Loree McBride Jesuit Assets, Property & Monies Seized & Turned Over to International Charity Bank

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U.S. President Gail has updated her Conspiracy Law (International Military Law) and made a new executive order. Click on image above to go to Gail’s U.S. President page.

Evidence of Windows malware in their updates.


18.0 Because all Loree McBride Jesuits are to be executed, but seem to be hiding out on Loree McBride’s cum star, we must make it hard for them to carry out their crimes on earth. Because they don’t deserve to live, let alone have any money or property, all Loree McBride Jesuits bank accounts, property, assets (including cars, homes, savings, money, etc.) must be seized and confiscated. We will use our military and law enforcement to carry this out. We will try to preserve the property or assets in order to use it to help out the victims of Loree McBride Jesuit crimes. We will not waste time with court because we have declared war on the Loree McBride Jesuits. Using accurate scans based on Church of Gail spaceship technology, we will determine whose property, money and assets need to be seized. If an innocent’s property, money or assets are willingly seized in violation of Conspiracy Law, an innocent being defined as a person who is not a willing Loree McBride Jesuit, that will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.

18.1 This law is inspired by the latest round of criminal attacks on the computers using Loree McBride’s Windows malware forced on people (through a Windows 10 upgrade and updates) who have the Windows operating system on their computers. Millions and possibly billions of computers have been damaged by this, though it appears Loree did this to specially target Gail’s computer (which has the Windows 10 operating system). The damages includes damages caused by Loree’s Windows updates, which caused the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline in May 2021. Therefore, Loree McBride Jesuit damages is at least in the trillions of dollars, if you include Loree’s coronavirus fiasco into the mix, where she used a virus no more deadly than the ordinary flu to wreck devastating damage on the economies of the world and to make millions of people homeless.

18.2 Dealing with Loree’s economic damages will require drastic measures, thus necessitating the takeover of all the assets, property and monies of all Loree McBride Jesuits on earth. Though we have taken over Google, Microsoft and Apple, this was after the release of the criminal Windows updates and it appears all Windows 10 computers are contaminated and damaged as a result of this. We will replace the Windows operating system on all computers in all Conspiracy Law honoring countries with the Linux operating system to those whose computers have been damaged as a result of the criminal Windows 10 new criminal release (around Feb. 2021) and the criminal Windows updates released in 2021.

18.2a To make people aware of this new law, we will announce a class action lawsuit against Loree McBride Jesuits, and encourage anyone who feels their computer has been damaged by a Windows 10 operating system or Windows updates to file a request to receive a new free computer and/or hard drive installed into their computer with the Linux Ubuntu operating system. This class action lawsuit will be managed by a military tribunal and scans will be used on the computers to determine who deserves a new Linux Ubuntu computer. There will not be a trial, but the verdict will be decided by scans. We will call it a class action lawsuit managed by a military tribunal. If we are unable to transform Windows operating systems into an effective Linux/Windows hybrid free of malware, then our eventual goal is to totally delete the Windows criminal operating system and replace it with the Linux operating systems in all people who own Windows computers.

18.3 To assist in this transition, all those who feel that their computer is bogged down, behaving strangely or has been damaged (by the latest round of Windows updates and/or the new Windows 10 operating system forced on all Windows 10 users who had older and better Windows 10 operating systems), will receive a new and free computer with a Linux Ubuntu operating system after we do a scan on their computer to verify that their computer has been damaged by criminal Windows software and that they deserve a new Linux Ubuntu computer as a form of damages payment from Microsoft. We will pay for the new computers given to people who’ve suffered damages to their Windows computer via the seizure of the assets, money and property of all Loree McBride Jesuits on earth. After all, Loree McBride Jesuits don’t deserve to live, let alone to have assets, so we will just take all their property and assets and if they don’t like it, they will be executed. They will have to show up to defend their property and when that happens, we will execute them.

18.3a If a Loree McBride Jesuit shows up to defend their property, money and assets, they will be executed on the spot unless they surrender to us with the intent to pay damages to the victims of Loree McBride Jesuits. We will determine the sincerity of their surrender by their willingness to pay damages to victims of Loree McBride Jesuits. We can determine this by a scan of their emotions and brain. If they “surrender” but we determine the surrender is not sincere because they are not willing to pay damages to their victims, they will be executed as a Loree McBride Jesuit despite their surrender to us and we will continue to seize their assets, money and property and turn over the proceeds to the International Charity Bank.

