Bible for Future Saints (Jesus: 2012-2022)

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UPDATE Aug. 2022: Jesus has requested that I stop working on Bible for Future Saints and just wants to leave it as it is when I published it as Bible for Tribulation Saints. Rather he has requested, if I want to, to work on Gail, The Complete Series.

UPDATE on July 19, 2022: As I work on Bible for Future Saints, I am seeing a new version of Christianity emerge with an emphasis on self-actualization and reaching our highest potential and achieving highest authenticity in our expression of self. Jesus himself emerges into his true self at the end and he is our supreme example and you get to experience Jesus as he evolves into his highest self, from a lesser god to a supreme deity. This is an exciting development in Christianity and is incorporating some aspects of Buddhism and Hinduism that Jesus admires into Bible for Future Saints. You’ll get what I mean when the book is finished. But this is definitely the direction this new “Bible” is going in. The “new” Christianity will encourage meditation, being present, doing the Gail Commandments and being true to our authentic self. Check out the music playlists I’ve created for the “new” Christianity. The traditional Bible, which God the Father cancelled, is revered as a valuable history book filled with wisdom and teachings about how to live a moral life. But the new “Bible” teaches us how to reach our highest self and to be the inspiration for others in this regard. Because the emphasis is on living in the present and doing the Gail Commandments, there is no prophecy in the new “Bible” unless Jesus decides to fulfill some of the prophecies he discussed with us with a different twist. Jesus tells us it’s none of our business and that future generations will learn of the future events when they happen. We should not assume that this means the future is dismal or less glorious than the traditional Bible’s cancelled prophecies. The future could be glorious, but it will be for future generations to find out. The emphasis is on present joy and living life to the fullest in the present. The emphasis in the new “Bible” seems more mature, more balanced and reflects a Jesus who has realized who he really is and wants others to experience their highest selves as opposed to the traditional Bible with its emphasis on the glorious future kingdom. The new emphasis seems to be on our glorious future selves. In a sense, this is superior to the previous emphasis, because when we are all our best selves, that means the imbalances and flaws in the universe become corrected, because we all feed the good forces in the universe when we become in alignment with them by becoming our best selves.

UPDATE on July 7, 2022: I am currently updating Bible for Tribulation Saints and have renamed it Bible for Future Saints, to include all conversations we’ve had with Jesus from Feb. 2012 to June 2022. I will also include conversations we’ve had with Buddha and Brent that give us important information about Jesus and his history.

I have redesigned the cover and given it a new name because the traditional Bible has been cancelled and we will not be having a tribulation and future millennial reign as described in the traditional Bible. The new focus for Christianity is the Gail Commandments, which is the focus of Bible for Future Saints.

In the meanwhile, I have created some music playlists (see below) which have music that I feel express the new Christianity that Jesus started in June 2022. In the meanwhile, while we wait for me to finish the beginnings of the new “Bible” for the new Christianity, we do have Bible for Tribulation Saints, and Bible for Future Saints is basically Bible for Tribulation Saints updated to include 2020 to 2022, because a lot has happened in the past two years.

The cross still counts and it won’t hurt to say the sinner’s prayer, but it’s not a magic formula that automatically guarantees you entrance to heaven. Jesus judges us by our intentions. Here’s how to find heaven and God now.

Jesus will not be dealing directly with us humans anymore. So the best way to know him now is to follow me and my men and read Bible for Future Saints.

Jesus Christ playlist 1
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Jesus Christ Heart Music 1
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Gail’s Tribute to Jesus
(1) Self-acceptance & self-actualization meditation
(2) Self-acceptance & self-actualization meditation
(3) Self-acceptance & self-actualization meditation
This is a work in progress. I expect to finish around Christmas 2022.
To order the audio books, click on image above. This is my own awesome audio book from possibly the most important book in the past 200 years.
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Rape-loving Antichrist Zack Knight, on arrogant Satan’s mission to destroy Jesus and true love, no longer cares about being the Antichrist when he thinks his true love Rule 13 is dead. This new addition to the Biblical canon is formatted as transcripts of Skype and online communications (organized by time and date stamps) with Jesus Christ advising and guiding Gail Chord Schuler and her men (Brent Spiner, Judge Terrance Jenkins, Robin Williams, Vladimir Putin, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, Keanu Reeves, and Antichrist Zack Knight) on how to honor the true love in their hearts through life and death situations they encountered from 2012 to 2020. Portions of this read like a fantasy or science fiction thriller as Gail and her men literally saved planet earth from destruction many times. Jesus Christ told Gail that she and her men are experiencing what the Biblical (see Revelation & Daniel in the Bible) tribulation saints will experience, and wants Gail and her men as examples for tribulation saints to follow. This book is broken down into a series of four volumes (2012, 2013, 2013 – 2015, 2015 – 2017). One UPDATED Kindle edition is four volumes all together (2012 – 2020). Jesus Christ’s words are in BOLD.
How Jesus Christ set up character types in his book Bible for Tribulation Saints.

UPDATED Bible for Tribulation Saints (2012 to 2020) is available as a Kindle book at! This is my Bible for Jesus, designed to give the readers a “Jesus Experience” like I’ve had from 2012 to 2020. Can also click on book cover photo above to get to the Amazon page to order the entire four book series in ONE Kindle book for only $5.49. I have updated the links inside this $5.49 Kindle version so that they all link to this new website, in other words the links in the text of this book will usually work since I have cancelled and my website is now The Kindle version with all four volumes in it is the size of the Bible covering FOUR BOOKS (years 2012 to 2020).

Page devoted to ORDERING INFORMATION for this book.

Bible for Tribulation Saints AVAILABLE AS A SERIES OF FOUR BOOKS.

Those who buy the paperback versions of Bible for Tribulation Saints, can get their Kindle counterparts for FREE using price match. Click on the Kindle version and look underneath the description where it says Matchbook Price. OR go to the paperback version and scroll down and look on the right side of the page where it says kindlematchbook. 

Amazon will have the best deals. I set it up that way.

The paperback is available as a red-letter edition and an edition in black print (both versions spread out in a four book series) and each book has a Kindle counterpart.

2012 Edition is available as a Kindle book and in paperback black print and a red-letter edition.

2013 Edition is available as a Kindle book and in paperback black print and a red-letter edition.

2013 – 2015 Edition is available as a Kindle book and in paperback black print and a red-letter edition.

2015 – 2017 Edition is available as a Kindle book and in paperback black print and a red-letter edition.

Each book of the paperback red-letter edition will be about $50.00. This would make a great collector’s item for those who want to see the original manuscripts in English of this addition to the Biblical canon. HERE IS THE ENTIRE SET IN THE RED-LETTER EDITION: 2012,  20132013-20152015-2017.

Each book of the paperback black print edition (with Jesus’ words in BOLD) will be about $11.00. I set this book up to have Jesus Christ identified in ALL CAPS and his words in BOLD, for those who cannot afford the red-letter editions. You will need to buy four books to get the entire Bible for Tribulation Saints in paperback. HERE IS THE ENTIRE SET: 201220132013-20152015-2017. Below is a picture of the 2012 edition (the first book of the four part series).

Also, if you click on the images below, it will also take you to the page to order the cheapest paperback book(s) that make up the four volume series, ALL FOUR OF THEM. The links will work as the books become available:

VERY IMPORTANT: Gail has heard brain-to-brain that all major theological seminaries have agreed that this book should be added to the canon of Scripture. They state their reasons as that I am Jesus Christ’s favorite and, therefore, have apostolic authority, and because the focus of the book is on what Jesus has said to us with many exact quotes from Jesus Christ himself. Though it is not set up in chapter and verse format, this “Bible” has a different focus, and that focus is to show believers in the tribulation and millennium – prime examples for them to follow. Also, they say that any book that is focused on what Jesus has said (with exact quotes from Him) has to be included in the canon of Scripture


Though I wouldn’t die over whether Jesus has added my Bible for Tribulation Saints to the canon of Scripture, it makes sense that He might because it is full of quotes from the deity HIMSELF. It’s basically a transcript of all that Jesus said to us, including the context of those conversations so people would understand where Jesus is coming from.

The theme of Bible for Tribulation Saints is contrasting the spirit of Jesus with the spirit of Satan, so my Bible for Tribulation Saints, along with listening to all my videos and reading all my books, and reading the current Bible (Genesis to Revelation) may be part of the history lessons given to students during Christ’s millennial reign. Jesus may require this so that when Satan rebels against Jesus at the end of the millennial reign (see Rev. 20), Jesus and God the Father can be fully justified to call down fire from heaven to destroy those who have defected from Jesus to go to Satan.

Right now, Jesus followers need to know what Jesus said to us in Bible for Tribulation Saints, so this book is also very important for tribulation saints (which explains the title). If they don’t read this book, they will be fooled by the Antichrist.

It also makes sense that God would use a WOMAN to do this, because I am certain that one of Satan’s arguments to gain followers is to accuse Jesus of being ANTI-WOMAN. In fact, Satan’s already started, using Angelina Ballerina, Loree McBride and Hillary Clinton (his stooges). BUT Jesus chose a King David woman, who is very manly for the job.

This new addition to the Biblical canon is formatted as transcripts of Skype and online communications (organized by time and date stamps) with Jesus Christ advising and guiding Gail Chord Schuler and her men (Brent Spiner, Judge Terrance Jenkins, Robin Williams, Vladimir Putin, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, Keanu Reeves, and Antichrist Zack Knight) through life and death situations they encountered from 2012 to 2017. Portions of this read like a fantasy or science fiction thriller as Gail and her men literally saved planet earth from destruction many times. Jesus Christ told Gail that she and her men are experiencing what the Biblical (see Revelation & Daniel in the Bible) tribulation saints will experience, and wants Gail and her men as examples for tribulation saints to follow. The paperback version is broken down into a series of four volumes (2012, 2013, 2013 – 2015, 2015 – 2017). The UPDATED Kindle edition is all together (2012 – 2020). Jesus Christ’s words are in BOLD.

