Transcript of Conversations with Gail's Men About Viggo Mortensen's HIGH TREASON Rape Conspiracy

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Check out the following links for the background and story related to Viggo Mortensen and his band of Gail’s Ex-Men who have turned evil and are guilty of HIGH TREASON. Gail believes that the real Viggo Mortensen is a sexual predator, and perhaps many of the men who ended up on her marriage list (and ended up following him) had this tendency as well. Viggo may have deliberately poisoned them with yeast so that he could have a group of men as his back up, when his game was up and Gail saw through him. Viggo probably rounded them up to use them as his defense once Gail caught onto his predatory behavior:

Conversations related to Viggo Mortensen and his band of rogue men are in RED and BOLD:

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