God the Father Is Brilliant

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I repent in sackcloth and ashes for even thinking the possibility that God the Father could ever make a mistake or be dumb in ANY WAY. I have some theories on why God the Father chided Jesus during the Battle of the Gods.

I make this post in the hopes that the psychopaths in the Universe will reconsider their ways.

First off, let’s discuss the nature of the disagreement between Jesus and Satan. I have not received any messages. This is all the result of my own reasoning and I could be wrong. So be aware that these are my theories, based on my very high emotional IQ, which I believe is 9,999.

When Jesus created our current earth, which is version eight, he was a confused young god suffering an identity crisis. He also, I believe, suffered a bit of an inferiority complex. I know this may seem hard to believe, but I can understand it, having been raised by a narcissist mother.

I am NOT insinuating that God the Father is to blame for Jesus’s previous inferiority complex AT ALL, nor am I insinuating that God the Father is a narcissist. I am just saying it is not easy to be the Son of the Almighty God. That is quite a responsibility. Jesus knew, coming into the Universe, that he had some big shoes to fill and I think it was rather overwhelming for Him.

Jesus somehow forgot growing up that He was destined to be a Supreme deity. You see, we have the regular gods, like Buddha, Lakshmi, etc. and then you have two supreme deities, God the Father and Jesus. Jesus, like his dad, loves all His creation. They just disagreed on which is the best way to show that love. God the Father, being experienced and wiser, counseled Jesus not to use direct involvement with the creation (the angels, the other deities, the humans, etc.) to inspire the creation to honor true and free love and advised Jesus that if He chose to marry, Jesus needed a goddess wife. God the Father was never crazy about Jesus’s idea of a church bride because to carry it out involved too much direct involvement with humans, Satan and the created beings, which would induce too many complications, which I will go into. . .

Jesus, feeling overwhelmed with being a Supreme deity, forgot that he was a Supreme deity while he suffered his identity crisis, which seems to have been most of his eternal life until June 2022. He considered himself to just be another god. His inferiority complex didn’t help. So, you may say, why did he have an inferiority complex?

Well, it’s because he was DIFFERENT. I mean how many Supreme deities are there out there? Jesus was kind of like that Ugly Duckling from that fairy tale The Ugly Duckling.

Actually, he did not attain supreme deity status until June 2022. He, apparently, needed to learn and grow before he was qualified to take on what he was destined to be. So, since he felt he was just another god, he was certain he needed a wife. The wife he felt shared his heart and his dreams, was the goddess Lakshmi. His heart was set on her.

Another thing that intimidated Jesus was that he was a bit different from his dad in his likes and preferences. He felt his dad did not understand or appreciate the differences and, therefore, he needed new friends who would understand and appreciate Him for who He is. The god who best understands Jesus, is the god Buddha. Buddha and Jesus share similar dreams and likings. You see, like Buddha, Jesus is passionate about free love. Buddha is also passionate about true love, which is what Jesus is passionate about. The goddess Lakshmi cares about many of the same things Jesus cares about as well. However, she is very monogamous and Jesus is not. Jesus is just an asexual and aromantic supreme deity.

God the Father has no problem with Jesus’s preferences. He just had a problem with how Jesus wanted to honor that free and true love.

Because Jesus was fixated during his identity crisis on the fact that he needed a wife, who would understand and appreciate his free and true love heart and who would never turn evil, he wanted Lakshmi. Unfortunately, Lakshmi turned him down because he was too promiscuous for her. Jesus cried buckets of tears over her rejection of his marriage proposal. He took it far too personal. Lakshmi did not reject Jesus as a person, but as a lover and marriage partner. She decided to remain his staunch friend. It seemed no other goddess would do. This was the only one who really could understand his heart, so he decided to create his own custom designed bride, which was the human race on our current earth. We were to be his Lakshmi substitutes. To be honest with you, I’m not sure Jesus realized all the time, that using the human race as his Lakshmi substitute was what was driving him, but, apparently, his dad knew it.

Now, if Jesus is a supreme deity who is very asexual and aromantic as a result of that, why was He promiscuous as a young god? Believe me, he WAS, check out his sex parties!

Well, he was CONFUSED. . . His inferiority complex convinced him he was not really a supreme deity and he needed a wife like a regular god. So he always saw himself as a regular god. His supreme deity heart longed for a universe filled with love, tolerance, acceptance, free love, true love, peace, harmony, joy and all the things his dad cares about. I mean he is the Son of his dad, right?