18.3a1 The seized assets that go to the International Charity Bank will be used to pay damages to victims of Loree McBride Jesuits, including those who’ve suffered as a result of Loree’s coronavirus garbage and if there’s any money left over, it will be used to finance government operations that help Loree’s victims financially and healthwise, such as the National Health Care Plan and Conspiracy Law Church of Gail cities to assist the homeless and to protect innocents better from Loree McBride Jesuits in this war we have with the Loree McBride Jesuits.

18.3b If their surrender is sincere and the damages they are forced to pay makes them homeless, they will be treated according to my Conspiracy Laws for the homeless. But, they must be willing to lose their car, homes and property, if that is required to pay damages to their victims. If they don’t have this willingness, then they are not sincere, and they will be executed.

18.4 We tried transforming Microsoft programming first to deal with all the malware, but it appears the programming is thoroughly entrenched with malware and it is far more efficient and effective to simply delete Windows programming from the computer and replace it with a Linux operating system. Malware is defined as ANYTHING done to a computer (directly or indirectly) using programming that makes it so that the computer cannot be used as a computer is supposed to be used (i.e. to go online or to do regular computer operations).

18.5 Our Big Tech Administrator, working with his Deputy Big Tech Administrators, will study all computers damaged by the criminal Windows operating systems, and determine the best and most cost effective way to replace all criminally damaged Windows operating systems with a Linux Ubuntu operating system.

18.6 Zack Knight (Big Tech Administrator), being the computer genius that he is, may be able to incorporate the good aspects of Windows programming into the Linux programming used for everyone’s computers. In some cases, the person’s computer hardware may work with a Linux hard drive and it could be a simple matter of removing the damaged hard drive and replacing it with a new hard drive that has the Linux operating system on it, so it may not be necessary to replace the entire computer, but just limit the replacement to the hard drive.

18.7 A criminally damaged Windows operating system is defined as any Windows operating system or computer that has been damaged by Loree McBride Jesuits via forced shutdowns (even if caused by acts of war such as deliberate power failures or criminal Windows updates designed to damage computers), malware, criminal updates, criminal operating systems. Criminal operating systems (such as the most recent Windows 10 operating system released in 2021) are any computer operating systems that are designed to damage or impair the operations of a computer so that the computer cannot operate at its best, but is designed to cause the computer to slow down, bog down and to destroy the computer within 1 to 5 years (probably depending on the age of the affected computer). If a computer is properly maintained and operated, Gail alleges that a computer should be able to last up to 10 to 20 years or more.

18.5 Conspiracy Law wants to make computers more efficient, cost effective and remove the need to replace an entire computer at least every 3 to 5 years, simply because the operating systems are designed to fail within 5 years to pacify the greed of those who develop these operating systems. With everyone in poverty because of Loree’s latest rounds of coronavirus garbage, this should greatly help everyone’s finances and enable them to maintain online communications that are very important in today’s world.

18.6 Any willing attempt or action or to execute a person or seize assets or property of those who are innocent (not willing Loree McBride Jesuits) will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator. However, Loree McBride will continue to damage us as long as her Jesuits remain alive and operational. If we take their assets, property and money we can greatly diminish their ability to hurt us and also use the money to assist the many victims of Loree McBride Jesuits. Due to Loree’s coronavirus garbage, her criminal computer crimes, her medical crimes and her devastating crimes in all areas, we need a tremendous amount of money to help out her victims (which is just about every one living on earth who is not a Loree McBride Jesuit). Also, it is death penalty to willingly NEGLECT to take the assets, property and money of a willing Loree McBride Jesuit (in accordance with this Sect. 18 and Conspiracy Law) when you are aware of the existence of a Loree McBride Jesuit’s property, assets or money and are able to seize those properties, assets or monies and have willingly failed to do so, in order to willingly assist Loree McBride or Satan. Those who are guilty of violating this Sect. 18.6 willingly will be publicly executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable).

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