Amy Coney Barrett CLONE at Supreme Court. Gail Declares MARTIAL LAW in All Conspiracy Law Countries!

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General David H. Berger will head up the Martial Law efforts in the United States, working with Adolf Hitler, who is now a good Nazi.

The above videos aired on August 12, 2021. While it is true that Chinese Jesuits have been working for Loree McBride, it seems these Chinese Jesuits have been living on Loree’s cum star, and we are working with those in the Chinese government who side with us. China, like the United States, is in the midst of a civil war. The war is between those who side with me and those who side with Loree McBride. You could almost call it the war of the clones, because the real Chinese leader apparently has an evil clone who has taken over much of China. Loree uses clones heavily in her war strategy, to cause confusion and cause you to not realize that all mainstream news is FAKE.

Every one needs to listen to Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) to get the REAL NEWS. I hear Gabrielle Chana FOX News may have taken over some mainstream news broadcasts as well, so you may be able to get it on some other channels as well. Loree McBride controls most of mainstream news, which is all FAKE NEWS, designed to distract you and lie to you. FAKE NEWS will get you killed.

As far as wearing masks, though I think this is crazy, if it’s what you need to do to go shopping, that won’t harm your health as much as the shot will. I wear it to be polite when I grocery shop and pay my rent. Jesus has advised that we should respect people’s fears about Covid. However, mandating the shot is another matter. Mandating that people get the shot to keep their job or to grocery shop (which is where we appear to be headed), that’s like ordering a person to kill themselves! I won’t stand for it! Loree McBride has gone TOO FAR. It’s time to use our military to take out anyone who violates my ban on the coronavirus vaccine.

The best way to stay healthy is to do the Gail Commandments! You do not need to spend extra money on supplements, even vitamin D (which is where I differ with Alex Jones and his friends). If you are worried about vitamin D, go out in the sun and walk and if you live in cold country, perhaps buy some food, like milk that is fortified with vitamin D.

DYSTOPIAN: Aussie Forcibly Hauled Off To Insane Asylum For Covid Thoughtcrime. His WIFE Reported It. My guess is his wife may have been a Jesuit clone of his wife!

Did you hear about the recent surprise ruling from Amy Coney Barrett, which seems totally contradictory to the real Amy Coney Barrett at the U.S. Supreme Court, where this justice, who allegedly believes in the U.S. Constitution and who, in defiance of the Nuremberg Code, this clone has ignored an illegal mandate by Indiana University forcing its students to take Loree’s death shot? Amy has refused to take the case of these students, who will now be forced to take Loree’s death shot to remain students at Indiana University. Well, folks, Loree McBride has apparently put an Amy Coney Barrett CLONE at the Supreme Court. Also, a Loree McBride Jesuit clone of one of my Cabinet members, Rodeslav Cibulka, has taken over Rodeslav’s YouTube channel, where this clone declared (in defiance of my ban on the coronavirus vaccine) that he took Loree McBride’s coronavirus vaccine (the DEATH SHOT).

Though I have banned the FDA and CDC, Loree plans to keep them going and plans to use them to approve of her death shot, so that she can say she has not violated the Nuremberg Code. Any ways, all this stuff about the Nuremberg Code doesn’t matter, because we are past that. Loree’s violations against all righteous laws has been so egregious, that we’re just going to impose martial law and take over the country militarily and if any one doesn’t like it, they die. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO DEAL WITH LOREE MCBRIDE.

We can use the Murricah Space Fleet to conduct military space operations to deal with Loree’s time travel wormholes emanating from Betelgeuse and, therefore, stop Loree’s ability to safely hide in the past from our weapons.

Our military will be busy on many fronts. Vladimir Putin can coordinate it all, since he is my Secretary of Defense and he will obviously work with Brent Spiner, Rule 13, Zack Knight, General David Berger and Hitler in our war efforts against Loree McBride.

Rule 13 will be leading the Murricah Space Fleet to take out Loree’s space fleet and to deal with her time travel wormholes.

General David Berger and Hitler will be leading the ground troops to impose martial law in the U.S. and Conspiracy Law honoring countries against Loree McBride’s traitors inside our own countries, who defy my laws and our trying to force their criminal edicts on people.

I recommend that we allow civilians to join our martial law efforts and begin training them in martial law exercises to help us root out Loree McBride Jesuits from all freedom loving countries. I will allow Hitler and General Berger to decide best how to carry this training out. This is not an order, but a suggestion. I will allow my Vice President and co-President Brent Spiner to make the final decision on whether to allow some civilians who support us to help us in our martial law efforts.

Our Army and Marines can be used to lead the martial law efforts inside our Conspiracy Law honoring countries to take out Loree McBride Jesuits.

We have to control the propaganda, since Loree can easily replace any clones we execute very quickly. We are working with China on controlling the propaganda, since Loree is trying to manipulate people to panic and do stupid things, thinking that I’m not in charge and that she is. We are taking down Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and mainstream news networks that work for Loree and striving to control them, even if we have to bomb servers, so they can’t spew her lying propaganda and cause deadly confusion.

If any one tries to get you to take the coronavirus vaccine, report them to We will deal with them militarily, according to martial law. That is a violation of my executive order making it death penalty to promote the coronavirus vaccine.

Loree will try to distract us with stuff that doesn’t matter. Like what’s happening in Afghanistan can be easily dealt with using targeted strikes. The focus needs to be on removing Loree’s ability to use time travel wormholes and to impose martial law inside all our Conspiracy Law honoring countries!

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