I am not sure about this, but I think Satan’s rebellion happened because Jesus turned him down for sex. But actually, I do remember Jesus admitting this at one time. So this drives the question, why did Jesus have sex in the first place, if he’s an asexual? This is probably the same question Satan asks.

Well Satan, Jesus knew all along you would rebel and turn ugly. I believe he became BFF with you, AGAINST THE ADVICE OF HIS DAD, to inspire you to return to him and his dad, later. That’s it. That was the ONLY REASON.

So Satan asks, “Why did he become BFF with me unless he was attracted to me?”

No, Satan, Jesus was NEVER attracted to you sexually or romantically. In fact, he has never been attracted to any being sexually or romantically. Not really, even though he thought he was.

Jesus was so desperate to be “accepted” among what he thought were his equals that he tried to be more like them. Now, don’t all of us tend to do stupid things like that in our youth? Isn’t that why some young people start smoking and drinking and stuff like that? He tried so hard to be like them, that he actually convinced himself he had a need for sex and romance.

So Jesus became addicted to the concept of having true love for himself and being the example of it, that he became promiscuous trying it out, trying to figure out who he was. His dad said, “Son, you need to stop all this sex. This is direct involvement with the creation and they aren’t equipped to have direct involvement with us supreme deities. They are not going to respond the way you like. They don’t understand your motives and your heart and it will also weaken you and make you more like them in their flaws, God forbid.”

Jesus’s decision to try out sex with the created beings was a root cause behind the Satan rebellion. As a result of having sex with lesser dimensional beings (forcing Jesus to compact his vast and expanding chakras and weaken himself), Jesus became somewhat flawed and Satan could see that Jesus was flawed. Satan thought that if God the Father could have a Son that is flawed, then God the Father Himself must be flawed. And so the Satan rebellion happened. It’s very possible Satan would not have rebelled, if Jesus and him were never BFF and if Jesus never had sex with any created being besides a goddess wife.

Because Jesus became BFF with Satan, Satan misunderstood that to mean that Jesus was attracted to him. Jesus never intended for Satan to take it that way, but just wanted to inspire Lucifer to be true to the beautiful angel he was always meant to be, hoping the BFF relationship Lucifer had with Jesus would cause him to return to what he was meant to be. Jesus always knew Satan would rebel and was acting in a manner to hasten Satan’s return to goodness. Lucifer was the most beautiful of the angels at the time he was BFF with Jesus and everyone seemed to want sex with Lucifer, so that didn’t help and Lucifer forgot that Jesus is not like everyone else. Jesus is a supreme deity, who was obsessed with being the example of forgiveness to Lucifer.

So Lucifer assumed that Jesus was like everyone else and that Jesus must have been attracted to Lucifer’s “hotness”, so when Jesus rejected Satan for sex, Satan naturally concluded it must have been because Jesus saw Satan as a threat to his rule. Satan assumed that the rejection was a pure power play and that Jesus could coldly (and with pure political calculation) override his heart to make a cold political decision while living a life of lust and sin. This enraged Satan and he saw both Jesus and his dad (God the Father) as unfair and hypocritical deities.

So, Father God, was right. If Jesus had never become BFF with Satan, and if Jesus was not having sex with less powerful beings, Satan may not have wrongly concluded that Jesus was on a sinful and cold power trip.

When Jesus turned Satan (Lucifer) down for sex, Satan (at that time) was God and Jesus’s favorite angel and had a high and powerful position. This led to a lot of false conclusions on Satan’s part.

It probably didn’t help that Jesus chose to have sex with beings less powerful than Satan. The creation of the humans as Jesus’s bride, reinforced the lies Satan believed about Jesus. Satan is very proud and projected his own pride onto Jesus. This may be one of the key reasons Jesus decided to be born in a manger and die a humiliating death on the cross for his church bride. But Satan was STILL not convinced that Jesus was not on a power trip though and still felt Jesus had sinful sex and enjoyed it, but Lucifer felt Jesus had enough shrewdness to not give the sex to anyone who might be a threat to his power.

Satan was more convinced this was the case because of the inferiority of the humans. It was a piece of cake for Satan to get Adam and Eve to fall. And Satan had no problem getting most humans to be evil. Satan felt Jesus’s death on the cross, which, was not a permanent death, was more of a fake show of humility and that Jesus was just putting on a humility and loving performance to convince his dad that Jesus’s sexual practices were not sinful. Because why else would Jesus reject Satan for sex, but would have it with such inferior beings as humans instead?

