Why Tulsi Gabbard Betrayed President Gail

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As a note of interest, this scene from Patton I watched over and over when the Jesuits did Sept. 11, 2001 to intimidate me from marrying Brent Spiner. They did succeed in getting me to drop Brent temporarily for Vladimir Putin then, but I eventually reinstated Brent in 2006. I still enjoy watching this as I contemplate my job as Commander-in-Chief.

The Patton theme from the movie.

Using my high emotional I.Q. which is twice as high as Satan’s, I think I’ve figured out why Tulsi Gabbard betrayed me, even after our devastating battle with Loree’s cum star. It’s kind of complicated, but I discuss it in my podcast below (audio version of my daily vlog for my Patreon supporters). Tulsi saw me as a loser (not willing to admit that Loree McBride and Satan can bring anyone down no matter how smart and competent they may be), who couldn’t keep my cool enough to make the level headed decisions a President needs to make. As far as seeing me as power hungry, this is probably a pure case of projection on Tulsi’s part. She probably needed to believe this after the cum star battle we had with Loree McBride, in order to justify her alliance with Loree in November 2020. I don’t think Tulsi believed I was power hungry until right after the cum star battle and just conveniently lied to herself, believing her own lies, because she was already too deep in with Loree. Loree and Satan somehow convinced Tulsi around November 2020 that they were humanitarians and that if Tulsi sided with them, they could work for humanity together. As a result of Tulsi’s betrayal, we had to take her out.

Tulsi was actually genuinely on my side until all sorts of bad things kept happening to me and my men starting around Sept. 2020 and she sat back and evaluated it all and decided that siding with me was a losing proposition. Unfortunately, her youth and lack of experience in battling Jesuits and Satan, caused her to start believing things that were not true about me or my followers. I am actually a very strong, yet humble, woman.

Tulsi, a devout New Ager, believed Satan’s lies that, he, too, shared her values. Though there are good people who are New Agers. Satan, unfortunately, founded the New Age Movement, so he knows how to dupe any New Agers who aren’t steeped in my history. I have noticed in looking at Tulsi’s photos, that she lacks humility. This is what caused her to defect to Satan. She was what I would call a PROUD humanitarian. If you’re proud, Satan knows how to get you! The humble side with Jesus.

BOTTOM LINE: Never make deals with Satan. He’s tricky and a liar and is NOT A HUMANITARIAN. Tulsi’s problem was pride. If she was more humble, she would not have fallen for Loree and Satan’s lies about me and my motives. Pride can be very deceptive and people who have a problem with pride, often see themselves as better than they are, thus justifying their sins (even lying to themselves) when they do wrong. I think Loree convinced Tulsi that Loree was not the bad person I portrayed her to be and Tulsi, too eager to be President, saw Loree as her path to the Presidency.

Loree McBride’s monstrosity from hell, the cum star.

Tulsi, apparently, made some sort of deal with Loree in November 2020 and then justified it to herself in Feb. 2021, when she made her move to take over. It’s amazing how much we can lie to ourselves in order to believe what we need to believe to justify our sins. This is especially a problem with politicians and world leaders and anyone in a position of influence. Because I have been so oppressed most of my life, including being raised by a narcissist, I tend to have an inferiority complex and this tends to keep me humble so that I rule with almost pure humanitarian motives. I am actually a reluctant leader and Jesus has wanted me to be U.S. President from the beginning, but had to deal with my inferiority complex first. Brent Spiner, as a result of years of abuse from Loree McBride, is also the same way, which is part of the reason I made him my Vice President.

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