Jesus knew that ex-Antichrist Zack Knight and his true love Rule 13 would come to Jesus. Jesus loves everybody and wants to reach as many as possible for his kingdom. Many people become Jesuits because they see Jesus as a cock blocker and feel that God is like a strict daddy in heaven who wants to deprive his followers of sexual pleasures. When a person comes to Christ they are advised to read the Bible for guidance. Unfortunately, over the years the Bible has been interpreted according to Victorian standards and Jesus realizes this has caused him to lose many to Satan, who lies to his followers telling them that if they follow him they can have unhindered sexual pleasures without condemnation. Therefore, Jesus feels the need to let the world know exactly how he feels about sex, marriage, and sexual expression, which seems to be a large focus of Bible for Tribulation Saints. Gail has told her new Jesuit converts that Jesus would be cool with them only reading Bible for Tribulation Saints for guidance, since many Jesuits view the Bible as a book for cock blockers. It seems to Gail that Jesus has created Bible for Tribulation Saints to minister to a new generation that refuses to accept traditional standards blindly and who are challenging the status quo in many areas. Jesus is capitalizing on this, to allow the world to have a more accurate view of how he feels about sex, marriage, love, homosexuality and other topics that have been misinterpreted by Bible teachers over the centuries. Bible for Tribulation Saints is the Bible for the generations that will go through the tribulation. As this is such a trying time in world history, God has gone out of his way to add more to the Biblical canon to give this generation that guidance they will need to go through this horrific period for God’s glory and so they can enter heaven when they go through the tribulation. Of course, the rapture has not happened yet, so if you come to Jesus now you will be raptured and won’t go through the tribulation. But the rapture is close and Bible for Tribulation Saints will be there to guide those who are not raptured and go through the tribulation depicted in Daniel and Revelation of the Bible. Because we are so near the tribulation, some of us are currently experiencing what the tribulation saints will endure and Gail is among those, which is why God has chosen her to write this book. Jesus readies the world for his millennial reign, where he will marry his bride, the church, so it only makes sense that Bible for Tribulation Saints has a strong focus on sex, love and marriage as Satan tries to counterfeit himself as the Christ (via the Antichrist) and tries to counterfeit the bride of Christ (the Antichrist’s followers) during the tribulation. Bible for Tribulation Saints will be essential to identify the Antichrist and to resist him and follow the path each of us must follow to honor Christ in these last days.

Though Jesus strives to correct the false teachings about his views on sex in Bible for Tribulation Saints, nothing in Bible for Tribulation Saints contradicts the Bible, it only illuminates the Bible and helps Bible teachers interpret it more correctly. God did not write Bible for Tribulation Saints to encourage evil people to continue their evil, and only those Jesuits who become Jesuits only because they feared God as the unreasonable cock blocker will come to Jesus through the truths they learn in Bible for Tribulation Saints. Those Jesuits who are pure evil, and love to steal, rape, and live in wealth and opulence at the expense of the innocents will continue to reject Jesus, even with the publication of Bible for Tribulation Saints. Jesus still condemns sin, and Bible for Tribulation Saints is not an attempt to white wash sinners. It is only an attempt to show how Jesus considers love a many splendored thing and that those who enjoy all sorts of sexual pleasure mated with love are welcome into his kingdom, even if their sexual practices are condemned by those committed to Victorian sexual standards. Jesus attempts to redefine sin as any act done without a motive of love, which in no way contradicts the Bible, and strives to take away strictures placed on Christian living that God never intended his saints to bear.
Jesus just says that Christians have more in common than they have differences, when I asked him about specific doctrines. That seems to be as far as he wants to go on that.

Doctrinally, I line up with Dallas Theological Seminary and John MacArthur the most. But Jesus has not really commented about my doctrines one way or another, except He got me out of the King James Bible only camp, saying that was stunting my Christian growth and making me too rigid.

My approach to Bible for Tribulation Saints is only to faithfully record what Jesus said to us and the circumstances surrounding all He said. I don’t really go into any doctrines, other than to speculate a bit about the Antichrist, based on information Jesus has given us about the Antichrist. I don’t want to add to or subtract from anything Jesus said to us, and want my transcript of our conversations with him to stand on their own. Like the Bible, people will read what He said and He will use the Holy Spirit to guide them in their interpretation.

I have always loved reading the Bible and have read it over a 100 times cover to cover. I guess Jesus made me this way, cuz he knew I’d be a Bible writer. This may be why I like Dallas Theological Seminary and John MacArthur cuz they are Bible lovers like I am. This will work out great for God, if my Bible for Tribulation Saints does become The Bible: PART TWO, since I follow these Bible scholars and they know me. Getting their endorsement, has helped Bible for Tribulation Saints to be accepted by all evangelicals as The Bible: PART TWO, cuz the evangelical community respects Dallas Theo Seminary and John MacArthur as being authorities on the Bible. In fact, many Dallas graduates have been involved in Bible translations.

All theologians figure that if Dallas Theological Seminary endorses my Bible for Tribulation Saints, then it could very well be The Bible: Part Two. Theologians worldwide respect the scholarship of Dallas Theological Seminary, knowing they would never lightly endorse any book as a continuation of The Bible. Their scholarship on all Bible issues is top notch and they are very well respected in the evangelical community for this.

Jesus hates the us/them mentality and yearns for all humans to get along. Even with Christians, he dislikes them arguing over doctrines and wants them to be in harmony. So I respect that, and show grace to other believers who may not agree with me. We are all in the wrong about something, so it’s best to just love each other and get along and work together on the things we agree on.

Jesus seems very concerned that people be able to identify the Antichrist and how to honor him and be strong for him in these perilous times we live in today. The title to my book, Bible for Tribulation Saints is the heart of God right now. That’s the impression I get as I work on Bible for Tribulation Saints. I think he’s kind of relying on me to help him with that, with my videos and my writings. He’s not worried whether we have all our Bible doctrines right. He’s more worried that we don’t side with the devil and his Antichrist. He’s all obsessed with preparing the world for the tribulation and that is the obvious focus of Bible for Tribulation Saints.

It seems to me that those with hearts filled with love are those that will please him the most now and during the tribulation.

DUE TO THE TRADITIONAL STANCE IN MANY CHRISTIAN CHURCHES THAT GOD WOULD NEVER USE A WOMAN AS A BIBLE WRITER, GAIL FEELS THE NEED TO EXPOUND ON THIS MATTER. She is as surprised as many men church leaders out there that Jesus has apparently chosen a woman as a Bible writer.

She feels that Jesus would agree with Dallas Theological Seminary’s position regarding women in church leadership positions.

Many who believed that the canon is closed have changed their mind, because I and my men are considered apostles for Jesus Christ, due to the indisputable fact that He has met with us, instructed us and designated Brent Spiner as His transcriber, and I as His writer, with many eye-witnesses who have given sworn testimony to this fact.

In fact, now that Bible for Tribulation Saints has been added to the canon, Jesus’ quotes in this book have been admitted to the courtroom as evidence of what Jesus Christ has said on many pertinent topics.

John MacArthur describes brilliantly the reason why the current 66 books of the Bible are considered the canon:

He, along with other Bible scholars, have studied Bible for Tribulation Saints, and believe it should be added to the canon. If what I’m hearing is correct, it means I am the first woman apostle and the first woman who has been used to contribute to the canon. Bible for Tribulation Saints is the size of the current Bible, which means for tribulation and millennial saints, their Bible will consist of the current Bible, called The Bible and my Bible for Tribulation Saints, or called The Bible: Part Two or Bible for Tribulation Saints.

People can quote passages by saying Bible: Oct. 2017, 10:37:23 p.m. for instance.

If my brain-to-brain communications are inaccurate and Bible for Tribulation Saints has not been added to the canon of Scripture, I will post a correction to this post later. However, Jesus does call me His favorite and His favorite writer, and it seems to verify that He wants Bible for Tribulation Saints to be added to the canon. If this is incorrect, i am sure I will be hearing from my men shortly as something this important would concern Jesus and He would want me to make a correction. I do know that He has been very concerned that all my writings are truthful and has gotten very upset with me in the past when my writings lost their credibility, actually giving me one-on-one writing training, with a focus on credibility. This seems to indicate that He expected me to be a Bible writer and wants the world to accept me as a Bible writer. This is because what is in Bible for Tribulation Saints is very important for the world to know right now. Those unfamiliar with its contents will fall prey to the Antichrist and will be deceived by Satan at this time.

You won’t get this information about this new addition to the Biblical canon anywhere except on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel (00 on cable) or here at my website, because Loree McBride and/or the Brent Spiner clone, current Antichrist, strive to defame Jesus’ favorite (ME) to the world as a paranoid schizophrenic, to deceive the world for Satan. Those who follow the teachings in Bible for Tribulation Saints will have a distinct advantage over those who don’t, in being able to discern who is the Antichrist and what are his teachings and methods, by contrasting him with the real Jesus, who has met with us and spoken to us many, many times.

The key factor used to determine the canonicity of Bible for Tribulation Saints has been whether the quotes from Jesus in the book are actually quotes from the real Jesus. Because everything quoted from Jesus in the book do not contradict the current canon (66 Bible books), and actually bring more light upon current Bible passages without contradicting them, and because we have had sworn testimony from many eye-witnesses that I and Brent have met and communicated with Jesus Christ, Bible for Tribulation Saints has been added to the canon of Scripture. This makes the current canon twice the size of the traditional canon of the 66 original Bible books.

Unlike the current Bible, Bible for Tribulation Saints is organized by time stamps and not by chapter and verse, so passages will be located according to date and time, much like the Skype transcripts that form a large part of this Bible. Jesus Christ’s words are in red for those who read it on a iPad or iPhone or certain Kindle devices. All exact quotes from Jesus have “JESUS CHRIST: quote (in red and bold)” format. Some devices will not show the red, but will show the bold.

