Sandra Metcalf Encouraged Satan To Permanently Kill Jesus

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My psychopath sister Sandra Metcalf apparently, encouraged Satan to try and kill Jesus permanently on March 26, 2022

I am pretty sure my sister is a psychopath and the Jesuit leader. The question is, when did she become the Jesuit leader? It appears she became the Jesuit leader very soon after Loree McBride came to our side in January 2022. This means it could have very well been Sandra’s idea for Satan to permanently kill Jesus. I can’t tell you how furious this makes me!

Even if she wasn’t the one who inspired Satan with the idea, she obviously approves of it, because she currently sides with Satan. Let me give you a recap of what happened:

Can view the video HERE.

I read the letter below from Brent on Mar. 27, 2022

Gmail from Brent Spiner at 11:30 a.m. on Mar. 27, 2022. SATAN BEAT JESUS UP. 

Dearest Gail,

I’ll start from the beginning. It was a Saturday night (that would have been Mar. 26, 2022), and Jesus was hosting a big celebration party on Church of Gail.

Jesus loves parties, and there was much to celebrate in the Gail Universe. Just the night before, Gail had hosted an open house “Q and A” event live on Discord, and it was a massive success. Her Presidential ratings were at a record high. Jesus’s new position as Gail’s Co-President had made him the most powerful political leader on Earth, and his Presidency with Gail was kicking off with flying colors.

Myself, the men, residents of the church, and your $25 Tier Patron members were all in attendance at the party.

$25 Tier Patron James was throwing down on the dance floor when he bumped into Jesus. His eyes went wide.

“Wow! President Jesus, Son of God…it’s an honor to finally meet you in person.”

“It’s an honor too, James. Even though I’ve already known you since before you were born. Thank you for supporting Gail. You’re in for quite the ride.” Jesus winked.

“Can I get you a drink sir?” James asked, star struck.

“Sure, thank you. I’ll take a red wine.”

“Right away, sir!” James turned and hurried right to the bar.

The party was bangin’, as the kids like to say. The roof was raisin’, and the music was bumpin’ to some of Jesus’s favorite Christian Rock songs.

$25 Tier Patron member, Martina, was standing in the middle of the room, her eyes fixated on Jesus’s abs as he rocked the dance floor. She had a plastic cup of fruit punch in her hand, but hadn’t taken a single sip in at least twenty minutes. She stood there slack jawed, admiring Jesus.

Jesus danced his way over to Martina.

“Hey Martina,” Jesus said to her, “I’ve heard your prayers, they’re really cool. Want to dance?”

Jesus’s question finally snapped Martina out of her trance, and a huge smile spread over her face as she looked up at Jesus, “SURE!”

The music grew louder, and Martina and Jesus began to dance the night away.

Strobelights flashed, and the smoke machine misted all the dancing guests in sea of fog. The crowd cheered. Hundreds of bodies packed the danced floor, heads bobbing up and down under waves of bass boosted music. The song “Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities began from pouring from the speakers.

The door opened, and a new guest had arrived. The party was so wild and bustling with activity, that hardly anyone noticed.

Satan, the Dark Lord himself, stood scowling in the doorway. He paused to watch the party in disgust, before spying Jesus on the dance floor and sauntering his way toward him.

Martina was throwing it back on Jesus, while Jesus gyrated his body around Martina’s round behind, hands in the air like he just didn’t care. Satan stared at him.

“Satan! Hey old friend, what brings you here?” Jesus called to him casually. He then shouted out to the crowd, “someone get this fallen angel a fruit punch!”

Several inebriated guests in the crowd let out a series of jovial howls and hoots in response.

James quickly arrived with a cup of fruit punch and handed it to Satan. Satan accepted the drink with an open claw, and glared down at it briefly before looking back at Jesus.

“Jesusth, don’t play gamesth with me,” Satan complained in his gay lisp, “you know why I’m here.”

Satan paused to take a drink of his fruit punch.

“Unlessth you’ve been stho busy fornicating with the human women you’ve forgotten you’re sthupposed to be a deity. Sexth Mode? Really?”