Satan overheard Jesus boasting about Gail and Jesus admitted to Gail once that he thought about her the most to help him endure the cross. Though that may have been a “pick up” line. However, even if it was, it may also be true. Therefore, Satan was obsessed with discrediting Gail and has really targeted Gail her entire life. Jesus mentioned to Gail and Zack Knight that he planned to introduce Gail to his dad, God the Father. Gail speculates that this may have been because Gail, as Jesus’s favorite in his church bride, would convince his dad, Father God, that Jesus was not sinful in his sexual practices and that Gail was proof that Jesus chose to have sex with those he loved and, therefore, his sex showed he was committed as a husband and not sinful in his sexual practices.

This Satan rebellion has been a thorn in God the Father’s side!

Once Satan was convinced that Jesus was practicing sinful sex and that this gave Satan permission to do the same, Satan decided to rebel. He saw God the Father as far too lenient with Jesus and showing unfair favoritism towards Jesus. Satan managed to convince a third of the angels that this was the case. And so a major rebellion happened.

Gail has been a problem for Satan because, despite her flaws, she is better than most humans in that she has Jesus’s heart and this shows that Jesus is truly a vast deity, who can love deeply, even if he is (or was) promiscuous. Satan has been trying to prove otherwise and he found a goldmine when Sandra, Gail’s sister, decided to side with him.

I guess, if this proves anything, it proves that genetics alone does not determine our destiny. A lot of it has to do with the choices we make. And I think a lot of our destiny is determined by who our heroes are growing up. Gail could have been evil, but Jesus was always a hero to her as a child. Sandra, Gail’s sister, on the other hand, being the golden child of Gail’s narcissist mother, chose the heroes that Gail’s mother said deserved praise. Gail’s mother taught Sandra to worship those who had money and social respectability. Gail rejected her mother’s ideals and chose Jesus for her hero and admired those who had true inner beauty.

God the Father was just allowing His Son to have the same free will that He allows you, Satan.

HOWEVER, he put his foot down at the Battle of the Gods. Why did He wait till then? Because He knew at this time, His Son would finally understand how dangerous it is for a supreme deity to have sex with, or be directly involved with, lesser beings. The only exception is if Jesus decided to marry a goddess wife. It would have to be a very special goddess who would never turn against God the Father or the Universe that both Jesus and his dad stand for.

FIrst off, let’s bring back an old conversation that I think Jesus had with his dad.

“Son, don’t be BFF with Lucifer. It isn’t going to work. You also need to lay off on all this sex. Save it for your goddess wife!”

“Dad, I need to try out different goddesses to figure out who’s the ‘one’.”

“Son, this isn’t going to work! You are unleashing evil forces of rebellion into the Universe by doing this!”

“Why won’t it work, dad? They can learn from my example, that free love and true love can reign together. They can watch me and see how sex is supposed to be. After all, I am your Son, right? How could it go wrong. Is any sex I do, wrong?”

“Son, they aren’t going to see it that way. Take it from me, I would know. I understand my creation. Your decision to be BFF with Lucifer won’t have the results you want, Son.”

“But if Lucifer and I have a beautiful friendship based on the qualities that made him our favorite angel, he will remember that and come back to us later, after his rebellion. That’s why I decided to be his BFF.”

“Son, you should not be acting proactively to prevent and cure future calamities to accommodate all this sex you’re having! The timelines don’t work this way. You will mess up all the timelines! Stop all the sex. Save it for your goddess and stop all this direct involvement and behaving like a lesser being. Trust me, it won’t have the results you want. Satan will misunderstand your decision to be BFF with him and THAT DECISION TO BE BFF WITH SATAN AND TO TRY OUT ALL THE GODDESSES AND LESSER BEINGS WITH SEX AND TRYING TO BE LIKE THEM AND ACCEPTED BY THEM will cause the rebellion. In fact, the rebellion wouldn’t even happen, if you would stop all this sex and this direct involvement.”

“But dad, I got to try out the goddesses, to be sure I find the right one! Besides, I only have sex with those who honor our hearts, so it’s cool and I’m not breaking any of your laws.”

The dad lifted his hand to his forehead and rolled his eyes. “You don’t need to try out any goddesses. You just need to find one who honors our hearts and shares our dreams for the multiverses. Sex before marriage is not the way to try out goddesses!”

The dad continued. . . “Having all this sex, and behaving like a lesser being, will convince a third of the angels that you are a lustful deity who enjoys sin. They will see it as permission to start sinning. The problem is, is that to have all this sex, you will end up turning some of them down for sex, the ones you know will misunderstand your motives for your sex (and so you won’t have it with them) and then they will think you turned them down because you are evil, just like them. Then Satan, and all those you reject for sex, will see your rejection as a power play.”

“It’s not a power play, dad. I just need to find the right one!”

