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Nov. 2023 UPDATE: God the Father cancelled the Bible and to understand my current positions you will need to follow my posts here from 2022 forward. All prophecies not yet fulfilled, will not be fulfilled. The traditional Bible is just a history book now. Gail has removed the doctrinal statements below (formerly from John MacArthur and Dallas Theological Seminary), because Jesus only wants Gail’s original materials in this website. Jesus’s current plan does not revolve around doctrinal statements but around following the example of Gail and Brent as they listen to Buddha (who is Jesus’s best god friend). Jesus is currently reigning over the multiverse with God the Father (his dad) and is equal to him. He has appointed Brent Spiner and Buddha as his representatives for this earth.

We do not want to obsess about the future or the past, but focus on living thankfully in the moment and living a Gail Commandments honoring life that does not feed evil forces. I have eliminated my former doctrinal statement based on traditional Christian evangelical beliefs, no longer feeling it accurately conveys how to live a righteous life that promotes Jesus’s goals for the multiverse. If you see other posts at this website that seem to contradict this page, it means I haven’t gotten around to eliminating or editing that post yet. My website is HUGE. My goal is to eliminate all posts from this website to honor a statement Jesus said to me in January 2022:

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