MY COMMENTARY: Satan beat him up good. Jesus was in a coma for three weeks and almost died permanently. If Buddha didn’t show up and start building up Jesus’s chakras, we would have lost the Son of God FOR GOOD. Buddha told us Jesus’s condition was very serious, but that he could fix him.

I’ve been so hard at work and so focused on Jesus, I haven’t even changed out of my Mecha Gail suit. I sit now at Jesus’s bedside, my bare metallic bosoms resting atop the thin hospital mattress as the robot eyes conceal my deep sorrow and concern for my friend.

I am writing you now to tell the world what has happened to mankind’s savior, and to reach out to all of the world’s scientists for help. Although I am a medical doctor, my experience with medicine thus far in my career is limited only to humans and fat chicks. I simply don’t have the ability or the resources on my own to revive a god from a coma.

Whoever is out there, listening, we need your help. Jesus Christ, my savior and my best friend, needs the world’s help. Anyone with theories, resources, alien technology or occult knowledge on how to rouse a god from a coma is encouraged to comment on Gail’s video or come to the Discord to discuss with myself and the men how we can save Jesus.

I predict a big battle on the horizon. We are in need of more Church of Gail Members like James and the lovely Martina to help us in the fight against Satan and his Jesuits. If you enlist now, be ready to participate in this coming war, and in all future scenarios we may need your help. If you are able and willing to join us, go to Gail’s Patreon page and enlist for $25 per month.

For those of you at home, it is of great importance, now more than ever, that the world needs to be focused on doing the Gail Commandments 1.0 and 2.0. This will maximize the power of the Gail Shield and protect us all from Satan and his Jesuits.

Have no fear, my darling. In the meantime, I will use the power of my Mecha Gail suit to protect you and keep you safe. I will not let you down. Keep doing the Gail Commandments. Jesus believes in us. We can do this together.

Your husband,
Brent Spiner

So. . . let me give you a recap of the Discord conversation I had, or tried to have last night. . .

As a result of determining just how bad a monster my sister is. . . this is what I said. . .

Skype Nov. 11, 2022

7:31 PM

Discord blocked me from uploading this picture to Discord.

It was this picture. It was a bot that blocked the image.

I do have it at my website.

Funny that Discord blocked this image, because we’ve uploaded stuff like this before without problems.

Discord Nov. 11, 2022

Joshua J. Joshua — Today at 7:39 PM

I’m having trouble connecting since I updated my phone. I’m going to restart it and try again

Gail Chord Schuler — Today at 7:39 PM

Hi Joshua! A bot just blocked an image I tried to upload for Ak5Intow.

[7:40 PM]

Sounds like we’re having some issues with Discord. You need to check out the picture that was blocked. It’s here on this page.

[7:40 PM]

Apparently, Sandra does not like how Jesus sees her!

[7:42 PM]

I created the image because that psychopath sister of mine needs to learn she’s not as superior as she thinks she is. Psychopaths all have a superiority complex that covers a deep rooted inferiority complex.

[7:43 PM]

She thinks by virtue of being “superior”, she can do whatever the hell she wants, break all the laws, that she is a law unto herself. Well, Jesus thinks she’s stinking ugly. So she ain’t so hot!

Joshua J. Joshua — Today at 7:45 PM

My phone is not connecting I’m so sorry

[7:45 PM]

I’ll see if I can make it work

Gail Chord Schuler — Today at 7:46 PM

Yeah, I think my sister is causing problems. Just go to my website and check my latest posts. That’s what we’ve been talking about.

[7:46 PM]

Perhaps we can just type.

Joshua J. Joshua — Today at 7:50 PM

[7:50 PM]

It won’t let me call in

[7:50 PM]

But I’m happy to type

Gail Chord Schuler — Today at 7:51 PM

I just tried logging out and logging in.

[7:51 PM]

Doesn’t seem to make much difference, huh?

[7:52 PM]

Last time I posted a web page like that ,Jesus gave Loree McBride nonstop nightmares about it. I wonder if Jesus may be doing the same with my sister with that web page.