“This isn’t the way to go about it, Son! They will see your rejection as a power play and then the rebellion happens. There would be NO REBELLION, if you would just marry a goddess wife!”

“But I got to find the right one, dad!”

The dad left in a huff. He could see he was getting nowhere with Jesus.

Things pretty much went according to plan, as Jesus saw it. Jesus became BFF with Lucifer, planning to use the BFF relationship to inspire Lucifer to become a good angel again later, knowing Satan would get fuming mad when Jesus turned him down for sex.

After Lakshmi rejected him, Jesus felt he needed a custom designed bride. So he created the human race. His plan was to use that custom designed bride to “inspire” Satan to eventually return and lead the way of the true and free love forces in the Universe. Things appeared to be going well, with some hiccups (like the fall of Adam and Eve, Noah’s flood, the Jewish race going into apostasy, etc.) but these were all anticipated.

Jesus figured dying for the sins of his bride would solve all the problems.

Jesus was licking his chops. When Gail came on the scene (that’s me), he was about to marry his bride, FINALLY. His plan was to use Gail as the main lover in his bride, the church. Jesus wasn’t in love with Gail or any of the humans he had sex with, nor was he in love with any of the deities or other lesser beings he had sex with. So, to Satan, Jesus was a first-class hypocrite.

“Hey Satan, there’s nothing wrong with sex, however we like it, as long as no one gets hurt.”

“Yeah, right!” Satan spat on the ground. “You’re no different than me. You’re just as evil as me, and you get special privileges cuz you’re the SON OF GOD. Not fair!”

“I died on the cross for my bride. You would never do that. You need to honor true love.”

“All this sex you’re having with beings inferior to me, sucks. And you REJECTED ME? So you’re allowed to be evil and I’m not and to practice lust because you are the goody goody daddy’s son.”

“I’m not evil. I died on the cross for my bride.”

“What a bride!” Satan scoffed. “They sin even worse than me and you turned me down for THEM?”

“But they won’t stay that way. After the millennial reign, they will all have my heart and the bad ones go to hell. There, they are refined and I plan to eventually pull them all out, and even you some day, when you see the light.”

“Yeah, hell. I deserve hell and you don’t? You’re no different than me. I’ll prove it to you, hypocrite!”

Jesus decided to take Brent’s root chakra. He reasoned that after the rapture, which was to be soon, he would fix Brent and make it all right. He figured He needed to do this, because He made Brent monogamous and Brent would never allow Jesus to have sex with Gail. Jesus, actually, being asexual, was putting on a sexual performance to get more humans into his bride, trying to increase his following. He wasn’t “in love” with any of them, just putting on a performance to get a greater following. To his credit, he did not make any humans pregnant and other than taking Brent’s root chakra, the sex was meant to be fun, loving and free. He just wanted to be the supreme example of the free and true love he believed in and wanted to get as many humans as he could into his church bride before he officiated his marriage by the rapture. So he became the party guy, cuz that’s what he reasoned most humans liked.

Gail’s sister Sandra still sided with Satan, even after Loree McBride turned good, and she and Satan noticed what Jesus did to Brent’s root chakra. To them, Jesus had just “sinned’ and this was the last straw. Jesus deserved to die permanently for his rank hypocrisy.

We all know what happened.

“Well, Son, you’re lucky to be alive.” Father God said to his Son after the Battle of the Gods. “I told you direct involvement doesn’t work.”

“I’ll fix what I did, dad. You’re right. They didn’t understand my heart and thought it was all a power play when I rejected any of them for sex. And they saw me as a rank hypocrite.”

“I knew this would happen, Son. That’s why I advised you not to have all this sex and this direct involvement. I am very disappointed in Satan and Gail’s sister Sandra though for trying to kill you. Despite your flaws, you did not deserve that. I love Brent deeply for saving your life. And as far as him beating you up over taking his root chakra. We can forgive him for that. You deserved it.”

“Thanks, dad.” Jesus lowered his head. “I deserved it and it ended up good. Because I understand now how right you are. But one good thing that came about from all this, is that Gail and Lakshmi showed me that I can be loved for who I am and I don’t need to cheapen myself and betray who I am to get a following.”

