, because earth is his favorite planet.

I wouldn’t die over this. The Gail Commandments will also be important and everyone must follow them in the 1,000 year reign and throughout the eternal life of earth. Eventually, they will be fun and we will enjoy doing them. The Bible is really cancelled folks. Jesus’s new plan is a Buddhist eternal paradise with free and true love reigning over all the multiverses. The Gail Commandments are part of it and, by the way, most of the Gail Commandments are based on Buddhist principles.

Not sure what Jesus plans for Buddha. But he is definitely going to honor Buddha’s principles on earth and may give Buddha a large role in the multiverses. That is my guess. The other gods who supported Jesus in his trial will also be honored.

Jesus will get his joy from vicariously experiencing a multiverse filled with free and true love, inspired by his favorites, the human Gail and the goddess Lakshmi and those who love and honor Gail and Lakshmi.

Eventually, after Satan and his cohorts burn enough in the Lake of Fire, they will see the light and realize what they are missing out on and get right and then Jesus will pull them out of the Lake of Fire.

Satan will no longer be able to claim that Jesus uses sex as part of his power plays, because Jesus ain’t planning on having any sex anymore, but will just enjoy it vicariously through the gods, like when the goddess Lakshmi has sex with her husband, whoever he will be. Jesus can also enjoy all the free and true love that will be everywhere once Jesus’s plan really gets going, since He is the Universe itself.

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