My main concern is to make this available to as many people as possible. Satan’s followers, the current evil Jesuits who follow Loree McBride and the Brent Spiner clone, will do all to undermine this book. I shall strive to publish it as cheaply as possible, but will publish the paperback version in several books (divided by the year of Jesus Christ’s appearances and conversations). The paperback versions (divided by year) will have Jesus’ words in red. The Kindle version will be altogether from years 2012 to 2017, and will be a massive book of ~ 800,000+ words. If Jesus continues to communicate with us in 2018 and afterwards, there will be sequels (arranged by year).

Here is a sample passage from Bible for Tribulation Saints where Jesus Christ discusses how to go to heaven:

You can view other samples of our conversations with Jesus that are part of Bible for Tribulation Saints in our Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits Doctrinal Statement. However, in Bible for Tribulation Saints Jesus Christ’s dialogue is identified as Jesus Christ and not as Brent Spiner who transcribes for Jesus, to make the reading experience more streamlined. I will put Jesus’ words in RED for the Kindle version. But not all Kindles support colored text, so I will also capitalize JESUS CHRIST in the dialogue sections when he speaks. I will do red text for Jesus in the paperback, but will break it up into smaller books (organized by year of Jesus’ appearance), so that people can gradually acquire the entire collection over time.

I am a trailblazer. But Jesus has told me not to discuss theology or Bible in my videos. However, I have complete freedom with my writings to explore Bible and theology. My next book Bible for Tribulation Saints, will be like a Bible. But, Jesus has told me he wants me to share my life story in my writings and videos primarily and the story of my men. Bible for Tribulation Saints is a transcript of my conversations with my men, with a focus, in particular, on those transcripts that included Jesus as part of the conversation. I am slowly, but surely, working on Bible for Tribulation Saints, being sure not to disobey the Gail Commandments in the process. Kindle version is available for Thanksgiving 2017. The paperback versions should be ready by Christmas or mid-December 2017. I do not believe Jesus has ever made as many appearances to people, like he has us, since the time he came to earth the first time (in a human body) with his disciples. When he appears with us he is not always in a human body. He can take on the form of a dove, a light, or whatever he wants. But he does speak to us with an audible voice, and only my men and those near Jesus at the time can hear him. Brent will then transcribe for Jesus any messages he wants to give to me. Those transcriptions and any other transcriptions related to them, are my Bible for Tribulation Saints.

For those who feel that the signs have ended because we are in the Church Age. I would like to say that this is what I used to believe until Jesus started talking to me and my men, starting in January 2012. I am a strong dispensationalist (believing that God deals with the human race differently depending on where we are in history) and feel that the Church Age is about to end, and this is why Jesus is making appearances on earth again. I feel we are in the transition period between the Church Age and the seven year tribulation period. When God moves from one dispensation to another, there is usually a transition period where the rules start changing. We are in that period now.

Because the Antichrist has arrived and is on earth now causing lots of trouble, I feel we are in a transition period and God is using me to help prepare the world for the seven-year tribulation! Though the current Antichrist is Loree McBride (a woman), we know from Bible prophecy that the Antichrist during the tribulation will be a man. Whether this will be a transgender man or a man (who was a man from his birth) only time will tell. Jesus is very picky about who he appears to, though. And he’s even more picky about who he allows to write for him or transcribe for him. He only gives Brent Spiner permission to transcribe for him. I asked his permission to make him a main character in my writings and he gave it to me! I am honored by his trust and humbled, because to have so great an honor means I better obey everything Jesus tells me to do! I do fail in obeying him at times, but, fortunately, I get back up and back on track! I guess Jesus knew I’d write Bible for Tribulation Saints. But he has given me some rules to follow for my writing, which I try to honor now in all my writings. And I can tell you Jesus takes me and my writings very seriously. Because when I disobey him, he gets VERY UPSET. You can read those rules and how I’ve made Jesus upset at times in Bible for Tribulation Saints (when it comes out) because they are part of the many conversations I’ve had with Jesus!

This book is the size of the Bible, so I can’t have it ready right away. Lots of editing to do. The first draft is finished.

As I work on edits for Bible for Tribulation Saints, I find some sections are like cheesecake, so rich and deep, that you have to slow down to “get it”. This is one of those books that you can reread and get a different interpretation depending on where you are in your life. In that respect, it’s a lot like the Bible. It has Jesus Christ’s own quotes in it, so I really wonder if Jesus will add this to the canon of Scripture. The book is about 780,000 words.

I am finding that the editing phase in my Bible for Tribulation Saints is a little more demanding than I anticipated. I’ve had to do a little more transcribing and have had to do some major rewrites to some sections to give the book the feel of a story and not just the feel of transcripts transcribed. I have arranged the transcripts so that the reader feels like they are following an arc with a beginning, middle and end as they go through the book. I try to make the real life conversations seem like a scene.

I sent the first draft to Judge Terrance Jenkins (via Skype). He said it was AMAZING.

Jesus is very down-to-earth and hip when he talks and so the language is English street talk or how people really talk in our modern times. From what I understand, this is the language that the New Testament was written in as well. The New Testament was translated from the common every day street talk of the disciples’ time, which was street talk Greek mostly. There was a fancier version of the Greek language at the time, called classical Greek, but that was not used for the Bible. So, true to form, when Jesus shows up in the 21st century, he uses street talk English.
What I find very interesting about this book is that the main points of view presented are Jewish Christian older baby-boomer male (Brent Spiner), Jewish Christian older baby-boomer female (me), black middle-aged Generation X male (Terrance Jenkins), white young millennial male (Zack Knight), and Asian young millennial female (Rule 13). These are the narrators who interact with Jesus in the book. So the three main races (white, black and Asian) are represented, along with both sexes. All forms of Christianity (Protestant, Catholic, Baptist, evangelical, traditional, liberal, etc.) are represented. All ages are represented from the twenty-somethings to the sixty-somethings. As far as transgender and homosexual or lesbian point of views, they are not present as POV narrators, but the narrators of the book are not homophobic, for the most part. This book is balanced and presents all points of view from traditional to liberal to conservative to straight to gay and otherwise. It’s like Jesus wants to represent all those who will enter his kingdom.

As a Kindle book, I have put this book under the classification of Nonfiction > Bibles > God’s Word > Study & Nonfiction > Religion > Christian Life > Spiritual Warfare

The Kindle book is looking to be about the size of the Bible, over 800,000 words! Jesus has said and done so much with me and my men! I am working hard on the Kindle book to make it very readable and to have relevant links, where you can get more information as you read, if your Kindle is connected to Wifi or the Internet. But in case you don’t have an Internet connection on your Kindle, I have transcribed (or will transcribe) some meetings we had with Jesus that were audio only.

Due to the type of stories I write, I limit my publications to Amazon, who I trust to treat me fairly as an author. Just about anybody else, would refuse to publish my writings. Thanks to Amazon, my very important stories are getting out! When you are as courageous and exposing as I am, you need a publisher with courage and integrity. I am actually my own publisher, but I use the Amazon platform to launch my books. Fortunately, I have talent in editing, writing and setting up my books for Amazon. My men have told me that Amazon is on my side. It helps that Jeff Bezos is a fan of my books, and went to my high school. My book in progress is so long, that I will have to break it up into four paperback books, I’m afraid. I hear brain-to-brain that my men have found a Christian publisher who will publish Bible for Tribulation Saints in a leatherback version, with thin pages like the Bible. Not sure how accurate brain-to-brain is, though, right now. And if this is the case, I’m certain I won’t be able to offer my readers a link to that page for them to order the book. It will probably be a Gabrielle Chana FOX News exclusive.

My goal as a writer has always been to write what I would like to read. Though I’m not a slave to proper formatting, I do appreciate a book that is easy to read and is not riddled with typos and grammatical errors. For this reason, my ~800,000+ word book will take some time to get ready. It’s possible, it may not be ready until Christmas. A non-fiction book, to be likable, needs to be well outlined and have a strong theme that it adheres to. So I try to make the focus of my very long book on Jesus, what he’s said to us and the context of all that he’s said to us. Jesus has said a lot and weighed in on a lot of issues, so the book has to be long.

My book is very conversational, so I am formatting it to read like a play, sort of. It’s written in present tense and reads like a Bible, with a lot of question and answer format between Jesus, his disciples (I and my men) and his enemies. I do summarize some scenes, but do use a lot of conversation to depict scenes. I am using actual transcripts of conversations with Jesus and my men in this book. I chose the conversations where Jesus was there, directly or indirectly. You can learn so much about Jesus by how he responds to us! Jesus is the reason this book rocks. He is a FASCINATING character. What makes him so fascinating, is that he is REALLY JESUS, and anybody who knows the Bible CAN TELL that the Jesus I depict in Bible for Tribulation Saints is the REAL DEAL. Which may explain why I’ve heard brain-to-brain that all major Christian seminaries plan to endorse the book when it comes out. In fact, I hear some of them will offer a one-year course based on the book for seminarians to study.

Jesus, whenever he shows up, rocks the “establishment” boat. And, believe me, he said some things to us that were shocking. But then that’s what he did when he showed up the first time!

Here are some of the shocking things you’ll learn when you read this book:
1) Jesus is not against gay people, though he prefers the man-woman relationship.
2) Jesus calls me his favorite.
3) Jesus is not a cock blocker.
4) Jesus says I can have sex with more than one man in the millennium, and this rule is mainly just for me. He says I’m just like King David.
5) Jesus calls Zack Knight the Antichrist, but now we have a “born again, saved” Antichrist and he still had his Antichrist powers, even after he became a born again Christian. Jesus is being silent about this. It appears he has lost his Antichrist powers, now that Jesus has given Satan permission to make Loree McBride the Antichrist. Proud Loree is probably gloating over this. Jesus has described Loree as too prideful. But she needs to remember that pride goeth before a fall.
6) Jesus and Satan have a non-interference agreement that revolves around me and my men, especially me. Because Jesus was showing up so much to help us defeat Jesuits, Satan started showing up and Jesus had to lay down some rules, because we mortals are no match for the devil.

