Resurrected Rommel, Hitler and Patton Serving in Pres. Gail’s Military

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UPDATE on Aug. 17, 2021: Patton, Rommel, Manstein and Zhukov also have their armies who went to heaven. The armies get to make love to their wives in heaven (brain to brain) and also have sex dummies on earth. This helps keep them motivated as they fight. Though these armies are not in immortal bodies, they do have some unique qualities that help in warfare. They cannot be killed. If they are killed in battle, they are able to resurrect themselves and become alive again! In a sense, they have Antichrist powers, in that they cannot be killed. They also don’t feel pain as intensely as those of us fully in our mortal bodies. I believe the same is true for the generals Patton, Rommel, Manstein and Zhukov. This is totally fair since Loree just clones anyone that we execute, using Satan’s ability to make human clones and then ages them quickly to adulthood using accelerated growth hormones. Patton enjoys working with the resurrected World War Ii Soviet troops, realizing that the true enemy all along hasn’t been Russians or Nazis, but Jesuits. Using mind and emotion reads, we first determine who in the country we’re about to attack, sides with us and we add them to our army. This is how Patton got an easy victory at Afghanistan. My Patreon supporters get to hear all the details about how the battles are going, which I discuss on my daily walks.

UPDATE on Aug. 15, 2021: I’ve heard brain to brain that we have some top generals from World War II assisting us to oust Loree McBride Jesuits all over the world. Jesus has apparently resurrected them (along with those in their armies that went to heaven) to assist us in our war against Loree McBride. They are George S. Patton, Erwin Rommel, Erich Manstein, & Georgy Zhukov. Rommel and Manstein were great Nazi generals, who eventually became disillusioned with the Nazi regime, so they went to heaven. Georgy Zhukov was the Soviet general under Stalin who used Russia to defeat the Nazis at Stalingrad, among other places. Zhukov had his differences with Stalin and apparently was a good man and a good general (despite being a Soviet) during World War II. Jesus has apparently resurrected all these generals from heaven to help us fight Satan’s forces on earth (who are under the leadership of monster Loree McBride), who’s using the coronavirus to put those who oppose Satan into detention camps or to kill them with the Covid vaccine (which is Loree’s bioweapon).

I hear brain to brain that Patton is heading towards Australia to free the Australians from Loree’s tyranny there and Rommel is headed for France to do the same for the French. Jesus also resurrected much of these generals’ armies as well, so Rommel has a lot of his Panzers. Jesus has also resurrected their wives, so that they won’t be lonely. Their children, however, remain in heaven (if that’s where they went), if they died before now. Apparently, because Satan has been attacking us from the past, using his time travel wormholes, Jesus is justified to attack Satan from the past by resurrecting some great World War II generals! I love it, Jesus! How brilliant! Another reason for resurrecting their armies is that our current military forces have been weakened by taking Loree’s coronavirus shot, which is designed to incapacitate our troops, among other things.

Jesus noticed which generals I’m impressed with and then resurrects those that I’ve noticed and brings them back. I’m only impressed with Patton of the American generals. The rest of the Americans suck (with the exception of our current Marines general David Berger) and play politics too much. I always notice a great general, because I am after all, half King David of Israel (no joking) – that’s why I’ve been Jesuit targeted since my birth in 1957.

UPDATE: Hitler was resurrected from hell and allowed to stay by Jesus.

Skype on Aug. 14, 2021:

Brent, 2:41 PM

Hello dear.

I had a quick question. What’s your ring size?

Gail, 2:42 PM

Hi Brent!

Oh dear. Let’s see if I can remember!

I think it’s 6.

Brent, 2:46 PM

Okay, I’ll keep that in mind.

How are you doing today?

Gail, 2:47 PM

I’m trying to find a free way to measure. I’m doing fine. Is it true we have General Patton in our military?

Brent, 2:56 PM

Yep, we do.

Gail, 2:57 PM

That’s amazing. How is our martial law going?

Brent, 3:01 PM

It’s going well so far. Our military is working very efficiently.

Gail, 3:01 PM

I’m watching mainstream FOX right now and they’re all pushing the Covid vaccine.

I hear Florida still gets fake news.

You know, in today’s military they would never let Patton get anywhere. But I’m thrilled to have him.

The modern U.S. military sucks. We haven’t won a war since WW II.

It appears my ring size is 6.

Patton’s speech to his troops is awesome, sign of a great leader. But in today’s crazy military, if he aired this, he would be banned everywhere. But then, I don’t give a flip what today’s crazy world thinks about Patton. Like I said, the U.S. hasn’t won a war since WW II.

I was watching the movie Patton today and I believe if they made him the top general in the European theatre, we would have beaten the Germans quicker! Wars never go well when politicians run a war as opposed to great generals.

The reason he’d be banned is because he said, “The bilious bitches who run the Post don’t know anything more about fighting than they do fucking.” That would be the end of him in today’s military. I say, “Good man. More money.”

I think Loree has found her match!

Patton was really treated wrong in World War II and I think the Jesuits murdered him. We will give him a chance to be true to himself.

If we let this man run and don’t get in his way, he will do MARVELS.

