Microsoft Windows Updates Caused Colonial Pipeline Shutdown

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It was a Loree McBride criminal Microsoft Windows update that caused Colonial Pipeline’s computers to go offline. Loree has also been using Microsoft programming to attack President Gail’s computers, so Gail has made new executive orders to make it death penalty to use/promote Loree McBride criminal malware. These executive orders have been incorporated into her Conspiracy Law, namely her International Military Law.

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17.0 Furthermore, it is now death penalty to willingly create Loree McBride malware for use on any computer and most especially a computer that serves the public interest like President Gail’s computer or the computers of Colonial Pipeline (referring to the May 2021 incident in which alleged ransomware disabled Colonial Pipeline’s causing gas shortages). Those who damage computers to serve Loree McBride’s criminal interests will be publicly executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. I give Vladimir Putin the privilege of carrying out these executions since Loree McBride has blamed him for the alleged ransomware on Colonial Pipeline, when it was really Loree McBride’s malware in the form of criminal Windows updates that damaged Colonial Pipeline’s computer so that gasoline could not be delivered to people in parts of the United States. All this news reporting about ransomware on Colonial Pipeline’s computers was made up to cover up for Loree McBride’s criminal Microsoft updates to computers.

17.0a Further, when the news media cooperates with Loree McBride’s lies willingly, such as reporting that the war in Israel between the Palestinians and Jews is still going on when they (days ago – today is May 16, 2021) signed a peace agreement, in order to make Pres. Gail seem an incompetent President or to serve Loree McBride’s criminal interests, will bring death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to those news people involved. Such people must be publicly executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. Those who willingly reported on the Colonial Pipeline, for instance, blaming it on ransomware and not reporting the truth that it was criminal Windows updates that was the problem, will also be executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. Now if the reporter or news person or media reporter was unaware of the truth and was just fooled by his/her executives or those above him, they will not be executed, we only execute willing Loree McBride criminals. A media reporter is defined as any person who belongs to a major news organization that brings news to the public. A major news organization is any organization that has an outreach of at least a million people and is able to disseminate news to those in its sphere. So a news organization can be online, in print, broadcast or audio or using any medium that gives people news via their phones, television, cable, radio, etc.

17.1 Loree McBride malware is defined as any programming that directly or indirectly affects a computer so that it is bogged down, slows down, uses excessive CPU or memory (when the programming could have been more streamlined and efficient) or that is designed to spy on people’s privacy against their will or steal their data against their will or does anything that would serve Loree McBride’s criminal interests in a manner that harms the public good or harms innocents by damaging their computers or physical/mental/emotional health directly or indirectly. Loree’s criminal interests are defined as any activity (directly or indirectly) that helps Loree McBride to destroy or damage computers or computer systems, and/or destroys people’s mental and/or physical health when they are not criminals (as defined by Conspiracy Law) and don’t deserve to be damaged.

17.2 Further, Zack Knight will work with Vladimir Putin, to create a branch of the military that focuses on fixing the mess Loree McBride has done to the world’s computer systems, with a special focus on fixing Microsoft Windows and their criminal updates and their latest criminal Windows 10 operating systems. We will strive to undo the damage done by the latest rounds of criminal Windows updates and their newer Windows 10 operating systems (which are designed to bog down computers and steal people’s data and make criminal money off of people’s data against their will and knowledge). We shall strive to make the operating systems for Apple, Microsoft and Google more streamlined and efficient, based on the Linux model. It is also ridiculous that Windows updates happen almost every month. We will come up with a way so that the updates are more like every six months. This is less disruptive and gives less opportunities for Loree McBride to introduce her criminal malware into computers.  

17.3 We shall also study how Loree McBride is able to use other dimensions of space/time to introduce her criminal malware into computer systems, thus bypassing our normal safeguards to protect computers from Loree McBride malware. Vladimir Putin will work with our military scientists who are studying ways to defeat Loree McBride’s use of interdimensional warfare, which also involves directly or indirectly attacking our computers using Loree McBride criminal malware. It goes without saying that to willingly use other dimensions of space/time in order to make Loree McBride malware work is death penalty and all such people will be publicly executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. We shall strive to clean up the computer systems of the world, and undo the damage Loree McBride has done with her latest round of criminal malware and criminal operating systems.

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