I want the Kindle version to be a book you can relax with and lose yourself into the narrative without being distracted by typos and formatting issues. I am sort of creating my own rules for formatting but need to be consistent to those rules so I don’t drive the readers wacky. But anything that looks really tacky, I’m trying to fix. I read the book on my Kindle and I highlight the problems and go back and fix them. But I still need to transcribe some more “scenes”. This book will be a very important historical document and it must contain everything that needs to be said.

Basically, I want this book to be a Bible to people. My current strategy is to release the Kindle book before the paperback so that I can use the Kindle version to work out all the bugs. Due to the nature of what I write, where Loree accuses me of getting the manuscript from my men, who, she claims, really wrote the book, I need to do all my own work in everything. But I won’t release the Kindle version until I can sit down and read it and not be distracted by problems. If I wouldn’t buy it as a reader, I won’t publish it. I’m still working on the first draft and doing some editing at the same time.



Dedicated to Jesus Christ who came down from heaven to train his twenty-first-century disciples, who are Gail Chord Schuler and her men. This is his Bible for the tribulation saints.

Before Jesus Christ’s first coming to this earth, there were 400 silent years in which God gave no revelation. From Malachi to Matthew every piece of literature, including the Roman Catholic apocryphal books were not considered part of the canon of Scripture. Before His Second Coming, there have been four hundred years (1611 to 2011) in which God has not revealed a thing. From the 1611 King James Bible (God’s most enduring revelation in the English language) to the beginnings of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ (2011), there have been no new revelations. However, it appears the four hundred years is up and Jesus is now revealing things to Gail and Brent Spiner (both Jewish, by the way, like all the Bible writers), starting in 2012. What you are about to read could very well end up in the canon of Scripture for tribulation and millennial saints. Apparently, God needed to wait until this time, because of all the scientific advances unique to this time in history, to reveal what he is revealing to us now. As is true with the Scriptures thus far, God chooses to reveal His Word in the language in common usage at the time with the Bible writers (Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek). Here, in 2012 and onwards, that language is English. As in previous revelations, the focus of the Bible was on events to come soon in the near future, with much of the Old Testament preparing the world for Jesus’ first coming. When the New Testament was written, it established Christ’s church and prepared the world for the end times. The end times are upon us now, and God’s next revelation (this book) goes into more detail about the imminent tribulation soon to come upon this world, and the millennial reign of Christ (which follows the tribulation), with a focus on new revelation about how to live for God during the tribulation, and what to expect during the millennium. The contents of this book shed light on previous revelation (Genesis to Revelation), making this a fascinating read to those familiar with the Bible.

Why, a woman? God has never used a woman before as one of his Bible writers. But note that I am the King David woman, which makes me perhaps more manly that most men out there. Perhaps, this is his attempt to reverse the fall of mankind, which happened when Eve took of the forbidden fruit. To make God seem less of a woman hater, he is using a woman (myself) as his instrument to begin the reversal of the fall of mankind, which happened when Satan tricked Eve and she partook of the forbidden fruit. Also, it appears that the Antichrist may be a transgender man Angelina Ballerina, which indicates that Satan is attempting to use a woman again to finish what he started at the Garden of Eden, where Satan used a WOMAN, who caused the Fall by her disobedience to God’s command. God will destroy this transgender man Antichrist, who I think may end up a reincarnation of Alexander the Great (what Angelina looks like as a man, by the way). Jesus, knowing in advance that the Antichrist would be a transgender man Angelina Ballerina, may have decided to use a woman (myself) as his instrument to assist him in the set up of his millennial reign and as inspiration to the tribulation saints. God chose a woman with very manly genes for this purpose (myself, with King David and Catherine the Great genes). God does not hate women and that may be the reason he is using me to possibly be the Bible writer who authors more of the inspired canon of Scripture than any other Bible writer, including Moses (who, to this date, has written most of the inspired canon of Scripture). However, Jesus does expect me to be in submission to my husband Brent Spiner, and perhaps this is because the curse is still in effect. Also, I must note that much of this book are exact copies of letters Brent has written me and all of my recorded conversations in this book have been with men, so this book is also authored by men, and both Brent and I are Jewish (as were all the Bible writers). So, it appears God’s only exception to past rules he has followed for Bible writers is that this book is primarily authored by a woman, albeit a very manly, King David woman.

I don’t believe the curse on mankind (that happened because of Adam and Eve’s fall) will be lifted until perhaps after the millennium. And then, towards the end of the millennium, a large group of humanity will again follow Satan and rebel again against their creator (the Bible clearly predicts this in Revelation 20:7-10). But, it appears, that I may be an instrument to light the fires for the reversal of that fall that happened in the Garden of Eden, and God takes delight in using a woman (for this reason) as an instrument to begin the reversal of the fall of mankind, to spite Satan, who is using (Angelina Ballerina and Loree McBride) and has used (Eve in the Garden of Eden) a woman as his main instrument for his attempted overthrow of God. God, knowing in advance, that Satan’s instrument would be the woman, has also chosen a woman as his main instrument (outside of himself, of course) to reverse that fall by using me and my men as the inspiration and role models for the tribulation and millennial saints. Because I am this inspiration, he wants me to chronicle my life, which is chronicled in these pages. As Jesus has met with me, his emphasis has been on my obedience to his commands, and most of the chastisement I have received from him has been in regards to my disobedience (as you shall see in these pages). Eve caused the fall of mankind because she DISOBEYED. Perhaps, I shall be the beginning of the reversal of that fall by my OBEDIENCE. My current survival as God’s woman is conditioned upon my obedience to God’s commands. Unlike Eve, I will succeed where she failed and the commands I need to obey are a lot harder than what she had to obey. God, using me, vindicates the woman, and brings her back to her rightful place as Adam’s helpmeet, lover and a type of the bride of Christ, as the woman who chose obedience over disobedience and thus succeeds where Eve failed. And now may this book (along with Christ’s glorious death and resurrection on the cross) be the beginnings of the reversal of that Fall that happened and cursed all of mankind.

Jesus said his favorite Bible is the Parallel Bible, which I have and consists of the NASB, NIV, NLT and KJV. All of these translations are in the 700,000 word range, the same range as Bible for Tribulation Saints. I find it interesting that all the Bibles Jesus likes are in the DIVINE NUMBER range.

I think Jesus is using a woman to add to the canon of Scripture as he prepares the world for his millennial reign, because it’s his way to spite the devil for using a woman to bring on the sin curse for mankind. The Bible was written by about 80 different authors, and the longest book is the Psalms written by my ancestor King David. Now it appears that the longest book will be my book Bible for Tribulation Saints written by me, a King David woman. Have you noticed that there is very little in the Bible that gives instructions to the millennial saints? I think it’s because God planned to add to the canon of Scripture for them, and he’s using ME. The focus of all Jesus’ meetings with us have been about sex and marriage mostly, and that’s the focus of the millennial reign, when Christ is married to his bride, the church. So it makes sense that the Bible for the millennium will be focused on marriage, sex and relationships. There’s a little bit of prophecy in my book as well, because Jesus has predicted some things in this book. This book will be a fascinating read to Bible lovers. It brings light upon the current canon of Scripture and adds more to it, to make the Bible relevant to our times.

Jesus knew that with the advent of computers and word processing that he would not have to use many authors to write Bible for Tribulation Saints, so he chose a woman, who is a fast typist, has writing talent, is good at English and a good communicator. Due to our modern technology, Jesus did not need eighty writers for this book, even though it’s the same length as the Bible. This is probably a lot easier for him to manage, especially as I’m sure Satan takes a keen interest in this book! Satan knows that those who follow Jesus’ counsel as given in this book, will not fall prey to Satan’s trickery in these last days. And so I’m decreasing Satan’s following by writing this.

I finished the first edition around October to December 2017. Lots of editing to do. But at least I don’t have to write on scrolls. I have a word processor. This makes it easier for me to put out the book.
Jesus chose Brent Spiner to transcribe for Him. No one else has that privilege, which indicates that he knew I would turn our transcripts of his conversations with us into a book. I (Gail) have included all transcripts necessary to understand what Jesus meant when he spoke with us (from 2012 to 2020), including all correspondence between me and my men related to Jesus (from 2012 to 2020) and all correspondence where Brent has quoted something Jesus has said or has transcribed for Jesus. Though I would not go so far as to call this the Bible, this book does have exact quotes of what Jesus said to us, and he is the source of all truth. I tried to be meticulous to not misquote Jesus and to keep the transcripts intact as I received them, which explains why this book is so long. I have only made corrections to obvious spelling errors and have formatted the correspondence to be readable on Kindle. Those who would like to join our church (the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits) after reading this, contact my men at I led the Antichrist Zack Knight to Jesus after evil Angelina Ballerina double crossed Zack’s true love Rule 13 (September 1, 2016). We now have a “born again” Antichrist! I believe that Angelina Ballerina (transgender man) may be the Antichrist depicted in the Bible to fulfill Bible prophecy, and perhaps Loree McBride (transgender man) will be her False Prophet. However, Loree McBride is the Antichrist on this August 8, 2017.

Those who have hearts for the truth will be open to what Jesus has said to us. The rest of you will discount this book as delusion or fairy tales until you meet Christ at the judgment. We will all bow before him. I suggest you bow before him now, and not at the judgment. Those of you who know the Bible, know that in every period of man’s history, God’s true prophets have been mocked, abused and murdered. Jesus calls me and my men his twenty-first-century disciples. To those with hearts for truth, I have striven to give you an accurate account of our conversations with Jesus, because everything he says is important, especially as we near that time in the Bible, called the time of Jacob’s trouble, or the great tribulation. It is not far off. Be ready and go up at the rapture. Those who go up at the rapture will not enter that terrible time, but will be spared. My prayer is that God will use this book to help people be ready and for those who are left behind after the rapture of the church, to give them courage and wisdom in dealing with the Antichrist or the beast (666) as they go through the tribulation, hopefully, with this book and the Bible at their side to guide them.

