Baphomet Emphasizes that Gail’s Demisexuality Deeply Enjoys Platonic Intimacy

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UPDATE on Aug. 2, 2022: We need to quit worrying about these SJW labels, and just be our unique, complex selves, regardless of labels.

When I discovered I was demisexual, it gave me insights into Jesus, that I think helped him learn that he is asexual/aromantic. I told him that even though he had used me like a sex dummy, that I felt our relationship could evolve into a platonic one. I suggested that he could marry his church bride in a platonic marriage. He didn’t go with this idea, but instead opted to remain single.

He has identified himself as the god of true love, so I wondered how he would work this out. I think he plans to be the supreme example of platonic love and he’s certainly not against romantic or sexual love, but it’s just not for him. As a demisexual, I understand and accept that in Jesus. I currently enjoy a platonic relationship with Jesus that I find very fulfilling. He doesn’t talk back, but I share my day with Him in prayer.

When he made himself vulnerable to me and confessed his “sins”, I bonded with him, because I really emotionally connected with him as a result of him making himself vulnerable to me. Rather than it causing me to feel alienated from him, it made me feel closer to him. As a result of his confession, I now have a very fulfilling platonic relationship with him, that I find relaxing and comforting. I exercise that relationship by talking to Him through prayer and doing things for him, like my current project Bible for Future Saints. I know He cares about his followers and as his committed platonic friend, I want to help him reach his goals.

With so much emphasis on sex and romance, I think platonic relationships need more respect. Here are some interesting and insightful takes on them. As a demisexual, I personally can’t get into my romantic and sexual relationships without them having a strong platonic friendship any ways. But, because I can be kind of lackadaisical about sex (being the demisexual that I am), if my partner is not interested in sex/romance and only wants a platonic relationship (i.e., Jesus Christ), that can be totally cool with me! Actually, I get wore out if I have too much sex going on (cuz I am demisexual), and only want sex with someone I have a strong emotional connection to, and actually prefer the platonic relationships over sex any ways.

But because I have a romantic/sexual attraction to Brent Spiner, I enjoy my sex with him, but it isn’t always a pressing need for me. But I get joy in meeting Brent’s sexual needs because he’s my soulmate and my best platonic friend. Sometimes I just fall asleep while he orgasms into me, enjoying the cuddling and physical closeness, even if I’m in a more lackadaisical mood about sex. I’m never lackadaisical about emotional connection though (cuz I AM A DEMISEXUAL). Jesus comes a close second (after Brent) in terms of platonic friendship. This makes sense since Brent is the most Christlike man on earth.

To be honest with you, my “sexual” relationship with Jesus was wearing me out and I needed a week off from him, which was the week that Satan attacked him and almost killed him. It was kind of like we were both doing it out of obligation, with him being asexual/aromantic and me being demisexual. What a relief to us both to learn that neither of us really needs to have sex with the other! He thought he needed a wife to complete him as a god and I thought I needed to meet his sexual needs since he seemed to have a “thing” for me. It was just a huge misunderstanding and, unfortunately, Satan took advantage of this to almost kill Jesus permanently. I had no idea that an 11-dimensional deity making love to a 3-D human really weakens them. If I had known, I would have kicked Jesus out of my apartment, I can assure you of this! Cuz I didn’t really need to have sex with him! Even during sex with Jesus, I was stalling my orgasm with him so I could relish the “connection” we developed during sex, where he opened up his heart to me. This Jesus is really vast and deep. I was eating that up, more than the sex with Him!

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