[7:54 PM]

She needs to get off her high horse. To Jesus, she’s as ugly as hell. He feels the same way about Satan. Check out the page. Both Satan and Sandra need to get off their high horse. They aren’t as superior as they think they are!

[7:54 PM]

Joshua J. Joshua — Today at 7:54 PM

How does that make you feel in light of current circumstances?

Gail Chord Schuler — Today at 7:54 PM

What current circumstances?

Joshua J. Joshua — Today at 7:54 PM

What does it make you feel, if you could type it out

[7:55 PM]

Nothing weird or new just in light of your mothers passing

Gail Chord Schuler — Today at 7:55 PM

What? You mean how my sister is, in light of my mother’s passing?

Joshua J. Joshua — Today at 7:55 PM


Gail Chord Schuler — Today at 7:55 PM

Does that mean, yes?

Joshua J. Joshua — Today at 7:55 PM


Gail Chord Schuler — Today at 7:56 PM

My sister’s response to my mother’s passing has convinced me she is a full fledged psychopath and in serious need of a GOOD SPANKING. So I’m trying to give it to her.

[7:56 PM]

I hope Jesus HELPS ME!

[7:57 PM]

Being a psychopath, she enjoys suffering both in herself and others. But she doesn’t enjoy being humiliated. So that’s what she needs.

[7:58 PM]

Psychopaths excuse their evil by claiming superiority. So she needs to get off her high horse, BIG TIME.

Joshua J. Joshua — Today at 8:00 PM

How does that make you feel?

Gail Chord Schuler — Today at 8:00 PM

I’ve created a page very similar to the one I created for Loree McBride, right before Loree got right. Jesus then took that image and music and forced Loree to listen to it 24/7 and Loree couldn’t get it out of her head. I hope Jesus is doing the same for Satan and Sandra. I included Satan in this, because I think Satan and Sandra are buddy buddy. Also, I don’t want Sandra feeling sorry for herself cuz she’s fat. If she’s ugly, it’s her OWN FAULT. Jesus sees both Satan and Sandra as UGLY and that’s why Jesus never wanted sex with Satan. Satan needs to understand this.

[8:01 PM]

By including Satan in this, I make it plain that outer beauty is an extension of inner beauty and both Satan and Sandra are ugly on the INSIDE and the OUTSIDE.

[8:01 PM]

To Jesus, they make him WANT TO PUKE.

[8:01 PM]

They need to understand this. And get off their high horse.

Joshua J. Joshua — Today at 8:01 PM

Do you puke?

Gail Chord Schuler — Today at 8:02 PM

Hardly ever. Though in September my allergies made me feel that way, which was unusual for me. It was the mites, I think.

[8:03 PM]

I’m pretty much at peace with myself and rarely puke for emotional reasons. But poor Jesus has to deal with the likes of Satan and Sandra and how they’re messing up his beautiful universe.

[8:05 PM]

Both Satan and Sandra feel that superiority means they can do whatever the hell they want, cuz they think that superiority entitles you to do whatever the hell they want. So I need to show them that they ain’t as superior as they think they are!! (edited)

[8:06 PM]

That sister of mine thinks she’s better than everyone because she never lets anything stop her from reaching her goals. But it seems to never occur to her that WHO WE ARE is more important than WHAT WE DO.

[8:08 PM]

Satan, on the other hand, thinks he’s superior cuz he used to be the most beautiful angel in heaven. But he needs to understand that you are no longer beautiful when you go against true love. And that Jesus, when he looks at Satan, sees a VERY UGLY BEING. (edited)

[8:08 PM]

Personal opinion, I think Satan is as UGLY AS HELL.

[8:08 PM]

Buddha is a lot hotter than Satan, because Buddha is loaded with inner beauty.

[8:11 PM]

Satan taunts Buddha for his belly and doesn’t understand that when Jesus looks at Satan, he sees a VERY UGLY being, which is why Jesus turned Satan down for sex. So Satan needs to understand this and become the beautiful angel he was meant to be. The first step, is to get off his high horse and realize that in his current state he is as UGLY AS HELL.