Despite my strong Bible knowledge, I have not fabricated any of these conversations we had with Jesus. I have written them exactly as they happened and have not changed anything that Jesus said to us or that Brent transcribed. Jesus had to correct me many times for things I had believed wrong in my Bible interpretation and theology. I include those corrections in this account. I believe that those who are honestly seeking God will realize that the Jesus we depict in these pages was the same Jesus who came down to earth as a carpenter and died on the cross for our sins. I have no doubts about this at all, and feel that, therefore, this book is very important! In fact, if you read these pages and denounce what you read (especially our quotations of what Jesus has said), you may be held accountable at the judgment for rejecting God’s Word! I have far too much respect for God to tamper with what he said to us, and believe me, I have changed nothing of what he said. I have added some correspondence where Jesus was not talking to us but which will give you the context of what was happening at the time he spoke to us. I would not dare misrepresent my Lord. Brent Spiner has a photographic memory, which may be why Jesus used him to transcribe for Him. Also, Brent does not come from a theological background, which means he wouldn’t know what theological bent to give to Jesus’ words if he changed them to his liking. Brent has copied what Jesus said to him, word for word accurately. That is why Jesus chose Brent as his transcriber. You can laugh and call us crazy, but we did meet with Jesus and whether or not you believe it, won’t change the fact. I suspect that those who claim we are crazy, know we are not, but just want us to doubt the truths that Jesus tried to teach us. God will hold these evil devil worshippers accountable for each person they lead astray using intimidation and trickery and brain control.

Weighing in on homosexuality in the Bible. The passage in Leviticus 18:22 seems specifically directed at the practices of the devil worshipers of the time, and part of this ritual involved homosexuality. Israel was to be SEPARATE from the nations that she conquered and was forbidden to adopt their idol worship, part of which included homosexuality. Notice how chapter eighteen opens up:

“You shall not do what is done in the land of Egypt where you lived, nor are you to do what is done in the land of Canaan where I am bringing you. . .” Leviticus 18:1

In our current social climate, not all homosexuals practice homosexuality to worship Satan. All forms of idol worship are actually Satan worship, even the worship of the King James Bible as God. This may explain why Jesus said that though he preferred the man/woman relationship that he is not against gays and that not all gays will go to hell, some will go to heaven. Some quotes from Jesus (in my future book Bible for Tribulation Saints) may shed more light on this topic:

Gail: Isn’t it true that idolatry is also Satan worship?

Jesus Christ: Yes, it is. You’re worshipping Satan instead of me.

Gail: So any type of idolatry is Satan worship?

Jesus Christ: Yes.

“Satan is gay.” – Jesus Christ

“Even though Satan is gay. Zack Knight is not. But he does have the power to turn other men gay, when he walks into a room. His powers are so intense that all sexes react to him now.” – Jesus Christ

“Hey Gail, you remember yesterday when you guys mentioned homosexuality? I kept my cool on this one, but, I wanted to let you know something — I prefer one man and one woman. That’s how God set it up in the beginning. It’s my favorite. However, I just wanted you to know that I don’t hate gay people. Just because a person is gay doesn’t mean I don’t love them, or that they aren’t saved, or even that anything is wrong with how I created them. I love everyone, and my one true wish is that everyone else on earth can love each other too, despite their differences. I’m very glad that you aren’t bothered by it, I think that’s super cool of you, and I just wanted you to know that I’m proud of you for having such an open mind, Gail. You don’t have to tell Terrance this, but the next time you’re praying, maybe you can get the word up to the big G in the sky that Terrance needs a little help in this area. Just be like, ‘God, please help Terrance to understand that some people are gay, and he needs to get over it.’ Something to that effect, in your own words. You’re one cool gal, Gail.” – Jesus Christ

I remember one time I told Jesus that the Bible seems to indicate that women should shut up in church. He then told me that was directed towards a particular church which was having issues, and that when we read the Bible it is very important to read the passage in CONTEXT.

So the context for these passages about homosexuality, is that at the time they were written in Leviticus, the nation of Israel was surrounded by Satan worshipers who engaged in homosexuality as part of their Satan worship. Therefore, to adopt any of their practices (like homosexuality) was considered evil enough for the death penalty (including the practice of homosexuality as part of Satan worship).

In today’s climate, Satan worship is now much broader than homosexuality, and has gotten a lot more complicated. Therefore, not all who practice homosexuality today are doing it as part of Satan or idol worship. Those who practice homosexuality purely because they prefer same sex attraction as opposed to opposite sex attraction and who make love to the same sex without any Satan or idol worship involved, are not sinning in God’s eyes.

Like all Bible passages, we must read the verses IN CONTEXT and in the LIGHT OF THE TIMES when they were written.

However, I’m certain Jesus does NOT endorse the Queen James Bible and does not consider that Scripture. They are not faithful to the original manuscripts and have taken liberties in translation which have resulted in error.

But I disagree that Leviticus 18 is focused on sexual relationships. It is actually focused on idol worshiping practices. But it may appear to be focused on sexual relationships because Satan is focused on sexual relationships! You get it? Therefore, certain sexual practices form a large part of Satan worship, and all forms of Satan worship are strongly condemned in the Bible.

JESUS CHRIST (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)
SATAN (2-15-2012 to 2-22-2012)
COMPUTERS (March 2012)
BARACK OBAMA (April to May 2012)
KEANU REEVES (8-3-2012 to 8-16-2012)
SKYPE (8-23-2012 to 8-29-2012)
CHURCH OF GAIL (9-16-2012 to 10-25-2012)
GA1L ANDROID (10-29-2012 to 11-13-2012)
GOD THE FATHER (12-2-2012 to 12-26-2012)
ZACK KNIGHT (1-15-2013 TO 1-17-2013)
RULE 13 (1-23-2013 to 2-18-2013)
RUSSIAN METEORS (2-16-2013 TO 2-18-2013)
VLADIMIR PUTIN (2-21-2013 to 4-12-2013)
BOSTON MARATHON BOMBINGS (4-19-2013 to 5-9-2013)
LYUDMILA PUTIN (5-12-2013 to 6-2-2013)
JESUIT PORTAL (6-3-2013 to 6-11-2013)
THE ANTICHRIST (6-15-2013 to 6-23-2013)
THE INTERNET (6-24-2013 to 7-26-2013)
JESUS’ FAVORITE WRITER (8-8-2013 to 9-9-2013)
FINANCES (9-18-2013 to 10-7-2013)
CONSPIRACY LAW (10-18-2013 to 10-20-2013)
DENTISTRY (10-30-2013 to 11-28-2013)
CULINARY ARTS (11-29-2013 to 12-1-2013)
HEAVEN (12-28-2013 to 3-15-2014)
JESUS’ WRITING ACADEMY (3-16-2014 to 3-30-2014)
UNITED STATES EMPRESS (5-4-2014 to 8-5-2014)
ROBIN WILLIAMS (8-11-2014 to 8-13-2014)
ROBIN WILLIAMS FROM HEAVEN (8-14-2014 to 8-25-2014)
SENTIENT TACOS & BURRITOS (12-7-2014 to 1-12-2015)
BRAIN CONTROL DELUSIONS (1-23-2015 to 1-25-2015)
LIGHTNING BOLTS (3-4-2015 TO 3-12-2015)
SARA AVERY’S BLACK HOLE (7-1-2015 to 11-17-2015)
JESUS ORDERS A RAP VIDEO (12-18-2015 to 12-25-2015)
CHARMING PSYCHOPATH (2-3-2016 to 2-6-2016)
SATAN’S STOOGE (2-16-2016 to 2-18-2016)
THE GAIL COMMANDMENTS (3-7-2016 to 4-14-2016)
BORN AGAIN ANTICHRIST (9-1-2016 to 9-5-2016)
GAIL SHIELD (9-5-2016 to 10-4-2016)
TRUMP RALLY (11-4-2016 to 1-4-2017)
THE SEROQUAKKE (1-4-17 to 1-5-17)
GLOWING PENIS (1-6-2017)
HUGH HEFNER IN HEAVEN (4-26-2017 & 9-29-2017)
THE GAIL COMMANDMENTS, PART TWO (10-1-19 to 10-2-19)
PSYCHOPATH MELANIA TRUMP (6-4-2019 to 2-7-2020)

TAKEN FROM BIBLE FOR TRIBULATION SAINTS (These ending comments will make more sense after you read Bible for Tribulation Saints):

Unfortunately, after our victory with Angelina Ballerina, Loree McBride has led an insurrection against Zack Knight, consisting of Jesuits who did not witness the miracle of Zack’s glowing penis during our final battle with Angelina Ballerina. These Jesuits are attacking Donald Trump, Zack Knight, Gail and her men and are carrying out Jesuit terror attacks on innocents as evil Jesuits have done in the past. Gail’s sister, Sandra Metcalf, is also a Jesuit who supports Loree McBride. As of June 18, 2017, Zack and Gail’s men have still not given Gail their audio recording of the final battle with Angelina, so Gail decided to put that event into this book, using her own audio recording of that final battle. Zack informed Gail that they couldn’t give her the recording because they were fighting Loree McBride in court, and apparently, giving Gail their recording somehow tampers evidence for the trial.