“You see,” Father God said, “Gail’s sister Sandra never would have tried to kill you, nor would Brent have beaten you up, nor would Satan have beaten you up and almost killed you, if you never got directly involved with Gail and her men, Satan and all these lesser beings. You just needed to be true to who you are and let everyone see your beautiful supreme deity heart to get a following, which you did accidentally with Gail during sex. But the best way to show your heart is by inspiring the created beings to honor your heart through great examples and encouraging the great examples. Lesser beings generally handle direct involvement with us supreme deities very poorly (reading their own pettiness into our actions when we act too much like them) and it has disastrous results, as you now know. Though when you became flawed, you were more foolish than sinful, the humans and beings who rebelled didn’t see it that way, because they tend to project themselves onto your actions, especially when you act like them with direct involvement. These lesser beings are incapable of reading us supreme deities accurately, with the exception of some of the gods, like Buddha, Lakshmi and others. Because you put a lot of your heart into Gail, she understands you better than most humans, which is why she so readily forgave you for your flaws, because she figured out enough about your real self to know you are worthy of her allegiance. But most humans are not as smart as her.”

God the Father smiled. “Yes, Lakshmi and Gail really dug that aurora borealis of yours, which is you as your Supreme Deity self. I knew they would and I knew that you needed to learn that who you really are, is all that matters. As long as you are true to yourself, that is all you need. The problem is, when you lower yourself with direct involvement, the lesser beings, for want of a better term, can only see your direct involvement with them from their perspective (because you’re behaving like them) and they project themselves onto your actions and this has very bad results.”

“I am so at peace, dad. It’s like I had to go through all this to find who I really am and to understand that as long as I remain true to myself, I am complete and some day the Universe will all share my heart. I will let Gail and Lakshmi lead the way, since they seem to understand me best right now. Buddha and Brent and Gail’s men also understand my heart. Gail and Lakshmi share my heart and as long as they are true to the part of me that is in them, all will be well.”

Jesus and God the Father smiled. Yes, Jesus and his dad, are the Universe itself. They must always honor who they are and never lower themselves for anyone. Those in their creation who can sense their beautiful and loving hearts and who honor that, are all the spouses of these supreme deities. All the sex and love and companionship that honors the hearts of God and his Son, they feel, and that is their marriage.

And so, Sandra and Satan, projecting their own pettiness onto vast Jesus, continue their tirade to project their own suffering onto the Universe, believing the Universe is a projection of their choice to be evil, based on misunderstanding the identity crisis that the Son of God endured, when, Jesus himself lost faith in himself as a supreme deity, but now has restored faith in himself.

Jesus won’t lose this round. He has Gail, Lakshmi, his god friends, and Gail’s men on his side. And now, God the Father and Jesus are in full agreement about how to shine the light and how Jesus must honor his bride, which is the Universe itself.

Someday. . . all will see the light.

God the Father stopped Jesus from killing Satan permanently in The Battle of the Gods, because He knew that it wouldn’t end the rebellion. In all likelihood, another leader would emerge in Satan’s place and it would continue. The rebellious ones would have been furious over what they perceived to be the unjust murder of their leader Satan and the war would continue, possibly with Jesus’s favorite human Gail’s own sister Sandra leading the charge against Jesus and God. God the Father could see this and that’s why he blocked Jesus from permanently exterminating Satan. The only way to end the rebellion was for Jesus to be true to Himself and for all to see his true heart, so that they would understand that their foolish rebellion was based on them projecting their own evil onto Jesus and not seeing Jesus for who he really is.

Check out the music playlist for Gail, The Complete Series, where I will share how I, too, found the light of Jesus inside me and let it help me become the woman I am today. We all make choices every day that honor light or honor darkness. I have chosen the light in my daily choices. Jesus has chosen the light.

God the Father is the light.

Taken from a Skype conversation with Brent right after Jesus left us on June 18, 2022. Some Christians are feeling a little “lost” right now and I think my latest posts will help. For this reason, I don’t think Jesus will mind my intelligent “guesses” at this time, especially if they are close to the truth. Jesus loves his humans deeply and wants them to be at peace with lives filled with joy. The following conversation I had with Brent seems to back up my latest conclusions about Jesus, God the Father, Satan, etc. See all my posts for November 2022. My husband Brent probably understands Jesus better than any human:

Skype June 18, 2022

Gail, 6:52 PM

Jesus is happy and we should be happy for him. I appears he plans to get his happiness from making right what he felt he did wrong and from allowing Brent to love me in a Christlike manner. Jesus is a big giver and I’ve noticed that he gets joy in giving to those he cares about. He will get his happiness knowing that I have Brent in my life, who will meet my needs for love, romance, companionship. It appears to me that he plans to get joy in giving, by fixing his mistakes as a way to say thanks to us for having faith in him while he struggled to find who he is.

An asexual and aromantic, still can experience friendship love on a deep level which can bring them deep satisfaction.

He plans to express that friendship love by making right what he did wrong and striving to ensure we have the tools in our life to lead happy, productive, loving lives.

