All Elections Done Over (From 2017 Forward). Supreme Conspiracy Law Monarchs Set Up.

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My inspiration as a monarch as I deal with monster Loree McBride. Queen Elizabeth viewing the destruction of the almighty Spanish Armada.
Nobody defies tyranny better than a group of monarchs with true convictions, which is why I’m restoring the monarchy in my war against Loree McBride!

This is a Sect. 20 addition to International Military Law (which is part of my Conspiracy Law as U.S. President and world empress).

20.0 We have had a serious problem with election integrity since Loree McBride has come to power as a Jesuit leader in 2017. She has been working with Israel (which she has controlled since 2017) to corrupt all elections worldwide since 2017. Right now, Biden, who came to power through election fraud, is living on Loree McBride’s cum star (since July 22, 2021). He conducts his news briefs from the cum star and basically does whatever monster Loree wants. So Biden is definitely impeached and is not eligible to run again in the new elections. Unfortunately, just about all of the House and Senate in the U.S. got elected fraudulently as well. Therefore, Gail must exercise supreme rule as the monarch and disband the current House and Senate in the United States, as well as ALL government positions worldwide for anyone who got elected and put into that government position from any election from 2017 forward.

20.1 Basically, anyone who got elected to any government office in any election from 2017 forward in the world is impeached and will need to run again in a new election which we will conduct in all Conspiracy Law honoring nations according to voting by genetic code. See Sections 8.07bbb to 8.07jjj of my document called Conspiracy Laws and Government.

20.2 In the meanwhile, no legislation, edicts, executive orders or government actions of ANY KIND can go forward (that involve any elected officials, outside of Gail and her Cabinet) until the new elections have happened and if anyone willingly tries to forward any government actions before this, they will be executed by our military forces. It goes without saying that anything Biden says to do, MUST BE TOTALLY IGNORED and if anyone willingly goes forward with anything Biden tells them to do, THEY WILL BE EXECUTED. The mere fact that Biden currently lives on the cum star, makes him guilty of HIGH TREASON and unworthy to live, let alone, hold office. He is retarded and Loree could easily clone him, if we executed him. Far better to impeach him and give out the death penalty to anyone who listens to anything he says to do.

20.3 Because we are draining Loree’s bank accounts and her game is about up with the cum star, she is trying to find a new way to get money to finance her new military space fleet to replace the cum star, which she expects to lose soon. She is using Biden to submit to the House and Senate an infrastructure bill which is designed to finance Loree’s new space fleet and to make up for money she’s losing because we are confiscating Loree McBride Jesuit bank accounts and making them pay damages to their victims. This infrastructure bill is not for any infrastructure except to finance Loree’s terrorist space fleet. Also, because we are impeaching all the current House and Senate, the infrastructure bill cannot go forward. If anyone tries to make the bill go forward, they will be EXECUTED. Also, most of the current House and Senate live on the cum star and plan to conduct the House and Senate sessions (to forward the criminal and illegal infrastructure bill) from the cum star, using automatons on earth to act in their stead, so that they can bypass my scanners to execute them for acting in the Congress and Senate in violation of my Conspiracy Law. THIS IS WHY THEY ALL NEED TO BE FIRED AND NEW ELECTIONS NEED TO TAKE PLACE.

20.4 After the new elections take place and we have legitimate people in the government offices, to ensure Loree cannot infiltrate (by murdering them and replacing them with clones), we will set up scanners to scan them to see where their allegiance lies. My purpose for allowing the House and Senate to still exist (I could have chosen to totally disband them) is to give the people a voice. Regarding Biden’s replacement, we will allow another election for mainstream news U.S. President, but whoever is elected is not really the President, but will play the role of Press Secretary for me and must honor all my edicts and legislations as U.S. President, which Biden has NOT been doing! Let’s say Donald Trump wins in the re-election, he would serve as my Press Secretary, along with Tucker Carlson, and must not BUCK ME (like Biden has done).

20.5 With our new elected government people in place after the new elections, this is how they will conduct business. If they have to vote on a matter, they must first pass a scan to verify that they are who they claim to be (in orher words that they aren’t a clone or automaton of the real person they claim to represent) and that they honor Conspiracy Law and Gail as world Empress. If they fail this scan, all their actions must be negated and their vote or actions must not count. If this means that only one person’s vote counts in the entire House and Senate for the action considered, then so be it.

