Fake “Retard Shots”, Microsoft Windows Updates “Cyber” Attacks, Natalie Portman Clone

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Loree McBride’s mainstream news lies so much, you’d have to be a retard to believe all they say! Every one needs to watch Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable)!

Gail thinks the world would find some highlights from her Discord with her Patreon supporters (7 to 10 p.m. on June 4, 2021) interesting. There sure is lots of FAKE NEWS out there! Everyone needs to tune into Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) or be diligent about reading Gail’s posts at this website to be fully safe! Gabrielle Chana FOX News does not air in Florida to protect Gail from Jesuit targeting, because Gail lives in Florida.

June 4, 2021
Highlights from Rule 13 and Gail at Discord hangout with Gail’s Patreon supporters on Friday nights:

[7:36 PM]
Rule 13: Konichiwa!

Gail: Is my son Erich retarded because I read at his Twitter that he got the coronavirus shot twice in April? NOTE: Loree McBride created the coronavirus shot to make those who got it retarded, among other things. It also gives you the coronavirus.

[7:37 PM]
Rule 13: Brianna told doctor, “give my poor husband a placebo!”
[7:37 PM]
Rule 13: Erich got saltwater shot. Haha.
[7:38 PM]
Rule 13: Covid is mental anyway.

Gail: What about my sister Sandra? She’s a public health nurse, so she probably got the shot as soon as it was available, probably back in 2020. Though she’s BFF with Loree McBride, so we want her to be a retard! But then what does that say about Loree McBride that she’s willing to make her BFF a retard? Pretty high and mighty that Loree McBride!

[7:38 PM]
Rule 13: Sandra is retard FOR SURE.
[7:39 PM]
Rule 13: Nurses got it early.

Gail: So did we get a girlfriend for Klock (one of Gail’s sexually frustrated Patreon supporters)? I think he’s sexually frustrated and getting him a girlfriend will solve a lot of his emotional problems. I suggested Natalie Portman to Brent the other day, that is, until I found out Natalie was married and had 2 kids. Cuz we know Klock likes tomboys.

[7:43 PM]
Rule 13: We made Natalie Portman clone for Klock!

One of Gail’s supporters: Is she a clone or an automaton and are clones human?

Gail: Clones are fully human and have souls and go to heaven or hell.

[7:43 PM]
Rule 13: Clone.
[7:44 PM]
Rule 13: We program her, so she like the same things as Klocku San.
[7:44 PM]
Rule 13: She is good tomboy clone.

Gail: Have Natalie and Klock been making love all day? I imagine that would be good for him, cuz his last girlfriend didn’t give him any sex.

[7:45 PM]
Rule 13: Yep!
[7:46 PM]
Rule 13: Klocku San felt better when he had first blowjob.
[7:46 PM]
Rule 13: Now, he can lose pussy virginity too!
[7:46 PM]
Rule 13: Yes, sexual frustration.
[7:46 PM]
Rule 13: Klocku has never had pussy before.
[7:47 PM]
Rule 13: Pretty much.
[7:47 PM]
Rule 13: But now, he is happy.
[7:48 PM]
Rule 13: Good. Thank you Empress Gail Chan.

Gail: Vladimir Putin said he got a shot in mainstream news, but I know for sure Vladimir would not take a shot that would make him a retard. Maybe the Russian version is safe.

[7:50 PM]
Rule 13: Many politician, get fake shot for press release.

Gail: Is Gerard Butler the head of state of the U.K. and Ireland? NOTE: Gail made Gerard Butler the head of state of the U.K. and Ireland after learning that many world leaders are retarded from taking the coronavirus shot.

Rule13 — Today at 8:09 PM
He is now.
[8:10 PM]
Rule 13: Per your order Gail Chan.

Gail: Is my mother retarded? Probably not, because she’s in treatment for cancer.

[8:13 PM]
Rule 13: She has cancer and is chemo.
[8:13 PM]
Rule 13: Not likely.

Gail: I, along with Brent, my men, Zack Knight and Rule 13 are political leaders with space military experience. I have been like a general in space battle many times. It’s very important to have military space experience, like I led the charge against the GA1L Android in 2012, and against Angelina Ballerina in our battle with her Seroquakke in 2017. We are up against Loree McBride’s cum star and her space fleet. A world leader without space battle experience is really deficient, so Brent, myself and my crew we are qualified to lead!

Rule13 — Today at 8:26 PM
We save the world all the time!
[8:27 PM]
Rule 13: Gail Chan has led space battles!

Gail: How is Donald Trump reacting to knowing he’s a retard? And, yes, he knows he’s a retard, cuz he got only one shot and quit after the first shot, cuz he noticed he became retarded.