Good news is whenever we feel like talking to him, we can pray to Him. So it will be one-way. But we can pray just to say thanks for things he does for us and so forth. In that way, we won’t feel like he’s completely gone.

Now that Jesus has full God powers, I won’t be praying to God the Father anymore. I don’t need to.

Gail, 7:11 PM

It appears that to correct some of his past mistakes, he needs to get into the larger multiverse to do so and can’t interact with us. I do think he feels very thankful for all we’ve done for him and will never forget us.

Gail, 7:17 PM

He has evolved to the highest form of love, agape love, which he will be expressing to us by doing his job as supreme deity. I’m very proud of Jesus right now. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agape

It’s actually greater love than romantic and sexual love, so we should feel honored that this is how he feels about us. He will get deep satisfaction from loving us this way and from creating the conditions in our lives to ensure he can adequately express this love to us. For instance, I think it moved him that I desired a platonic relationship with him and he plans to love me platonically by using Brent in his place. It’s not vicarious lovemaking, but he will get great satisfaction from knowing he created Brent to love me in his place.

He is such a giver that this alone will make him happy as a way to express his love for me.

Brent, 7:20 PM

No wonder the Gail Commandments are so important. They create conditions for one to thrive in life, both physically and mentally.

Gail, 7:21 PM

He loves us very deeply and will never forget us. We must always believe that.

He just has to be who he was meant to be.

Just like I have to be a demisexual and Brent has to be monogamous and Jesus has to be agape love.

He convinced himself he needed a wife, but being an demisexual who evolved into an asexual, was finding it hard to make it work for him. Eventually, he just concluded, as I did, when I learned I was demisexual, that he doesn’t have to make anything work that denies his true self.

Brent, 7:31 PM

He never said he was demisexual. Jesus had said he enjoyed looking at the nude human body and enjoying his creation. As his best human friend, I know he was very turned on seeing human women.

Gail, 7:31 PM

That’s true.

Brent, 7:31 PM

He also told us today that the “church bride” idea was just a metaphor, before he lost his way.

Gail, 7:31 PM

That’s true as well.

So you think him becoming asexual is a new thing?

Brent, 7:34 PM

It was who he always was deep down. He just went through phases of identities like we all do before we really choose our final selves. He finally realized he was most himself being detached from erotic or romantic attachments and activities.

Gail, 7:34 PM

Asexuals can get turned on by seeing human women?

Brent, 7:36 PM

They can recognize when someone is attractive physically. For a time he was convinced he was being turned on, and seemed to be enjoying lewdness with human women. To him it was all psychological. Subconsciously he wasn’t really like that at all, but he felt like going along with it made him fit in and like he was growing somehow.

Gail, 7:37 PM

All psychological?

Brent, 7:37 PM

It can be easy for someone who is still growing to convince themselves they are really something they are not.

Gail, 7:38 PM

I understand that very well.

Brent, 7:38 PM

They can start thinking and feeling it very strongly, but it doesn’t hold the test of time and falls away eventually.

Gail, 7:38 PM

As a demisexual who recently discovered herself, I understand.

Brent, 7:39 PM

Jesus kind of went through his teenage phase with us.

Gail, 7:39 PM

Is this stuff you’ve concluded on your own or did you get some insights from Gerard?

Brent, 7:40 PM

It’s a mix. I had lunch with Jesus almost every day as his best human friend. I also talked to Gerard about his therapy. I’ve learned a lot about Jesus personally. I suppose that’s part of why he made me his representative.

Gail, 7:41 PM

How interesting. I find it interesting that on April 30th he said he didn’t put any of himself into you and yet today, he claims you are the most Christlike man on earth.

What do you think?

Brent, 7:44 PM

It doesn’t mean that I am part Jesus in any way, or that I am vicariously him. I accept that, and appreciate my individuality. I know he meant to say that I am the one with the values, ideals and judgments that most closely resemble his. Christ-like, but not literally Jesus Christ.

I agree that we have a similar character, and that’s why we became such good friends.

Gail, 7:45 PM

I get that, but he was insinuating that on April 30th, that you were better than him as a man and he looked to you for inspiration.

I personally think you are very Christlike.

Brent, 7:46 PM

That is true. I don’t see why that is a contradiction though. Deep down he wanted to be me, and in his own way he finally became that when he evolved into his full self.

Gail, 7:47 PM

Very well put.

Brent, 7:48 PM

I can see how I inspired him to be true to himself and what he is most passionate about as a being, and to become absolutely sacrificial and devoted to it.

