NO ONE Needs the Coronavirus Vaccine. . . EVERY ONE RELAX!

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Every one needs to RELAX. Satan wants you to worry.

As U.S. President and world empress, I have ordered our military to destroy all coronavirus vaccines. First off, the coronavirus is just like the common flu. Any one who tells you anything different is either lying or misinformed. Here is the truth about the coronavirus:

The TRUTH about the coronavirus. This audio reflects a conversation I had with Jesus Christ and Brent Spiner MD. in March 2020.

If you do get the coronavirus, DON’T PANIC. Just treat it like you would the common flu, because that is what IT IS LIKE. Loree has really hyped up the coronavirus and made it appear far worse than it is, in order to enforce her Draconian laws on all of us and kill us off with her genocide (the coronavirus vaccines).

Every one needs to relax! Loree McBride has worked with Satan to develop the coronavirus vaccine. They have convinced every one to take it, BASED ON LIES. They are manipulating your fears to enforce edicts and override any laws in any country where people are free. Unfortunately, the coronavirus vaccine is NOT a vaccine, it is a form of genocide, designed to kill or maim you, to assist Loree McBride to takeover the world for Satan.

I tried banning the vaccine, but Loree had her agents override all my bans. Unfortunately, one of Loree’s agents has been Joe Biden. So I had to take stronger measures and have instructed our military to destroy coronavirus vaccines anywhere they find them, even in enemy countries.

Those who have already gotten the coronavirus shots and are suffering as a result of this, we are working on a way to undo the effects of taking the vaccine. We have a Nanotechnology Research Team at Church of Gail and all our scientists have Mensa I.Q. Of course, do NOT take anymore vaccines, because that will only make you WORSE.

Loree’s agents have been hiding out on the cum star, which exists as prehistoric earth. Loree’s space fleet has been hidden under invisibility shields harnessing the light energy from the stars to maintain the integrity of the time travel wormholes used for Loree’s agents to travel to the cum star. We think we can dismantle the time travel wormholes within about a month (because we’ve located the wormholes and determined how they are maintained), forcing the Loree McBride Jesuits to live on a space fleet within our current timeline, making it easier to kill them.

This will force the Loree Jesuits to go to Plan B, or to live on a space fleet in our timeline. In the meanwhile, their goal is to use the coronavirus vaccine to kill off as many of us as they can. So NO ONE should be taking any coronavirus vaccines! Their goal is when we have our final face off that we are greatly outnumbered, which is why they are using the coronavirus vaccine as a form of genocide to kill us off.

I’ve figured all this stuff out, because I have an I.Q. approaching 10,000 right now.

While we work on destroying their time travel wormholes, they are ramping up attacks against free speech and our lives, by trying to force their genocide on all of us. Loree also uses mites that can change forms and invade our bodies, from the bombs she launches over our heads. These mites often release the stress hormone, which can disrupt your sleep. Therefore, it is helpful for every one to RELAX and try to get a full 8 hours of sleep each night. Every one needs to make sleep a priority. To assist in this, I have created some relaxing sleep music for everyone to enjoy. Choose one of the four tracks below (you can download them if you want) and get your 8 hours! All the music below loops, so you can leave it on all night, if you want.

These mites can also give you a sore throat, because they release a very irritating toxin to the throat that will make you cough and for your throat to feel scratchy and sore. You do NOT need to rush off to the doctor over a “cold”. Don’t believe all the hype you hear in the news. Right now, listening to the news, and perhaps even your doctor (if they tell you to get the coronavirus shot), can GET YOU KILLED. We are working on removing the mites from people’s bodies and sometimes when we remove them the mites are programmed to commit “suicide” and then release a host of toxins that can be very irritating, that can give you irritable bowel, sore throats, coughing, gassiness, etc.

As you can see, we are dealing with a complex situation. But it’s important for everyone to NOT TRUST ANY NEWS SOURCE except this website and Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable), because Loree controls the news and Loree’s news is designed to GET YOU KILLED. So, if the CDC or anyone tells you to do something that violates common sense or the Gail Commandments, DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM.

If your employer tries to force you to take the coronavirus vaccine, report them to my men at We will take over your company with the military and force them to obey my ban on the coronavirus. If you lose your job any ways, we may be able to set you up in a Church of Gail City, where you will be given a free home and free training for a new line of work and enough food and necessities to tide you over until we get you some financial independence.

By the way, I AM THE U.S. PRESIDENT, NOT BIDEN. But since Loree McBride controls the lying mainstream news, you may not know that.

Biden appears to be operating from Loree McBride’s cum star (where he’s safe from us for now), to evade our ability to execute him for violating my ban on the coronavirus vaccine. But, I believe, they won’t be able to keep him there for much longer. Because, after about a month, we may destroy their time travel wormholes and their ability to travel to the past to live on the cum star (which is prehistoric earth). In the meanwhile, they are trying to kill as many of us that they can, by trying to extort you into taking their genocide (the coronavirus vaccine).

They are expecting a final face off between our military and theirs and they want to defeat us by greatly outnumbering us. That’s why they’re pushing their genocide (the coronavirus vaccine) like crazy right now! They, themselves, do NOT take the vaccine that they want to mandate on the rest of us. They know it’s a form of genocide. If they say they’ve had the vaccine, they may well be LYING TO YOU.

The best way to stay healthy is to do the Gail Commandments.

Relaxing Sleep Music Track One

Relaxing Sleep Music Track Two

Relaxing Sleep Music Track Three

Relaxing Sleep Music Track Four

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