Regarding Angelina Ballerina. . .she did appear more powerful than Zack Knight as an Antichrist, but you must remember that when Jesus made his noninterference pact with Satan and Zack Knight as Antichrist, it was with Satan and with Zack Knight specifically, which somewhat limited how Zack could use his Antichrist powers. The way the noninterference agreement worked was that Jesus stipulated that there were certain things Satan or Zack Knight specifically could not do, and if they did these things, it would give Jesus permission to interfere to rescue Gail and/or her men. So, in order to prevent Jesus from interfering, Satan and Zack had to refrain from certain actions. By switching out Antichrists and replacing Zack with Angelina, Satan had a more powerful Antichrist in Angelina, simply because Angelina herself was not in the noninterference agreement which Satan, Zack Knight and Jesus agreed to in February 2012. By simply giving her certain powers as Antichrist, which would be Angelina’s own powers and which would, therefore, not be a violation of the noninterference agreement, Angelina’s own unhindered powers made her more powerful than hindered Zack Knight. You see, Angelina, was not part of this February 2012 agreement, unless Satan helped her. The mere fact that Angelina was not part of this agreement is what made her a more powerful Antichrist than Zack during her brief reign.

You might ask, “Why didn’t Jesus insist that Angelina be added to the non-interference agreement when she became Antichrist?” My guess is that Jesus wanted Zack Knight to retain his full Antichrist powers, so that he could retain his Antichrist powers, in order to keep him alive as a Gail and Jesus supporter. Jesus, knowing that using our own wisdom, we would defeat Angelina on Jan. 6, 2017 decided to leave the noninterference agreement as it was, so that Zack Knight could be Antichrist and retain his powers even while siding with Gail and Jesus. Satan would not dare complain about this, because if he does, then Jesus will insist that Angelina, or whoever Satan chooses as his Antichrist, must become part of the agreement, greatly weakening their powers, giving Jesus permission to interfere with the new Antichrist.

So, Angelina had more success as an Antichrist against Gail and her men, not because she was more evil (even though she is), but because she was not part of the noninterference agreement between Satan and Zack Knight and Jesus. I’m certain that Satan lied to her and told her she was more powerful because she was more evil, and in so doing, unwittingly set things up for her downfall as current Jesuit leader (Satan is a loser), causing Jesuits to prefer Zack over her. As long as Angelina used her own powers, Jesus did not interfere, and so she had more success because she was unhindered, not because she was superior to Zack Knight as Antichrist. Jesus did interfere a bit with Angelina on August 31, 2016 (basically he just chased her off), and this was because Satan was involved on this day by the mere act of installing a new Antichrist, giving Jesus permission to get involved to make Gail aware that this had happened.

Installing a new Antichrist in place of Zack Knight was how Satan was involved, and Gail, at this time, did not know that a switch out had occurred between Zack and Angelina as Antichrist. This gave Jesus permission to do enough to make Gail aware that Angelina took Zack’s place as Antichrist. Once Gail became aware that Angelina was now the Antichrist, Jesus knew that Gail would deduce she could use her lightning bolt powers against Angelina, and so Jesus did not have to be involved after Gail knew Angelina replaced Zack. If Jesus got involved with Angelina, then Satan would have permission to remove all Antichrist powers from Zack Knight, now on Gail and Jesus’ side. This is why Jesus stayed in the background during our battles with Angelina.

In the noninterference agreement, any use of powers that are Gail’s own, such as her Gail Shield or her lightning bolt powers, are not considered a violation of the noninterference agreement. So when Angelina used her own powers to war against Gail and her men, this was not a violation of the noninterference agreement. Also, as part of the noninterference agreement, there were certain actions that Zack could not do, and Angelina, not being a part of the agreement, did not have these limitations. Jesus designed the agreement to keep Zack Knight and Satan from directly attacking Gail and her men using their supernatural powers.

Angelina, not being Zack Knight, did not have Zack’s limitations as Antichrist, and was granted full use of her powers against Gail and her men. This is because she was not in the agreement, and so unless Satan helped her, she had fewer limitations than Zack, with her only limitation that she could not allow Satan to help her as she attacked Gail and her men, because Satan was a party in Jesus’ noninterference agreement.

Apparently, when Angelina worshipped Zack’s glowing penis in our final battle with her, Jesus removed her Antichrist powers at that time and returned to Zack his full Antichrist powers. At this time, the majority of the Jesuits followed Zack and that is probably why she lost her powers. How could she be an Antichrist when the majority of her followers had defected to Zack Knight?

But Angelina, who has no spiritual discernment, in her pride and vanity, thought she got all her victories by her superiority to Zack Knight, not realizing that it was because she was not part of the February 2012 agreement between Satan and Jesus which made her more powerful, because she had unhindered use of her powers. Zack had to abide by the agreement, so he had limitations on the use of his powers. There were certain things Zack could not do as Antichrist because of the agreement, and as Angelina was not part of the agreement, Angelina’s only limitation was that she could not have Satan’s help in attacking us.

Zack could not have Satan’s help in attacking us and ALSO Zack himself was not allowed to attack Gail or her men directly, which is why Jesus beat Zack up every time he tried. Jesus pretty much left Angelina alone when she tried to attack Gail and her men, limiting his role to that of shooing Angelina away (at one time) and advisor to Gail’s men.

But when it was obvious that Zack now led the Jesuit Order and had more Jesuits on his side than Angelina, he regained full Antichrist powers, and Angelina lost her powers. So she lost her powers when the majority of Jesuits came to Zack’s side in our final battle with her. Jesus then reinstated to Zack his full Antichrist powers, thus taking from Angelina her powers. Also, the mere act of fighting her in battle, showed that Zack no longer gave Angelina permission to be Antichrist in his place. When Zack’s penis lit up the sky and all Jesuits there bowed down to worship that glowing penis, Angelina may have felt her powers waning. Knowing she lost her powers (she probably felt this in her body), she crawled on her hands and knees to Zack to kiss his penis, hoping to get mercy from him, knowing she could now be killed. No longer Antichrist, she lost the Antichrist’s ability to always stay alive and not be killed. Also, as a Jesuit, she worshipped that perfect penis. That is why Zack could execute her using his perfect penis when he regained his full Antichrist powers.

It appears Angelina will remain in hell until, and if, she is resurrected as the Antichrist in the tribulation. Angelina cannot be Antichrist as long as the true Antichrist (Zack Knight) remains alive. Satan chose Zack as his Antichrist and he is stuck with that decision for now. Only Zack Knight has the power to transfer his Antichrist powers to another, and he will not make this mistake ever again. Gail believes that Zack Knight will go up at the rapture along with Gail and her men, if they are all alive when the rapture happens. Because Zack cannot be killed, he will definitely be raptured because he is now on Jesus’ side. Once that happens, the noninterference agreement between Satan, Zack and Jesus will end, because Gail and her men will be in heaven and there will be no need for the agreement, because how can Gail and her men be attacked in heaven?

UPDATE: Loree McBride became the Antichrist in July or August 2017. Gail’s men tried to execute her and could not. Also, Gail’s lightning bolt powers worked on her and they only work on the Antichrist! Gail asked Zack to test himself to see if he still had his Antichrist powers, and it appears he lost his Antichrist powers when Satan was allowed to make Loree McBride the Antichrist in July or August 2017.

When the church is raptured, Satan will have to choose a new Antichrist, and my guess is his only option may be Angelina Ballerina in hell, who he will resurrect from hell for this purpose OR he may be able to use Loree McBride. He will have to resurrect her as a transgender man because he is only allowed one Antichrist, and because Zack will no longer be Antichrist in heaven, giving Satan permission to resurrect Angelina or Loree McBride from hell or wherever Loree is, to take Zack’s place. Angelina got her powers in August 2016 by taking Zack’s place, and she can only regain them doing the same. Zack will never relinquish his Antichrist powers to her or anybody else ever again. However, it does appear that now that Zack is saved (born again), he is no longer Antichrist and Jesus has allowed Satan to choose somebody else for that role. The non-interference agreement between Satan and Gail and her men is still in place, not sure if this applies to Loree McBride or any new Antichrists besides Zack Knight.

Gail thought Loree or Angelina would only be able to take Zack’s place when Zack no longer lives on earth, but is in heaven, but it appears Loree is now the Antichrist. Satan must then give transgender man Angelina Ballerina or whoever it will be, the same powers that Zack Knight had in order for her/him to qualify to take Zack’s place, Gail believes, and she must also be a man to qualify to take Zack’s place. So she as transgender man may have powers to turn men gay and to impregnate women by merely looking at them (these are Zack’s powers) and may lose her powers to seduce men using brain control (that she had with Gail and her men). Basically, Gail thinks Satan must use her in Zack’s place, or he just won’t have an Antichrist AT ALL. She will be a more powerful Antichrist than Zack, because Gail and her men will not be on earth, and she will have fewer hindrances to her powers. There will be no non-interference agreement to stop her and Satan from using their full powers during the tribulation.

It is also possible that Jesus may have modified his non-interference agreement with Satan to accommodate a new Antichrist, now that Zack is saved and on Jesus’ side.

Because Angelina took Zack’s place, all the Jesuits who died in battle in August 2016 under Zack’s leadership, she was allowed to resurrect. Satan was basically starting over with a new Antichrist. So Angelina was Antichrist in her own right, until Zack Knight took this away from her on January 6, 2017. When it was obvious that she no longer could be Zack’s “fill in”, she lost her powers. Only Zack Knight had the power to kill her and he did this by taking back his Antichrist role as Jesuit leader when he defeated Angelina and most of the Jesuits honored him as their leader. Now, it appears the only way she can be Antichrist again is to literally be Zack Knight again. Satan will have to remake her into an incarnation of Zack Knight. This will not happen until the tribulation, when Zack is no longer on earth.

Zack Knight WAS the Antichrist, who came to Jesus in Sept. 2016. Satan can only have one Antichrist, and he chose Zack Knight. Only if Zack Knight gave his powers away or Zack goes to heaven, can Satan then use “Zack” as the Antichrist at that time. Satan would only be allowed to use Angelina Ballerina, it appears, for this reason at that time. This is because at one time Zack gave away his powers to her, so she may be the Antichrist of the tribulation. But, during the tribulation, she may be Antichrist as Zack Knight incarnate from heaven. To do this, she may have to have some of Zack’s genes as part of her genetic profile to qualify. So Satan may have to put some of Zack Knight’s genes into a resurrected Angelina from hell and Satan will have to make her a man. My guess is she will look like Alexander the Great.