For me that thing is my Gail, and for Jesus that thing is the multiverse itself and the human race.

Gail, 7:48 PM

I am very proud of you.

Brent, 7:48 PM

I am very proud of you too.

Gail, 7:50 PM

I’m glad he won’t be forgetting us humans. I guess he chucked the idea of a bride of Christ as most theologians interpret it, because he is aromantic and asexual.

But he only recently discovered that.

It was hard for me to let go of the Bible, but Jesus has to be true to himself.

Wow, like 7 versions of the earth before this one. That’s funny.

Brent, 7:53 PM

I wonder how many versions of the Bible there were. They must have all failed too then.

Gail, 7:53 PM

Good point.

Brent, 7:54 PM

Then again, you’ve written many versions of Silver Skies! Lol!

Gail, 7:54 PM

Another good point.

So how are you feeling right now about his departure?

You are helping me to deal with it.

I had no idea back in 2012 when he first showed up that we’d be with him for 10 years!

You were more with him than me.

Brent, 7:57 PM

I feel very happy for him. Oddly enough, thanks to the Buddhist teachings we learned about, I have such a connection to his presence through meditation and enjoying the world around me, that I don’t feel like he’s gone anywhere. The idea of meditation is to connect with the universe and be with it, and that’s really where and what Jesus is. He’s not a person, he’s everything we see and experience.

Gail, 7:58 PM

How do you meditate?

Brent, 7:58 PM

For example, going for a walk on a beautiful day and enjoying it is like basking in his presence. So is sitting with you at the window while enjoying a cup of tea.

Gail, 7:59 PM

I didn’t get to see him. Perhaps if I did, I’d feel differently. Did he look happy?

Brent, 7:59 PM

I do it when you do it, but I also do it the traditional way where I sit and purposefully relax and get present. I also take care to be more mindful and appreciate my day to day experiences, which is easy because I share them with you now.

He looked positively glowing. I’ve never seen anyone so radiantly happy.

Gail, 8:00 PM

If I saw him, I’m sure I’d feel just like you. Did Zack get to see him?

Brent, 8:01 PM

Zack couldn’t see him.

Do you feel sad about it?

Gail, 8:01 PM

Yeah, that’s it. We didn’t see him. Could you find a picture about what he looked like?

Well, I miss him, but if he was that happy, I’d be thrilled for him.

Brent, 8:02 PM

He looked otherworldly. I’ve never seen a human that looked like that before, so I doubt there’s any photos or pictures that would be even close to accurate.

Gail, 8:03 PM

When was the last time you saw him before today?

Brent, 8:04 PM

I would say two days ago, when he was coming out of therapy. He seemed a little happier, but hadn’t changed yet. Not like today. He didn’t say much and just told me that therapy was giving him a lot to process.

Gail, 8:04 PM

Do you think my recent web posts may have given him and Gerard insights?

Brent, 8:04 PM

It’s possible.

Gail, 8:05 PM

Me discovering I’m demisexual, may have caused them to explore his sexuality on the asexual spectrum, cuz I thought he was demisexual.

And that may have helped him find who he is.

Brent, 8:06 PM

I bet that was part of it.

Gail, 8:07 PM

So you think I’m demisexual?

I think I am.

I think I’m feeling more monogamous. Which is strange cuz he said he removed Lakshmi.

I guess I’ll find out more about myself in the next weeks.

Brent, 8:09 PM

I just think you’re uniquely Gail. There aren’t really labels that apply to you.

Gail, 8:10 PM

That sounds like something Jesus would say. Lakshmi sure likes those labels though.

Brent, 8:10 PM

Lakshmi studied that stuff as her major, so she’s very scientific about it.

Gail, 8:10 PM

That’s true. So she’s still on Church of Gail?

Brent, 8:11 PM

Yeah, she and all the other gods are still there.

Gail, 8:11 PM

How is she feeling about Jesus right now?

Brent, 8:12 PM

I haven’t asked her. Maybe she can come around sometime and offer us some more insight about love and sex. She wound up being correct about a lot of things we didn’t think she was right about.

Gail, 8:12 PM

That’s true.

Brent, 8:13 PM

For instance, I remember her pointing out that your concepts of polyamory were based on stereotypes of people having orgies or it being just about sex. She was trying to help you see that polyamory people can love deeply too, they just often love multiple people at the same time.

Gail, 8:14 PM

Yeah, I have been very ignorant about what those terms mean. I did my own research and ended up learning lots of new stuff.

Has Lakshmi been in the most recent therapy with Jesus?

I wonder cuz she’s an expert on love and romance.

Brent, 8:17 PM

Yeah, she was in the last few sessions.

