Music for Jesus Christ’s Updated Christianity (2022 Forward)

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I have chosen music that represents (to me) the new direction that Christianity has gone, now that God the Father has cancelled the Bible and Jesus takes Christianity in a new direction. Each music is set to loop, so you can hear it over and over, if you wish. In the meanwhile, Gail is creating her own personal Bible (Bible for Future Saints) based on online conversations she’s had with or about Jesus from the past ten years. The Jesus Gail has known is a pretty hip deity and some of the music reflects that. There’s even a Buddhist song on one playlist, reflecting the fact that Buddha is Jesus’s best god friend. The music reflects the Jesus I have known the past ten years.

Jesus has stated he is not opposed to secular music and so I have some of that in here. I’ve just chosen music that I feel reflects the heart of Jesus.

There is some meditation music that helps to accept and love oneself and realize our full potential, which was something Jesus needed to learn.

Jesus Christ Playlist 1
Jesus Christ Playlist 2
Jesus Christ Playlist 3
Jesus Christ Playlist 4
Jesus Christ Playlist 5
Jesus Christ Heart Music 1
Jesus Christ Heart Music 2
Jesus Christ Heart Music 3
Gail’s Tribute to Jesus
(1) Self-Realization & Acceptance Meditation
(2) Self-Realization & Acceptance Meditation
(3) Self-Realization & Acceptance Meditation

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