[8:29 PM]
Rule 13: We will try to unvaccinate him.
[8:29 PM]
Rule 13: Scientists are begin to study.
[8:29 PM]
Rule 13: On upside, he can bond with Baron more.
[8:30 PM]
Rule 13: Baron is autism boy, which is kind of like retard.

This is pretty sad. Trump is so retarded, it appears he put his pants on backwards for his Trump rally in North Carolina on June 5, 2021. Also, his speeches do not reveal deep thought, but it’s like he’s just operating on instinct and guts, which may be why his speeches have gotten him into trouble and why he’s blamed for the violence that happened for his speech on Jan. 6, 2021. It’s also possible that the rioters who killed people allegedly as a result of Trump’s speech also became retards from taking the coronavirus vaccine and, because of that, they misunderstood his speech and became violent. His speeches just parrot the shallow, lying rhetoric you hear in Loree’s mainstream FAKE NEWS and he doesn’t offer intelligent context on his comments, like he did when he ran in 2016. His anti-Russia rants appear an attempt to distance himself from Biden, but he fails to add intelligent context to it, and appears a thoughtless buffoon, which is what Loree McBride intended in making him retarded. This is why I must limit him to Sec. of Veterans Affairs and cannot give him a position that influences policy a lot. In fact, I believe he’s required to work with an assistant, because I don’t allow retards to hold public office, except when they work with an assistant. Trump was willing to die for me to protect me from Melania though and is not a bad person.

Gail: What about Ron DeSantis? He’s doing such a good job as Florida governor and certainly does not act retarded from getting the coronavirus vaccine. He says he got the shot, but he certainly does not act retarded, like Bernie Sanders does (who I know got the shot in December 2020).

[8:31 PM]
Rule 13: No shot.
[8:31 PM]
Rule 13: Placebo.

Gail: You know, all the news is lying about all these new cyber attacks (like the one at some meat plant) and blaming it on Russia. What really happened is that these are all caused by Loree McBride’s Windows updates that cause computer malfunctions and Loree’s news reporters are instructed to blame it all on Russia. Isn’t that right, 13?

Rule13 — Today at 8:41 PM
Of course Gail Chan.

The following law is taken from Gail’s INTERNATIONAL MILITARY LAW Sect. 15 and is an update to that law. Here are Jesus Christ’s Gail Commandments, which every one should be doing.


15.2a If we have problems enforcing a ban on a dangerous vaccine, we will use technology to scan all the world for the dangerous vaccine and to replace all dangerous vaccines that we’ve located with a placebo salt water vaccine (using some sort of technology that transforms the dangerous vaccine to a salt water injection).

15.2b In the meanwhile, those who are willingly violating our ban on the dangerous vaccine and using the dangerous vaccine (or have the intent to violate our ban on a dangerous vaccine) on people in violation of Conspiracy Law will be publicly executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News and will be fined one million dollars for every shot given. This means, even if we succeeded in transforming a dangerous vaccine into salt water before it was injected, thus saving the recipient from its dangerous effects, the fact that the INJECTOR willingly tried to violate our ban is sufficient to publicly execute them and to fine them one million dollars. We will determine guilt (or willingness to violate the ban) by emotion/mind scans to determine motive. An INJECTOR is defined as the person (or one of the persons in the chain leading up to the injection) who injected the vaccine into a person.

15.2c The one million dollars fine collected for violating this Sect. 15 will be donated to the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK and the funds used to help victims of the DANGEROUS VACCINE and other victims of Loree McBride Jesuit treachery. If the person giving the shot did not violate our ban willingly, but did so because they were a retard or violated the ban unwillingly, we will determine who in the chain (leading up to the actual illegal injection) was responsible for this violation of our ban of this dangerous vaccine; AND those responsible for this violation will be fined.

15.2d Furthermore, no retards can practice any form of medicine, be an INJECTOR, or be a nurse or health care practitioner. If this demotion causes financial hardship to the health care practitioner or INJECTOR, they will be taken care of according to our laws for the homeless, where they will be retrained for work suitable for their IQ and abilities until, and if, they regain enough intelligence to carry out their job duties responsibly and effectively. Willing violation of this Sect. 15.2d, allowing a dangerously incompetent person to practice health care, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator, so that they are publicly executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News and will result in a one million dollar fine for each person willingly responsible for this violation of this Sect. 15.2d. The fines will go to the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK to assist victims of Loree McBride’s dangerous vaccines and her other victims.

15.2e A DANGEROUS VACCINE is defined as any vaccine willingly designed to harm the recipient of the vaccine, whether the harm is physical, mental, emotional, financial or otherwise. This means from now on, even giving a flu vaccine designed to give people the flu (like has been done for years), is a death penalty violation of Conspiracy Law and such a flu vaccine would be considered a DANGEROUS VACCINE. All DANGEROUS VACCINES must be banned and treated as outlined in this Sect. 15.

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