A Fistful of Lorees (Loree McBride Devastates Brent Spiner in 1992 VIDEO EVIDENCE)

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Check out this page entitled LOREE MCBRIDE’S TREACHERY for more on Loree McBride’s GRAND ENTRANCE to Brent Spiner’s life in Sept. 1992 during the filming of “A Fistful of Datas” from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Loree McBride currently makes love to Satan on a regular basis while claiming to be Brent Spiner’s wife, while she is actually married to the Brent Spiner clone and used the sperm she obtained from her drug rape of the REAL Brent Spiner in 1992 to artificially impregnate herself with Jackson Spiner, in an attempt to extort the real Brent into marriage to her. Jesuits can keep semen alive in semen banks for years. Just do a search on Loree McBride at this website to learn more about this deadly monster, who is behind the coronavirus pandemic, the deadly coronavirus vaccine and other atrocities which she uses to serve Satan and kill off all those who support true love. Loree McBride could win the Nobel Prize for MURDER. Loree specializes in using extortion on people to get them to do her bidding, and her bidding is always DEADLY.

Funny that Loree McBride has inundated the Internet with websites that claim she started her relationship with Brent around 2000. Don’t believe that lie for a minute. She has been Brent Spiner’s stalker since 1992! Her grand entrance was when she broke into Paramount studios posing as a cook and then poisoned Brent’s beer with brain control drugs. She used these brain control drugs to have “sex” with Brent, which she made sure to videotape as evidence of his rape of her, thus obtaining the “cooperation” of Jesuit big wigs at Paramount studios to obtain public girlfriend status with Brent.

Overwhelming circumstantial evidence that Brent was devastated (see video above) during the filming of “A Fistful of Datas” (above). Loree even admits she raped him then, which contradicts her story that she entered Brent’s life in 2000.

Notice that this Brent Spiner fan who wrote this comment (JULY 1993) in Melody Rondeau’s Data Entries (above) refers to a very sharp California Blonde that came with Brent. That was Loree McBride! And Loree claims she started her relationship with Brent in 2000? Nope! Don’t believe the liar for a minute. Loree only tells the truth about 10% of the time in all she says. She’s a liar, just like the devil she makes love to all the time. Loree insisted that Brent make Star Trek convention appearances in the early 1990s (while she RAN HIS LIFE by threatening death on me if he wouldn’t do her bidding) and that she be allowed to accompany him (or rather to stalk him) while he did so! The REAL Brent is actually an introvert and not interested in Loree’s publicity games, nor is he caught up in the rich and famous lifestyle, like Loree is. Check the video below.

This was the REAL Brent. Unfortunately, one of the many Brent Spiner Jesuit clones has impersonated Brent online since about 2012 forward and any media or even acting appearances of Brent from 2012 forward could very well be the clone. Those with emotional discernment will notice though that the real Brent is an introvert and the clone is an extrovert. Jesus Christ has described the Brent Spiner clone as Loree McBride’s cuckasaurus rex.

By the way, Data Entries fanzine editor Melody Rondeau (see above) got pregnant (and she’s about my age) on July 18, 2021, when Loree launched a nukkake on Silicon Valley, California in an attempt to take out this website. Loree murdered tens of millions in her attempt to take out this website though.

Check out the movie I made about this called Brent Spiner’s Rape (see bottom of this post).

Loree McBride’s LIES
Hey Loree. How come we can’t ever hear your voice? Are you afraid it might match the voice of you in the video above, where you admit you raped Brent in 1992 during the filming of “A Fistful of Datas”? Guess you don’t want to admit that now cuz I’ve exposed your dirty butt too much and you always change your story and say you entered his life in 2000. WHAT A LIAR.
This interview took place in England in Dec. 1996.. IT’S OBVIOUS HE’S REALLY UPSET, CUZ HE JUST LEARNED THAT HIS “GIRLFRIEND” LOREE TRIED TO DO TO FRANCO, LIKE SHE DID TO BRENT WHILE HE FILMED “A FISTFUL OF DATAS” IN 1992. This was when Loree tried to seduce Franco Nero, while accompanying Brent on a Star Trek First Contact tour in Europe. That’s because I replaced Brent with Franco as my long distance lover at the time (cuz I found out about Loree on June 26, 1996) and Loree tried to seduce Franco for that reason. I think she was planning on moving onto Franco, if she could. I drew an artistic representation of photos I saw of Loree with Brent in Germany in Dec. 1996. He looked absolutely miserable with Loree! Of course, Loree has removed all these from the Internet to accommodate her lie that her relationship started with Brent in 2000. See artistic likeness below.
Drawing based on an actual photograph that Gail Chord Schuler saw online in Dec. 1996, except the Franco Nero in the background was not there. Gail added that in for context.

You can also hear Loree’s voice in the 2011 Quebec trial and ask yourself if this monster seems like a woman the real Brent Spiner could love. The Jesuits punished Brent for making the music album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back for me and for falling in love with me (the woman with the genetic profile of King David and Catherine the Great), so they created Loree McBride in a cloning lab and she and one of her many clones have been stalking Brent since 1992! She now has Antichrist powers, which means she cannot be killed. Though she sure does a good job of killing everybody else!

Does this sound like music he made for Loree McBride in 1991/1992? Notice he sings about a woman who is not with him and that woman was ME (Gail Chord Schuler). This is his album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back, which he made FOR ME after I sent him a tape of my singing and piano playing.

Movie I made about Loree McBride’s horrifying drug rape of Brent Spiner in 1992.

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