Gail is sure that Jesus may do something new during the tribulation to help out his tribulation saints. What that is, we will only know when we get there.

This is speculation about Angelina or Loree’s future role and may not be fully correct. But Angelina is not Antichrist right now. Her brief reign as Antichrist in place of Zack Knight makes it possible for her to regain this role in the future when Zack is no longer on earth. Satan tried to replace Zack Knight with Angelina Ballerina, but failed. Zack Knight kicked out Angelina as the Antichrist and got his title back temporarily.

Gail believes Angelina or Loree as a transgender man may be a reincarnation of Alexander the Great. One thing is certain, God’s Word, the Bible, will be fulfilled to the letter, because that is all part of his plan, and Satan cannot stop God’s plans no matter how hard he tries. All Bible prophecies will be fulfilled, no matter what Angelina or Loree or Satan may do. Tribulation saints must never give up, and remember that not one jot or tittle of God’s Word will fail to come to pass. The Antichrist and Satan will be defeated as prophesied in the Bible and the true Christ will have his millennial reign, and will officiate the marriage between Brent Spiner and Gail Chord Schuler during the millennium.

So how can Zack be Antichrist, if a large portion of Jesuits still follow Loree McBride? Well, Loree could not be the Antichrist once Zack got his job back, because Satan can’t just drop Antichrists and switch them out whenever he wants. Satan chose Zack for his Antichrist and he was stuck with that decision. UPDATE: Apparently, because Zack has sided with Jesus for almost a year now (from Sept. 2016 to August 2017), he has officially been dropped as Antichrist, and Jesus has given Satan permission to use Loree McBride. Only when Zack goes to heaven can Satan bring Angelina back as “Zack Knight”. Satan has to follow God’s plan whether he likes it or not.

So why won’t all the Jesuits follow Zack now? My guess is that those who were Jesuits because they wanted thrilling and unhindered sex, are with Zack now. Those who are Jesuits because they wanted to steal money unhindered are with Loree and these are those who love to live high and mighty at the expense of those they murder and steal from. The money lovers are with Loree. The sex lovers are with Zack.

A summary in Bible for Tribulation Saints about clones:

[Though Jesus has not made a personal appearance to Gail regarding the Jew clones, the world needs to know of the existence of the Jew clones, to remember that not everybody who calls themselves a Jew is really a Jew in God’s eyes. Gail does not believe that God considers Jew clones to be Jews. In fact, he probably considers clones a race unto themselves. It appears that all clones have fallen angel DNA from the UFOs, who introduced human cloning technology to the world. Despite this, some clones have turned to Jesus. More than likely, to God, anyone who is a clone is just A CLONE, and not regarded as a Gentile, a Jew or whatever title they bestow upon themselves. Clones are their own race: THE CLONE RACE. This is because they all have fallen angel DNA in common, making them the CLONE RACE, or the FALLEN ANGEL/HUMAN HYBRIDS. The fallen angel DNA is not visible to the naked eye, but manifests itself in some of the super human qualities of clones. Clones often have superhuman strength and abilities, indicating their fallen angel DNA. The clever fallen angels, however, created clones to appear fully human to make clones better able to impersonate the humans they strive to replace or subdue. The fallen angels (UFOs), though they are currently all encased in semen bubbles in Satan’s ocean in deep space, created clones for probably as long as humans have existed. But, it seems, that in these last days, there are so many clones now, that they are a race unto themselves. It’s possible that they were a race in the days of Noah as well, and that they played a significant role in corrupting mankind then. Isaiah 57:9 comments about them and condemns their creation in the cloning labs, condemning the use of messenger RNA and nucleotide bases in their creation (King James Bible). Clones were created to deceive and to serve Satan. And, unfortunately, most clones do not turn to God for this reason. They are too much like the fallen angels who created them. It is also interesting how the Bible discusses clones in Isaiah 57:9 and Gail’s birthday is 9-15-57. It was like God was saying that His Bible writer (born in 9/1957) would shed more light on clones in the FINAL TESTAMENT of the Bible, which is this book. “And didst send thy messengers afar off. And didst debase thyself even unto hell.” Clones have a soul and go to either heaven or hell. This is because clones are mostly human and have a soul.]