20.6 Next, after the action is decided upon or voted over, the action must be submitted to whoever is the acting head of state of that Conspiracy Law honoring country and approved by the acting head of state (who was elected according to Conspiracy Law). BUT, before the acting head of state can approve of the measure (whatever it is), he, too, must first pass the scan that he is who he claims to be (he’s not a clone or automaton of the real person) and that he honors Conspiracy Law and Gail as world Empress. If he fails this scan, then the action cannot go forward without the approval of Gail or her co-President Brent Spiner. Gail is world Empress after all. If Brent is not available, and it’s an emergency, the action cannot go forward without approval by majority vote, from Gail’s Cabinet.

20.7 Gail admits that she is reinstating the monarchy worldwide, because this is necessary to defeat Loree McBride, who takes advantage of our current complicated political systems to infiltrate and corrupt, using technology that no mainstream news outlet will report on, like cloning, using a prehistoric earth that exists in the past (where her agents safely live while conducting criminal business on earth through their automatons), etc.

20.8 So, in a nutshell, the monarchy has been reinstated in all Conspiracy Law honoring countries, but Gail wants to give the people who honor true love a voice, but in a manner that does not allow Loree McBride to corrupt their voice. This is the system that she feels will best accomplish a worldwide government that honors true love and give those who honor true love a voice. It minimizes Loree’s ability to corrupt and infiltrate the justice and election process. The monarch of each Conspiracy Law honoring country is the SUPREME RULER and can choose a Cabinet, as Gail has done. They can also allow the current political system to sort of remain in place, but with the modifications I’ve suggested here. BOTTOM LINE, is if anyone allows any government action to go forward in violation of this Sect. 20 of this document, so that any Conspiracy Law honoring government forwards ANY ACTION without the safety checks outlined in this Section 20, they will be executed by our military forces, even if it means we have to bomb buildings to do so.

20.9 If those who vote over a measure, like a lot of what is being proposed, but want modifications to it, then the action can be decided upon later after it has been modified (using the same safety checks outlined in this Sect. 20) and can go forward as a MODIFIED ACTION. But no government action can go forward without the approval of the SUPREME RULER of the country (who himself must pass safety checks outlined in this Section) and then the ultimate decider on the action, if necessary, will be Empress Gail or Brent Spiner or Gail’s Cabinet (as outlined in this Section).

20.9a To ensure this process is going smoothly, our auditors will regularly monitor all the acting heads of state of all Conspiracy Law honoring countries to ensure they are monitoring all actions inside their country in compliance with Conspiracy Law. To ease the job of a country’s head of state, a country that has governors, mayors, or district heads, these lesser “heads of state” will be considered a supreme ruler of a small country for the purposes of Conspiracy Law. But we need more centralized control to weed out Loree McBride corruption in government processes.

20.9b BUT, if the government action affects the entire country, then the person who is normally considered the head of state, must be the final arbiter or decider of that action. If the action only affects a subsection of that country, then whoever is in charge of that subsection must be the final arbiter or decider of that action. So the person who has the final say in the matter, will be determined by who is affected by the action. If an entire country is affected, than the head of state of that country must make the final decision (according to this Sect. 20). If only a part of the country is affected, than the heads of state of the parts affected, must make the final decision. Let’s say that it affects five states in the U.S. and the governors don’t agree on the action, it may need to be decided upon by the acting head of state of the entire country at this point, since a disagreement between the parties may cause national repercussions, or they may choose to agree to disagree and allow each state to do it its own way. But regardless, the final decider must be the heads of state of each country, state or region as outlined in this Sect. 20.

20.10 Because Loree’s lying mainstream news likes to report propaganda designed to trick people into obeying Loree’s criminal and illegal edicts, if any news organization reports lies about the outcome of a government action (with the intent to forward that action in violation of Conspiracy Law), they will be fined a million dollars for each infraction for each person willingly involved in the infraction (even if we have to seize their bank accounts militarily) and the money will be put into the International Charity Bank to assist us in the building of Church of Gail cities and to finance our National Health Care Plans and to help the homeless and Loree McBride’s victims. If they don’t have enough money to pay the fine, we will just randomly seize the bank accounts of any Loree McBride Jesuit bank accounts that we can to pay the fine. We will also try to execute them, but this is becoming a complicated matter, due to Loree’s ability to quickly replace people with clones. Taking their money might work better.

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