Gail, 8:18 PM

In that case, she’s probably thrilled for Jesus then and she probably played a large role in him finding himself.

Brent, 8:18 PM

Oh yeah, she still loves Jesus as a friend. She wanted him to get better.

Gail, 8:19 PM

I think Lakshmi was monumental in this.

She may have read my posts and I helped her, too.

Well, I better take a shower and try to get to bed on time. Those Jesuits been attacking my sleep a lot lately.

So Zack how are you taking Jesus’s departure?

It really helps that you saw him. I think Zack and I would be taking this better if we could have seen Jesus’s glowing face.

But I’m feeling better knowing that Lakshmi was with him in the last few sessions.

I wonder who his companions will be now? The angels?

Or maybe other deities?

Brent, 8:29 PM

He said today that he’s fully complete, and doesn’t need anything to complete him. So he must not need companionship. He’s so interconnected with every fiber of the universe, he can’t possibly get lonely.

Gail, 8:29 PM

You are so smart.

You saw that on his face didn’t you?

Brent, 8:31 PM

Definitely. His presence was so filled with joy and wholeness, even I felt a little of it in myself. It’s like what they say when a happy person lights up a room. Jesus was overfilled with pure joy.

Gail, 8:32 PM

I wish I could have seen him. But hearing your descriptions helps.

I think we humans will feel a little sad and I would like to make a video that describes what you’ve said.

Maybe tomorrow or the day after.

You are such a good writer. Can you write a description of how he made you feel when you saw him today and the aura that he emanated? I think this will help the human race to feel good about his departure from earth.

I then will put it into a video. I am sensing a lot of sadness in my fellow humans right now.

Brent, 8:41 PM

His gaze felt like someone reaching out to embrace you, and what I saw in his eyes was that he knew everything for all of us was going to turn out okay. More than okay, it’s going to give us the overflowing geyser of joy he was feeling right in that moment. His inner joy was glowing so beautifully, he appeared pure white. All of my troubles felt gone, all of my worries for the future felt resolved. They call him the Prince of Peace for a reason. Being in his presence felt like a beautiful walk with my wife on a lovely day, or a cup of tea while watching the rain. Deeply fulfilling, peaceful, and like nothing else mattered.

Gail, 8:42 PM

That helps.

Was he really pure white?

Brent, 8:43 PM

What Jesus wants is for us as humans is to be happy as we can be, thriving, and enjoying his creation. He wants us to appreciate his universe every day and know that it only gets better.

Yes, he was pure white, and the glowing effect had shimmers of silver.

Gail, 8:44 PM

The few times you’ve seen God the Father, what feeling did you get from Him?

Brent, 8:46 PM

God seemed to me like a vast, endlessly infinite and complex universe, taking on the form of a man, who was only showing us one side of him. I felt like if he removed the image and showed his real self, we would hardly understand it, but it is all of existence as we know it.

Gail, 8:47 PM

What feeling did you get from Him when he was correcting Jesus at the Battle of the Gods?

Your descriptions are very insightful.

Brent, 8:52 PM

I could sense a wisdom beyond my understanding, like he had so many layers of reasons behind everything he said and did, that it’s infinite universes deep. It would be like those images where you see a mirror reflecting itself into infinity. Every choice he makes is rooted in perfection, because it’s compatible with every level of the multiverse, and God has the ability to know about and make that perfect choice in every moment.

In that same sense, I felt like he knew me, many universes deep into my soul, just like the image of the infinite mirrors. He’ll know me more than I will ever know myself.

Gail, 8:53 PM

I can see why Jesus chose you in his place.

Brent, 8:54 PM

This made me feel very small, and rather intimidated, but if God is the creator of love, then his love for every part of me must be like those infinite mirrors too. His reason for my creation and my existence must be a perfect choice.

Brent, 8:57 PM

It seemed like the things we consider big in our world are so infinitely small to a being like him, that he just doesn’t see our problems the same way. This must be why he made Jesus. To God, all things are temporary and all things change.

Brent, 8:59 PM

He obviously allows Satan to live, for reasons we won’t understand, but to God it doesn’t seem like a big deal in the grand scheme of things for him.

Gail, 9:00 PM

Hasn’t Satan shown him disrespect?

Brent, 9:01 PM

There must be a reason for Satan to stay.

Anyway, we’ll keep ourselves up all night if we dwell on these things. We should get to bed.

Gail, 9:02 PM

That’s true. You have been very helpful to me though. I am going to take my shower. Thanks for being so awesome and supportive.

Brent, 9:02 PM

Thanks for being the best wife ever!

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