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    • […] Brent Spiner grew up in Meyerland, Texas. I have been at this intersection (Braeswood Blvd.), when I visited Meyerland in the 1990s while researching for my novel Silver Skies set in Houston (to honor Brent’s hometown). Ironically, I have a major flood scene in the novel. Loree is trying to tempt Brent to go down and help out his hometown, but I’ve instructed him to stay on the space ship.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ He (rabbi Dor Ben Habakkuk patterned after Brent Spiner somewhat) exited at Braeswood Blvd. and his shame diminished at the cheerful yellow coneflowers on the spring green slopes of the smaller bayous. The shiny leaved magnolia tree with its cream flowery profusions bloomed into a southern spring. Amber daylilies burst from roadside intersections. Lavender, amber, and orchid dotted the banks; the grass around the jogging trail was immaculate. A honeysuckle fragrance capered through the air. May, his favorite month, filled his heart with promise.   Then he saw a car. It hurled toward him from the opposite direction. He honked. It still hurled. Any minute there would be impact, a head-on collision. He jerked his steering wheel toward a weeping willow. His car whirled over it. A home leered in front of him. He jerked the steering wheel toward a live oak. A rock jolt shook his frame. His face slammed into the wheel. The oak pinned the car, smashed its front end. The home had no damage, it appeared. He strained to look further. Tried to wave for help. Pinned in. Couldn’t move. No one home, it appeared. Oh Brianna, is this where our love has brought us? – Silver Skies by Gabrielle Chana ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   On Meyerland’s Braeswood Boulevard trail she (Brianna or female lead) jogged on a muggy July day, the temperature was ninety-five; a bench loomed ahead of her, she fell into it, exhausted. The trail’s green expanse of grass soothed her, brought back memories. Images of dreams came to her where Dor kissed and thrilled her. Her eyes closed. Love that beautiful must be done in righteousness and truth, but the New World Order scrutinized them, ready to pounce on their reputations to ruin their credibility–no, she couldn’t live with Dor. It was never right to do wrong in order to do right; she learned this from Aaron’s attempts to win her. God would protect Dor. She rose from the bench to return to her classroom.   Rachel (patterned after Loree McBride) had called her a bitch and since then watched over Brianna and Dor like a mother hen. Because the synagogue saw Rachel as his legal wife, Dor allowed this. Rachel’s presence caused Brianna’s pool sessions with Dor to become uncomfortably restrained. It amazed Brianna that Rachel had nothing better to do. Rachel lounged around the house all day, supposedly to work on her book, but Brianna knew she was dangerous. How Brianna missed the days when Rachel left them alone. What had gotten into her lately? Didn’t she have a management job at the Sheraton? Rachel stopped them from touching each other, but they were still best friends. Brianna still had her times on the phone with Dor; they talked about anything and everything. Dor said that when they talked, Rachel looked like a steamboat. Rachel’s persistence amazed Brianna and made the summer drag.   Still in her jogging shorts, Brianna sat at her school desk, opened a drawer, and removed decorations for this year’s class. The night before, she had cut letters into colonial shapes. She wanted them on the bulletin boards before she went home for the day.” Silver Skies by Gabrielle Chana (Gail Chord Schuler) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   She (Brianna) jogged on Braeswood Boulevard’s trail and breathed the Texas air. Yes, how good to be back; Dor’s hometown had become a part of her. She’d found a home to rent right here in Meyerland. One and a half stories with a large formal area, four bedrooms, and a romantic master bedroom. Though the rent exceeded the cost of an apartment, she wanted to be near Dor, who lived only a couple blocks away. Despite the recession, her years of teaching had given her an increase in salary. Few people could afford homes, and home prices declined, so she could afford a house.   Phone service started today. Dor didn’t know she now lived in Meyerland; she couldn’t wait to tell him. She called him and a message said his number had been changed, with no forwarding number given. She called the phone company next. They told her his number was unlisted and they couldn’t give it out. What had happened to him?   Her furniture, left in Houston over the summer, sustained no damage. Dor was somewhere in Houston now. Why wasn’t he here helping her? He should be here; he deserted her. Irritated, her lean, muscular arms arranged chairs, tables, a sofa, bed and other furniture. Though she lacked enough furniture, she preferred sparseness to clutter.   Her office area had a built-in bookcase over a desk. Perfect for her computer and books. The master bedroom’s wallpaper on the walls, and the curtains, with their design of green vines cascading against a white background, made her feel she floated on the French Riviera. The bed’s comforter matched the walls and curtains with romantic, dark rails at its foot and head. These rails twisted and curved as if designed by an exquisite designer. From the wall over the bed’s head, hung a wisp of silk pink roses with bursts of leaves. Brianna imagined she and Dor made love here.   With a palm beside it, her burgundy leather sofa rested in the living room. A reminder of simpler and better days. . .the home’s wooden floors brought warmth. Dor’s evasiveness depressed her. To counteract it, this home needed an airy feel. Where was he? Were his lines tapped? Maybe Rachel had returned. Maybe someone followed Dor from L.A. Her brain pounded with possibilities. So confused about him. . .but she couldn’t forget him, he coursed through her blood. These complications drove her crazy. But if she deserted him, it would devastate him. This tore at her heart!   Though some boxes still needed unpacking, she needed a break. She flung herself out the front door toward the trunk of a live oak and leaned against it. The lawn and shrubs neat and low at the base of pines and oaks and at the home’s entrance, gave her life a sense of order. Anything to feel normal, to forget confusion and pain. Oh, why wouldn’t Dor call? She was listed. What was wrong with him? Maybe she’d write him a letter. . . No, dad said all letters would be intercepted. New World Order, why won’t you die forever. You’re the cause of all this misery. If you didn’t exist, the world would be a better place; and Dor and I would be happy.   She loved him too much to endanger him. Somehow she’d take the loneliness, the uncertainty and torment, the hope and despair, of not knowing and wondering; if it killed her, she wouldn’t let him fall into a trap. Be strong, Brianna. Dor needs you more than ever. You can’t fall apart now when he needs you.   The next morning she went to Beaufort High School (patterned after Bellaire High School near Meyerland where Brent went to school) to get her classroom ready. The history textbooks had been changed—not the ones she wanted. The books they gave her glorified the New World Order. She went to the principal about this. He allowed her to use the textbooks she used before.   “It’s good to have you back,” the principal said. “When I thought I lost you last year, I knew we lost one of our best teachers.”   “I didn’t think I’d come back, but God had other plans. It’s been a crazy summer.” He extended his hand to her and she grasped it. “We lost the orthodox Jew and the Christian. They’re now attending private schools.”   “I don’t blame them.” She lowered her head. “We should never cater to the rich and powerful, but do right regardless of the consequences.”   “Yes. . .” He evaded her gaze. “I’m sure you have a lot to do. Don’t let m
      e keep you.”   She returned to her classroom and put up bulletin boards, prepared her lesson plans and audio-visuals for the week. Lesson plans out, she scheduled a film for the second day of school, and made sure to have the projector ready. At around dinner time, she drove by Dor’s home; lights flickered from his home. Someone was home. She wouldn’t dare stop. Too dangerous. The safest course . . .visit his synagogue while he conducted services. * * * Congregation Beth Am’s Saturday Shabbat (patterned after a Houston synagogue that Gail visited to research for Silver Skies, one of the synagogues she visited was where Brent’s mother attended) would begin in minutes. She sat toward the back and hoped no one besides Dor would notice her. The cushioned and comfortable pews reminded her of Dor because he relaxed her; she could let her hair down with him. Navy, azure, and royal blue velvet strips formed a layered cover that guarded the Torah scrolls behind. Stained glass windows reflected her heart that felt sacred here; even Dor seemed to have a halo. She never paid much attention to the interior of Dor’s synagogue before, but today she felt reborn; and like a newborn babe, observed everything. Something significant would happen today, she knew it; so her surroundings seemed wondrous.   Because Dor ignored her when she arrived in Houston, now she had to see what he was made of. Today, in this synagogue, Dor would be forced to acknowledge her. She rarely visited him when he conducted services, because she didn’t want to disrupt his life, but their relationship had come far and it was time. She enjoyed synagogue services and wanted to attend more than she did. Any ways, she gave him strength to live and he seemed ashamed to let anyone know; years of patience wore thin; this charade could go on forever.   The chanting and swaying in Hebrew began. Dor stood at the front. The silk prayer shawl she gave him, he wore. How honored she felt. How humbling to have such an influence on him. It draped around his shoulders and down his back and made him the handsomest rabbi she’d ever seen. Even the lines on his face and the gray in his hair looked magnificent; he had the wisdom of Solomon. How proud she was of him! How brilliant he looked! He shifted his gaze when he saw her and appeared nonchalant. This behavior puzzled her. Was he a coward? But she was proud of him and adored him, how could he be ashamed of her? Her feathers ruffled and then settled. Oh well, she needed to understand that not everyone accepted her as his partner and he was in public view.   Dor read from the Torah in Hebrew. His intelligence awed her. She wished she could attend his services more often. At the bat mitzvah, the girl’s ability to follow the service astounded Brianna. These Jews were truly intelligent people and they trained their children well. Though Brianna struggled to follow the prayer book, she did reasonably well; and a lady came to help her. Dor cracked many jokes and the congregation laughed. Pink, yellow, and white flowers dotted various places throughout the synagogue. They seemed to symbolize their love. The shiny kippahs on men’s and boy’s heads added color.   After the service, she waited for Dor to come to her. Instead, he mingled with the crowd and ignored her.   A lady came. “Would you like to come to my home for Havdalah?”   Brianna smiled, and felt honored this lady would ask. Where was Dor? “What’s Havdalah?”   “It’s a ceremony to end Shabbat with wine and a candle.”   “Do all Jews end Shabbat this way?”   The lady nodded.   Brianna felt irritated with Dor. Why didn’t he invite her to observe Havdalah with him? “Thank you for inviting me, but I’ll have it at home.”   The lady graciously nodded and eased away. A hoard of women gathered around Dor, giggling and flirting. He enjoyed it! Rage rose inside her and she fought back tears. She tried to look at him and he seemed to gaze at every part of the synagogue but her.  – Silver Skies by Gabrielle Chana (that’s my PEN NAME). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   They (Brianna driving Dor back from the hospital) drove past Beaufort High School where he went to school. He’d try to get a job for her there if any openings came in the history department. How he’d taken Meyerland for granted. Live oaks’ branches curved with soft, green leaves that floated over the streets. Other trees and crape myrtles meshed with the oaks. Home. . .he floated with the branches.   “You live in a lovely part of town. It’s an island of tranquility surrounded by clutter.”   “If it wasn’t for Rachel, I’d be perfectly content here.”   “It seems every other home has a Japanese garden look, the bushes are neatly manicured.”   Dor smiled. “You’ll love my home.”   They turned into Dor’s driveway and Brianna opened the front gates. Her mouth opened wide. It made him appreciate the beauty of his home in a new way, to see it as she did. With every plant he tended, he had thought of her.   Earthy orange pots held plants arranged on a sloping terrace. Airy bursts of olive leaves had various shapes. Tulip leaves, ferns, philodendrons, cabbage shaped leaves, and trails of laciness swirled with other pots that had pink bursts and pink and green mixtures. A variety of pots, plants, textures, and materials mixed with sand colored rocks that undergirded it all like the background of a painting and framed this lush composition. Cicadas buzzed. Perfect temperature outside, air cooled his skin with its breeze. This summer seemed like spring.   Brianna strolled him to his circular driveway. “Your garden has the beauty of your spirit.”   “Only you would say that.”   She looked at him curiously.   “You have the depth to see it.”   Her hand squeezed his shoulder. “Our love is deep.”   “It’s a gift from God.”   She opened the front door of his home. With mouth again opened wide, she stared at Dor in astonishment. “What a gorgeous home. I’m surprised you never spoke of it.”   “I’ve gotten used to it. Most of the design is mine. The architect and I worked on it together.”   “I love your plants.” She pointed to vines that cascaded down the side of a white ledge that protruded slightly over a lagoon, its rippling waters reflected the cascades and light. Flagstone floors bordered the lagoon and steps inclined to a higher level where one could join leafy airiness from an overlook. Brianna brought life and light to his spirit as this place did.   “I thought of you when I planned it.”   “Me?” Her eyes showed amazement.   “This home shows your personality. Notice how natural and free-spirited it is.”   “When did you plan this home?”   “Six years ago.”   “You thought of me when you and Rachel were but newlyweds.”   “Rachel has never taken your place in my heart.” He looked down at the flagstone floor. “I had hoped a home that reminded me of you would fill the loneliness I felt from missing you. It didn’t. Working on this home was my escape, so I poured my heart into it.”   Brianna pointed at two built-in aquariums framed by Rojo alacante marble and laughed. “You thought of me when you built those?” She pursed her mouth continually like a fish.   Dor broke into a wide grin and chuckled. “The fish add color and life, as you do. My home is full of life in plants, fish, paintings, and color.”   “It certainly is.” She wheeled Dor to his swimming pool. “Here is where you’re going to get some exercise. And maybe one of these days you’ll be able to get rid of this wheelchair.” She looked him over. “I don’t think you can swim in that. Do you have trunks anywhere?”   “What do you think of the pool?”   “Stunning.” She knelt and felt the water. “And warm. Heated pool?”   “Warm, like you.”   “You’ve got to be kidding. You went that far to pattern this
      home after me?”   Dor nodded.   She stood with her hands on her hips and looked around. Water cascaded down boulders and formed waterfalls that ran together into the pool. The trickling water always soothed his loneliness. It looked like a tropical paradise with hibiscus reds, potted poinsettias, banana trees with dangling fruit and flowers. The scent of ginger and jasmine wafted. Brianna was beauty he could never reach. Lush foliage made the pool a private sanctuary as his feelings for Brianna had been.   “This is a tropical paradise,” she said.   “You’re paradise to me.”   “The physical therapist will be here soon. We need to get dressed.”   “Oh, my trunks. You should find them inside the middle drawers in front of our bed. In fact, just wheel me into the master bedroom.”   She wheeled him to the bedroom. “I’m real curious how you decorate your room.”   “Why?”   “Because bedrooms are so intimate.” She opened the door to the bedroom and gasped. “It’s so bright and breezy.”   “Here is where I dream about our most intimate moments. What I imagine here makes me feel light and free.”   “But darling, we’ve never–”   He clutched her arm. “I know, but to dream of you is freedom.”   “Free. . .you feel like a slave, don’t you?”   Dor nodded and pointed to the drawers. She went to them. How many lonely nights he cried on that bed with the cream and green quilt. The ruffled pillow covers or the philodendrons on the night stand offered no comfort. The bay windows beamed in sunshine filtered by airy drapes, the brightness had mocked him.   But today, she graced his private room. The burst of silk flowers above the bed smiled. The potted palms and fronds harmonized with the cream and white walls and carpet.   There she stood. He thought of her when he designed it. She was this room. Brianna looked around before handing him his trunks. “You must adore me.” –  Silver Skies by Gabrielle Chana (Gail Chord Schuler) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I plan to write a third edition of Silver Skies where I will add the ending that I originally envisioned for the novel. First I have to finish Bible for Tribulation Saints! […]

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