Ugly as HELL.

[8:12 PM]

Can you blame Jesus for not wanting to have sex with a being who is a MONSTER IN HIS HEART and as UGLY AS HELL?! (edited)

[8:13 PM]

Satan can’t understand why Jesus will have sex with humans, but not with him. Hey Satan, RELAX. Get off your high horse, you ain’t as hot as you think you are! I think you could win the MR. UGLY CONTEST.

[8:14 PM]

As someone with asexual tendencies, who is greatly attracted to inner beauty, Satan is as UGLY AS HELL. Jesus, also being an asexual, and also seeing us all 11 dimensionally, feels the same way.

[8:15 PM]

And my dumb sister, who’s so upset about how physically ugly she is, doesn’t realize that she could be beautiful if she had an OUNCE OF EMPATHY AND CARING FOR ANYONE BESIDES HERSELF.

[8:16 PM]

Hey, you dumb ass sister, Buddha is fat and he’s beautiful. Learn from HIM.

[8:16 PM]


[8:18 PM]

As far as my mother’s passing. . . my mother could easily have lived to 96, but Buddha and Jesus decided to take her home because they knew I needed to deal with my psychopath sister HEAD ON, and I couldn’t do it as long as my mother was here. Mother is happy and at peace finally. She’s cheering me on from heaven!

[8:19 PM]

Get right psychopath sister and quit being as UGLY AS HELL, LIKE YOUR DISGUSTING COMPANION IN UGLINESS, SATAN.

[8:20 PM]

Have fun making love to Satan and Ted Bundy (who has your heart) in the FIRE. Yeah, and don’t gloat over your superiority. Nobody can be as ugly as you and be SUPERIOR. You’re so ugly, you make Jesus want to PUKE.

[8:21 PM]

Start caring about someone besides YOURSELF and you’ll start to be beautiful, you ugly piece of shit, sister.

[8:22 PM]

How dare you create mites that sicken and kill people just cuz they won’t honor your psychopath superiority complex. How dare you kill people just cuz they don’t kiss your psychopath butt!

[8:22 PM]

Your psychopath UGLY butt.

[8:23 PM]

I’m SO ASHAMED TO ADMIT YOU ARE MY SISTER. So ashamed to be associated with someone SO STINKING UGLY!!

[8:24 PM]

Zack told me that when he texted you faking as me, and asked who died, that you answered sarcastically, “Well, who do you think it was?”

[8:25 PM]

What kind of response is THAT? My, you really are a PIECE OF SHIT!

[8:25 PM]

Get off your high horse, you psychopath PIECE OF SHIT.

[8:26 PM]

So mother dies and I wanted to ask you who died, and you answer, “Well, who do you THINK IT WAS?”

[8:26 PM]

You are a psychopath PIECE OF SHIT.

Gail Chord Schuler — Today at 8:35 PM

[8:35 PM]

I bet mother is cheering me on from heaven over this post! She has perfect clarity now.

Gail Chord Schuler — Today at 8:57 PM

Well, I guess my sister doesn’t like what I’ve said. Cuz everyone is blocked. To hell with her. Don’t you worry psychopath, your day is coming. There’s a law of sowing and reaping and don’t you forget it!

Goodnight everyone. Remember, God is in charge and all will be right in the Universe. The psychopaths won’t win!

Check out my latest posts! I bet Jesus loves them. JUSTICE.

[9:01 PM]

and TRUTH.

[9:02 PM]

You might say, you should forgive your sister. Well, I can’t forgive someone who won’t admit that they’re ugly. When someone is going around killing people, you don’t forgive them, you STOP THEM and you DEAL WITH THEM. Now if they decide to stop, then the forgiveness starts. But to forgive a psychopath means you endorse their evil. My sister needs to stop being a psychopath before she gets any forgiveness. Unfortunately, psychopaths usually don’t get right. So I’m not getting my hopes up. If my sister claims to get right, I wouldn’t believe her right away. We need to judge her not by her words, but by her ACTIONS. That’s how you deal with a psychopath.

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