Loree McBride’s Drug Rape of Brent Spiner (Children’s Audio Book)

“If you love Gail like I do, you should purchase a copy of her amazing book at Amazon.com” – Jesus Christ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here’s the playlist for all eight videos in the series. One of my fans made this video series for me in Dec. 2013. YouTube has removed video 5 from this series, so this playlist has been uploaded to […]

U.S. President Gail’s Executive Order On Immigration (4-3-21)

Since it appears Loree McBride is using her massive conspiracy and social engineering (regarding her corona virus engineered pandemic) to negate my Conspiracy Law, it is necessary for me as Independent U.S. President Gail Chord Schuler to make an executive order ensuring that my Conspiracy Law is enforced, especially in regard to immigration right now. This oral executive order, which […]