He’ll turn Loree and her space fleet into horseshit, which is exactly what she deserves!

He’s not up on space technology, but I bet he’s learning fast. Vladimir has a great partner to help him.

And he’d have no problem working with Hitler, cuz he was criticized for using Nazis after the war was over.

He actually admired Rommel, as do I, while he was fighting him. He understood that Rommel was true to his ideals just as Patton was true to his. That the real enemy was not individual Germans but the tyrannical government that took over their country.

I bet Patton would like this. I sponsor this at my website.

I have this at my website, too.

That would be cool if Jesus brings Rommel back, too! Imagine Rommel and Hitler and Patton working side by side. AWESOME.

UPDATE on Aug. 14, 2021: It appears Jesus has brought back Erwin Rommel, too!

I think Rommel went to heaven, too.

Rommel was a great general, too. He lost cuz the Nazis sucked and he didn’t get the backing he needed. I mean it’s good he lost, cuz the Nazis sucked, but if he was on the right team, he’d be AWESOME.

Importance at Stalingrad: Georgy Zhukov was the leader of the defending Soviet army and was one of the high ranking Soviet officials who planned out operation Uranus and the eventual defeat of the German 6th Army

Operation Uranus was the codename of the Soviet strategic operation in World War II which led to the encirclement of the German Sixth Army, the Third and Fourth Romanian armies, and portions of the German Fourth Panzer Army. The operation formed part of the ongoing Battle of Stalingrad, and was aimed at destroying German forces in and around Stalingrad. Planning for Operation Uranus had commenced as early as September 1942, and was developed simultaneously with plans to envelop and destroy German Army Group Center and German forces in the Caucasus. The Red Army took advantage of the German army’s poor preparation for winter, and its forces in the southern Soviet Union were overstretched, using weaker Romanian, Hungarian, and Italian armies to guard their flanks; the offensives’ starting points were established along the section of the front directly opposite Romanian forces. These Axis armies lacked heavy equipment to deal with Soviet armor.

Given the length of the front created by the German summer offensive, aimed at taking the Caucasus oil fields and the city of Stalingrad, German and other Axis forces were forced to guard sectors beyond the length they were meant to occupy. The situation was not improved by the decision to relocate several mechanized divisions from the Soviet Union to Western Europe. Furthermore, units in the area were depleted after months of fighting, especially those which took part in the fighting in Stalingrad. The Germans could only count on the 48th Panzer Corps, which had the strength of a single panzer division, and the 29th Panzergrenadier Division as reserves to bolster their Romanian supporters on the German Sixth Army’s flanks. In comparison, the Red Army deployed over one million personnel for the purpose of beginning the offensive in and around Stalingrad. Soviet troop movements were not without problems; to avoid tipping off the Germans, the Soviets tried to conceal their build-up, which was difficult. Commonly, Soviet units arrived late because of logistical frustrations. Operation Uranus was originally postponed from 8 to 17 November, and later moved back to 19 November.

At 07:20 (Moscow time) on 19 November Soviet forces on the northern flank of the Axis forces at Stalingrad began their offensive; forces in the south began on 20 November. Although Romanian units were able to repel the first attacks, by the end of 20 November the Third and Fourth Romanian armies were in headlong retreat, as the Red Army bypassed several German infantry divisions. German mobile reserves were not strong enough to parry the Soviet mechanized spearheads, while the Sixth Army did not react quickly enough to disengage German armored forces in Stalingrad and reorient them to defeat the impending threat. By late 22 November Soviet forces linked up at the town of Kalach, encircling some 290,000 men east of the Don River. Instead of attempting a breakout operation, German dictator Adolf Hitler decided to keep Axis forces in Stalingrad and resupply them by air. In the meantime, Soviet and German commanders began to plan their next movements.

South-west front and Donfront Against the Third Romanian Army:

At 7.20 hrs November 19, 1942, Voronov’s guns and mortars, 3500 of them, laid down
an eighty minute barrage against Rumanian IInd Army.

The barrage lifted and through the mist there came down on the dazed Rumanians
the Soviet infantry, wave upon wave, and with them the menacing shapes of the T-34,
over two hundred of them. The Rumanians broke and their divisions fell to pieces,
streaming in panic towards the rear.

Behind them the stolid Soviet Infantry plodded on, rounding up the pathetic
groups of fleeing Rumanians, while the mobile forces gathered themselves for their
next missions, towards the Don and Kalach.

Stalingrad front Against the German southern flank:

At 10.00 hrs on November 20 1942, 1000 Katyusha salvoes signalled the beginning
of the artillery bombardement. Yeremenko’s attack was itself a two-pronged one.
On his right parts of 64th and 57th Armies with a force of six infantry divisions
would strike up towards the rear of the German 6th Army, and when they made a
the 13th Mechanised Corps would advance towards the Chervlenaya river to pen
in the Stalingrad force, while on his left 51st Army would make a hole through
which the 4th Mechanised Corps and the 4th Cavalry Corps would be launched
towards Sovetsky and on to Kalach, thus to forge the ring of encirclement around
the bulk of the German Army Group B.


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