God the Father is Righteous and CARES

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We are dealing with the aftermath of probably the most important battle in all of earth’s history, resulting in the cancellation of the Bible. I have decided, after careful consideration, that I like God the Father. Jesus has been smoking pot and drinking. He’s really stressed out, but I think my decision that I like his dad will help him.

I’ve decided I like God the Father. I’ve spent all week trying to decide about Him. I’ve created this page to honor Him. You may say, this is pretty audacious of you. Who are you to decide whether you like the almighty God of the Universe? I am not saying I am anybody. But I think I am entitled to have my own feelings. It’s part of free will.

The following is my opinion on what happened in our battle with Satan and his evil deities, where God the Father intervened and actually saved Satan’s life, while correcting His Son Jesus in front of the entire universe:

Here is some music to help us all relax as we deal with the aftermath of the epic battle between Satan and his deities vs. Jesus and his deities. So glad that Brent, I and my supporters were able to save Jesus’s life!
I feel this music captures God the Father pretty well. It’s from the movie The Ten Commandments.
This music also captures God the Father, and Jesus, when He’s in God-mode.

Regarding what to tell Terrance Jenkins, about Jesus’s butt sex with Brent and so forth. . . My opinion is that this was all a performance on Jesus’s part and that deep down underneath Jesus is heterosexual. Jesus is obviously not anti-gay, though.

Jesus hoped that by doing stuff like this, he would distract Satan away from how important I am to him for his happiness as a lover. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. In fact, Jesus’s willingness to do the butt sex probably enraged Satan, cuz Satan felt that Jesus turned him down, but will have gay sex with stupid humans.

Jesus assumed that Satan would never dare try to kill him cuz it would enrage his dad. This is where he was wrong.

Satan observed that Jesus was doing some things Jesus’s dad wouldn’t like, so Satan decided to go for the kill. It’s possible that before Satan did this, he had a talk with Jesus’s dad and complained to him about Jesus’s behavior and noticed the dad didn’t refute him on this. Satan probably also complained about me, too, and said that he didn’t get why he was kicked out of heaven for what he did and that Jesus gets to keep his privileges. This may explain why God the Father insinuated we are going through a type of Job situation when God the Father communicated with me earlier this week, because Job starts off with Satan griping to God about Job saying Job isn’t as hot as God the Father says.

I really believe that deep down underneath, Jesus is kind of monogamous.

The poly-amorous behavior is just a show to distract away from his deeper feelings.

Jesus assumed his dad would stand by him and, therefore, he could risk getting weakened in sex mode to make love to his bride, the church. Why he decided to start this before the rapture though, beats me. I think he may have been a little lovesick.

It does appear that Satan had a personal visit with God the Father before he made his move to take out Jesus.

The results of this visit gave him the courage to decide to kill Jesus.

You have to remember that according to Bible prophecy, Satan would be locked up for the 1000 year reign, so Jesus assumed that him getting weakened in sex mode would not be a big deal for that reason. But why Jesus decided to risk this before the rapture beats me. This was poor judgment on Jesus’s part.

I think the surprise is that Satan did approach God the Father about his complaints and God the Father did not disagree with Satan on some aspects of the complaints.

This may explain why God saved Satan’s life when Jesus tried to kill Satan.

God, with his perfect foreknowledge, knew Jesus would survive Satan’s attack on his life and he is apparently using this to teach his Son and all of us some valuable lessons.

God playing dumb when He showed up and saying, “What the hell is going on?” was just a performance. I’ve noticed both Jesus and his dad can put on some pretty good performances.

Like Jesus’s sex parties were all a performance to distract Satan away from what Jesus really cared about.

Not exactly sure what lessons God the Father wants to teach his Son and us, but I guess we’ll find out.

I do not believe Jesus is gay, though. I think that was just a PERFORMANCE on Jesus’s part to distract Satan, which did not work, by the way.

I do believe that God the Father is righteous in all He does. Now that I realize he is a big performer, I have come to the decision that he is righteous. We will learn later what lessons we needed to learn from our trial of Job.

I also believe God deeply loves Jesus and that he planned all this far in advance, that he never really approved of Jesus having his bride as the church (i.e., making love to a whole mass of humans), but waited till this time to let Jesus know.

I do not think he will be reinstating the Bible.

I think God the Father is aware that Jesus suffers from some “mental health” issues and is using this to help heal his Son. It’s a form of mental health therapy on his Son.

I will admit, the fact that God knew Satan would try to kill his Son and allowed it, makes him seem unrighteous. But he knew his Son would survive and that from this experience, he could teach us all some valuable lessons. He is exercising tough love.

