Zack Knight’s Apple Crushes Facebook & Twitter Tracking

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I made Zack Knight Big Tech Administrator on May 5, 2021 and he’s rocking it as Big Tech Administrator. I established this position after almost losing my ability to use my computer as a result of Loree McBride malware disguised as a Windows update. By the way, all these “cyber attacks” blamed on Russian hackers is a big lie. These “cyber attacks” are all happening cuz of malware disguised as Windows updates that cause computers to become clogged down and not to work. Loree McBride is just trying to make it appear that Zack Knight is not the Big Tech Administrator and that he hasn’t taken over Apple. Google and Microsoft (quite a job).

Zack’s job is to ensure that Apple, Microsoft and Google come in line with my Conspiracy Law and we’re making progress. Andrew Torba of Gab has reported on some of this progress in a video he posted to his Gab on June 10, 2021.

Andrew Torba of Gab reports on some of the progress Zack Knight is making as the administrator of Apple on June 10, 2021. My Cabinet is rocking it, trying to enforce my Conspiracy Law!

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