I Am Helen Andelin’s Fascinating Woman

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There’s an old book that I got from my paternal grandmother that describes the REAL ME. I am 80% the ideal woman (from a man’s point of view) as described in Helen Andelin’s book Fascinating Womanhood (download book on this link as Kindle book).

I am very much like Agnes Wickfield from David Copperfield.

My mother, my whole life, always encouraged me to be a woman’s libber, but deep down underneath, I prefer to make my man no. 1 in my life and to lose myself into my husband. I am a lot like Agnes Wickfield in a world where a woman like that is scorned.

I am undecided on whether all women should try to be like me, though. But I do think that traditional female roles should not be treated so scornfully in our present world and it may be worth our time to explore what Helen Andelin’s daughter has to say about women’s roles today. I encourage everyone to have an open mind as they listen to this. You don’t have to agree with it all, and I’m not sure I do, but we do need to balance out traditional versus the women’s rights movement and find a healthy balance. We’ve heard plenty about how women are just like men (which isn’t true) and we need to give the traditional views another look. It actually takes quite a bit of courage for women to embrace traditional roles now-a-days, because in our current cultural climate, these women are scorned, and it shouldn’t be that way. I do not agree with all of the Fascinating Womanhood movement, especially regarding their dress code, as I feel women should follow David Kibbe’s Metamorphosis and Carole Jackson’s Color Me Beautiful and that the feminine look is not right for all women. But – I do feel that traditional female roles should not be scorned and that men and women are different and those differences need to be respected and understood.

The video below shows Agnes Wickfield from David Copperfield, who is a lot like me.

I and my men are experiencing Imposter Syndrome right now.
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