Zack Knight’s Dad is Ignatius of Loyola

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It’s amazing what I can figure out using my high emotional intelligence as I work on Gail, The Complete Series. I have determined based on the little I know of Zack Knight, who his father is!

Seventeen year old Zack Knight (according to his twentieth century body), was a top Jesuit, and aboard a UFO, when he shook Brannon Braga’s hand as Brannon beamed aboard a UFO.

It was fitting that Zack started his “reign” in 1994 as top dog in the Jesuit Order from a UFO-designed spacecraft since it was the UFOs who kept him alive since the time of his twentieth century “birth” on June 6, 1976. His “birth” consisted of being dropped off as a baby in front of an ornate Jesuit cathedral with a pendant. However, he maintained a youthful appearance with UFO technology, reverse-aging hormones, as part of his genetic make-up.

The Jesuit pendant design that Zack wears is a triangle enmeshed with circles, as in the flags above.

The UFOs beamed him up regularly to apply reverse-aging hormones to reverse-age him and basically told him to adjust his birthday by decades if he so desired, because of this. He wasn’t allowed to disclose this. So later he’d claim he was born on June 6, 1996.

He was actually born in the sixteenth century as a child of his father, the founder of the Jesuits, St. Ignatius of Loyola (Oct. 23, 1491 – July 31, 1556) and some unknown woman.

Like his father, Ignatius of Loyola, Zack has a commander personality type. The resemblance between Zack and Ignatius is uncanny.

Both Zack and Ignatius have similar hair coloring, with similar nose and eyebrow structures. Both are big-shot Jesuit leaders. Ignatius wanted to remain the leader of the Jesuits in perpetuity and so allowed his son Zack to do that for him. Zack has had several name changes as he has donned different personas over the centuries since he was born in the 1500s.

Zack was the love-child of Ignatius and some unknown woman, and had lived several lives in the same body that he was born with, previous to this current twentieth century life. His twentieth century life started when the UFOs dumped him off at the door of a Jesuit cathedral as a baby on June 6, 1976, where he was raised in California.

Cryogenically preserved in an infant body, after being reverse-aged several times, Zack’s baby form had lain dormant aboard a UFO many times and for years at a time, having been reverse-aged from several lives from different centuries.

He was allowed to live several lives in different centuries (using the body that he was born with in the sixteenth century) and had been reverse-aged back to infancy from lives in different centuries after the sixteenth. The UFOs allowed parts of his brain and memories to remain intact from his previous lives, so that he probably had the cumulative life experience in 1994 of someone about seventy or more who had existed at various times in different places since the sixteenth century.

The fallen angels did this for Zack apparently as an attempt to give Zack eternal youth, but they allowed him to retain the maturity and breadth of experience of a much older person.

In the process of all this reverse-aging from several centuries and becoming a new baby in different centuries since the sixteenth, the fallen angels refined Zack’s penis into a perfect penis, of which he was extremely proud. The UFOs also made it that he was born with the ability to make women pregnant by looking at them.

It was their way of gloating against God the Father, a form of protest against unfair sexual standards, as they saw it.

Unlike Loree McBride, Zack was not a clone created in a cloning lab, but was a “prime”, meaning he had a father and mother from the sixteenth century and was not grown in a cloning lab.

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