Andrew Torba Appointed CEO of Gabrielle Chana Credit Union & PayPal, with Elon Musk Executive Vice President

UPDATE at 7 p.m. EST July 7, 2021: It appears Elon and Andrew are doing fast work. Andrew Torba appeared on Infowars on July 7, 2021 to discuss his new payment processor! Check out the video just below, Empress Gail has started an international credit union, which will have financial protection from the NCUA. Gail’s international alliance of Conspiracy Law […]

We Must Exist As 11-Dimensional Hyperspace Beings

Update on July 8, 2021: I fine tune my theory about our hyperspace existence. I now believe that until Loree successfully targets our entire dimensional existence she cannot induce symptoms in us with her mites. Loree can introduce undetectable “dormant” mites to our body that act as portals to switch-out with malignant mites. The dormant mites are probably in Loree’s […]