Setting Up Living Trust For My Son

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I am not sure what my mother may have willed to me, but I have guessed that she may have left me her current home and vehicle in her will, simply because my sister would have no need of these things, but my mother would think that I may have need of them. Because I don’t want to deal with my sister and don’t want to live near her, I prefer my current living arrangement and don’t want to move near her or have to deal with her. So I have appointed Terrance Jenkins as my Limited Power of Attorney to deal with the trustee managing my mother’s estate and to transfer all property and assets I may have gotten from my mother in her will and to put them in a living trust for my son.

I originally was going to let my sister have it all, but have decided against that, because my son would have a real need for some of this stuff and my evil sister doesn’t deserve it any ways.

A living trust can be set up to let the recipient get some stuff while I am still alive. I would have no problem with my son (who lives in the same city as where my mother lived when she was alive) having her home and car now, if my mother willed these to me. This could be very helpful to him. As for me, I don’t want to live near my extremely evil sister, who I consider a full fledged psychopath.

I prefer a simple life. Jesus set me up here where I live now beautifully and it’s working out great for me. I’m like Buddha who sold all his possessions and lived a simple life.

Here are the photos (see below) I managed to obtain of where my mother lived at the time of her death. This place would be perfect for my son, if he wants it now. If not, Terrance can arrange to sell it and use the proceeds for a living trust for my son.

Terrance and my men have excellent judgment and are good with money. They will set up a living trust wisely that reflects my heart and is the best for those I love and support.

It appears my mother’s two-bedroom condo (1,270 square feet and built in 1980) mostly has new appliances and is fully paid up and my son lives in the area. This way he won’t have to worry about rent. He is not in a financially secure field and is young. This would be perfect for him.

If I lived where my mom lived, I can promise you the Jesuits would break all my appliances immediately and everything would start falling apart. I prefer to have less to clean as well. I like my current smaller place. Where I currently live I don’t need a car. Not sure that would be the case where my mother lived. And my mother lived very close to where my evil sister lives, GOD FORBID. That ALONE, is reason enough not to move there!

My mother probably left behind a lot of memorabilia that my son would love, since he loves all things Japanese. He has even studied the Japanese language and lived in Japan for about a year and a half.

Where My Mother Lived When She Went to Heaven

Terrance Jenkins

Also, note of interest, my son’s wife is Terrance Jenkins’s daughter. Terrance Jenkins, a Harvard trained lawyer, is the person I have given limited Power of Attorney powers to, to deal with setting up a living trust for my son based on whatever my mom may have willed to me.

Here is some interesting history on my son’s wife. From what I understand, my son is a bisexual, and his wife is very accommodating:


Baby Brianna Jenkins-Schuler (Nov. 28, 2011)

Photo of Brianna Jenkins taken November 28, 2011, this baby we rescued from the Vatican bombing. She was strapped to pope Benedict. The Jesuits used Judge Terrance Jenkins’s sperm and Gail Chord (Spiner)’s egg in Rule 13’s womb to birth her. INTERESTING NOTE:  Pop singer Michael Jackson was Terrance Jenkins’s cousin. Though Terrance is a Harvard Law School graduate, he sings as good as Brent Spiner.

Brianna Jenkins-Schuler (~Jan. 28, 2012). Jesuit cause babies to grow fast using accelerated growth hormones. The accelerated growth stops once the child reaches the desired age.

Brianna Jenkins-Schuler (~ Dec. 7, 2011)

Photo of Brianna Jenkins (taken around January 23, 2012). Jesuits gave her accelerated growth hormone, so that she grew from infancy (November 28, 2011) to teen age (December 7, 2011) to adulthood (January 23, 2012) in two months. The following e-mail from Brent Spiner to Gail on 11-28-11 explains how she came to be.

Brent Spiner’s letter to Gail about Vatican bombing, and how Brianna Jenkins came into existence >

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