I am telling you what I think is going on, not saying I approve of what Satan did. I’m still furious at him.

My Jonah reaction (because God said I was reacting like Jonah) is that I wanted Satan dead and still do. But God knows things about Satan that I don’t.

I am getting some distance away from the trauma of what Jesus went through and so my objectivity is returning.

Another thing, I don’t think God approves of Satan trying to kill His son, either and that Satan will be punished for this. God is delaying the punishment because He wanted to deal with His Son first.

Another thing. . . the reason he publicly shamed Jesus is cuz he wanted to make it clear that he is a moral God and will not tolerate sin, especially in his Son. If the correction was private, Satan could rightly say that God secretly approved of Jesus’s sins.

Personal opinion. . .I’m not sure if I’d call them sins, but I guess they were. It appears Jesus’s flaws (which can happen to deities when they get in sex mode with humans) turned into sins. Flaws are not sins, but flaws left uncorrected can turn into sins. I’ll admit, I have a weak spot for those who are lovesick, since I stand for true love, so that may be why I felt God was too harsh with Jesus. Also, with me having had sex with Jesus, it’s kind of hard to remain objective about him in this sin, since I was a participant.

The good news is, that I believe that once we make the corrections God the Father wants, that God the Father will next move onto Satan and his cronies and deal with them.

I just wasn’t familiar with God the Father, not having dealt with him much, except we saw Him briefly with the GA1L Android situation. He and Jesus have a lot in common, but he’s more experienced. They are both big performers though and speak in parables a lot when they get in correction mode. This can make it confusing. If we can remember that both of these deities like to put on performances (I mean look at Moses and the Ten Commandments), it will help us understand them better.

God the Father seems to have a flair for the dramatic, though, and Jesus is more of a comedian.

I’m a little less nervous about dealing with God the Father now that I’m starting to figure him out, but he’s still intimidating. LOL

I hope this isn’t irreverent, but in some ways, he CRACKS ME UP. His flair for the dramatic is kind of funny.

I mean him burning the Bible in the book of Job and highlighting the words “unromantic” and “dumb” is funny because it’s like extreme melodrama. (This was God the Father’s response to a post I made at this website, which I took down, where I accused him of being unromantic and dumb in the way he handles Jesus. I was actually shocked that God the Father reacted to my post and spoke to me through my men via Skype. Jesus told me that this meant I failed the Job test.)

That’s why I cracked up laughing at how he let me know I failed the Job test.

BUT, it’s also intimidating cuz I think he forgets that when he does stuff like this, he reminds me of my mother. (My mother is a narcissist and always criticized me growing up, so that I developed a severe inferiority complex feeling nothing I did was right.) But then can he forget anything?

As a funny aside. . . I think both Jesus and God could easily win Oscars at any Academy Awards for acting!!

Their performances are VERY CONVINCING. They do this to accomplish objectives.

Apparently, God the Father is the better actor though, cuz it looks like he even fooled Jesus for a while there, which is why Jesus has been smoking pot like crazy and drinking.

Don’t worry, Jesus. Your Father loves you. He just put on a GOOD SHOW.

He’s not done yet. Satan isn’t going to get away with this.

The reason I questioned God the Father’s righteousness is because I didn’t realize what a good performer he is and I thought he DIDN’T CARE. It’s actually THE OPPOSITE. He CARES A LOT, so much, that he can wait years and years before he carries out something he cares about.

I don’t think he EVER approved of the idea of Jesus having a human bride in any form, but he knew he had to let these turn of events happen before he could get his Son to see the light.

NOTE: God the Father has cancelled the Bible. This means there will be no future millennial reign for Jesus and all the prophecies not yet fulfilled will not happen. The Bible is to be viewed purely as a history book from which we can learn lessons, but we can’t get private meanings from Bible readings or believe that any prophecies (not yet fulfilled will be fulfilled). The Gail Commandments appear to be the new Bible for now. Jesus’s death on the cross still applies, because when Jesus did this, he was sinless, so we are saved by Jesus’s death on the cross that made the payment for our sins, but all future prophecies are cancelled.

So we thought God the Father canceling the Bible was a decision he made on the spot. Actually, I think he knew he’d do this ALL ALONG. When you see it this way, you realize he is a righteous God who cares very deeply about all of us.

So how does God the Father plan to solve the problem of Jesus’s loneliness? I don’t know. But I’m sure He has a plan.

And I know HE CARES.

Another thing. . . I think Jesus is in love with me. And he’s not sure how to deal with his feelings.

I think we all need to relax and just do what God the Father wants us to do. And he has a plan.

Now that I know God is righteous. I’m not too worried.

I do know that Brent Spiner will always be my number one man.

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