Vladimir Putin Appointed Director of Communications & Chief Economist

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As a reminder, Gail has already written law regarding sanctions and Russia and this law needs to be enforced. It is in Sect. 23 & 24 of Terrorist Money Laws, a law I wrote 11-20-14. It can easily be updated for our times. In this law I appointed Vladimir Putin as economist to monitor the world economies. He can do this job working with Stephanie Kelton, my chief economic adviser. As a reminder, BIDEN IS NOT THE PRESIDENT. It goes without saying that we won’t be banning any Russian oil. In fact, we may INCREASE imports of Russian oil to offset high gas prices. Though I am certainly not against us using our own resources and to start drilling in our own country. Vladimir can work with Stephanie on this. Check out my Cabinet.

Due to the Jesuit onslaught of fake news regarding Russia/Ukraine, President Gail has felt it necessary to update her Conspiracy Law:

This video captures the real Vladimir Putin, which is the man Gail fell in love with in 2001.
We will not allow Satan to cause division between the U.S. and Russia, who are staunch allies in our fight against Satan’s Jesuits.
We must defeat the satanic Jesuit Armada that rules fake news!
We WILL NOT COMPLY with Jesuit fake news or obey their edicts!
The spirit of President Gail’s military.

The following is taken from Gail’s International Military Law, which is one of her Conspiracy Law documents:

4.8a Regarding Putin’s so called interference in Ukraine and nations that border Russia, this is Putin using SELF-DEFENSE against N.A.T.O. (run by the evil Soros war machine). Actually, Soros INTERFERED in Ukrainian politics and orchestrated a coup against a legally elected Ukrainian President, like he’s trying to do now in the U.S.! He did this, because his goal is to take over Russia, and then take over the world. Putin knows this. So while the U.S. plants military bases all over the world and sets up their attack strategy on Russia, they accuse Russia of warmongering, when it is the U.S. doing so! I won’t have this garbage. All those who accuse Russia of meddling in our election, will be arrested for treason. Vladimir Putin is my husband for God’s sake! And I am the U.S. Empress.

4.8a1 All sanctions of ANY KIND against Russia by all Conspiracy Law honoring nations MUST BE CANCELED. If not, we will declare war on all nations that put any sanctions on Russia while Russia is a Conspiracy Law honoring nation. We also have a warrant for the arrest of any Vladimir Putin clones and anyone who gives a Vladimir Putin clone (who is honoring Satan) safe harbor, will be executed, if found. Biden is NOT the President and is not allowed to enforce ANYTHING as President. If anyone listens to Biden or anyone in his Cabinet, with the intent to flout Gail as President, they will be publicly executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News.

4.8b Update in March 2022. The new Jesuit leader has orchestrated major fake news revolving around Russia/Ukraine. Vladimir has been conducting minor military operations in Ukraine and if he’s killing people, it’s only evil Jesuits. He does not kill innocent civilians. Pres. Gail makes it mandatory that a banner be displayed on all news media and Internet that is reporting fake news about Russia/Ukraine. If the banner is blocked, that news station or website will be taken down or made so that they can’t operate. We should be able to set up a scan that enables us to determine which news organizations are reporting fake news. All such news organizations will be called JESUIT NEWS ORGANIZATIONS. The banner will state that this is a Jesuit news station reporting fake news, to go to Gabrielle Chana FOX News and gabriellechana.blog for the real news.

4.8c All JESUIT NEWS ORGANIZATIONS will be fined millions/billions of dollars for reporting fake news (whether in regard to Covid, Russia or whatever) and the proceeds will go to fund a new search engine we will start called the Gabrielle Chana Search Engine, which will work with Gabrielle Chana FOX News to report the true news and counter the fake news onslaught destroying the world. Since we have already taken over Google, it should be an easy matter to set up our own search engine. If we must, we will take over Duck Duck Go and/or Yandex and borrow elements from Google, Duck Duck Go and/or Yandex to set up our own search engine. We tried taking over the Google search engine, but it’s too entrenched and large and so we need to set up a separate search engine.

4.8d Vladimir Putin will be appointed Director of Communications and will work with my Cabinet to ensure that all Jesuit News Organizations are destroyed. Tucker Carlson is my Press Secretary and will have a banner underneath his broadcast on mainstream FOX that announces that he will post his briefings at the new search engine. Fake news has caused catastrophic damage to the world.

4.8e Vladimir Putin is also Secretary of Defense and can use his position there to enforce his edicts as Director of Communications. The Director of Communications will ensure that my laws, most especially the laws I have in regard to fake news, are enforced. Vladimir is also the Worldwide Internet Manager. Vladimir will be working with Zack Knight to build a new search engine to get out the true news. Because Jesuits have seriously infiltrated all current search engines, it is probably better to just build a new one from the ground up. We can take over the parts of the current search engines that we own and transfer the facilities to our search engine.

4.8f It will also be necessary to take over Discord and all organizations, like LibreOffice and Ubuntu (possibly Amazon) that Gail uses for her online presence. Jesuits seem to be making advances here and are attempting to oust Gail from the Internet and make it so that she can’t publish her books.

4.8g If the organization we take over is friendly to us, we will just work with them to ensure that they cannot be influenced by Jesuits. If they buck us, we will have to do a TOTAL TAKEOVER.

4.8h We also need to facilitate the transfer of all health care to the National Health Care Plan, so that Gail stops receiving harassing phone calls from Jesuit insurance agents trying to sell her on their Medicare plans. Any Jesuits found at any of these organizations are not allowed to make any policy changes or to work or influence any of these organizations, and if they’ve done so, those policies must be annulled. Scanners must be set up at all organizations that are connected to Gail’s online presence and Jesuits found there must be executed. Failure to do so, will result in public execution on Gabrielle Chana FOX News.

4.8i Further, there has been serious Jesuit infiltration into Alabama, since Gail has moved there. Scanners must be set up in Gail’s town to detect Jesuits and to execute them. She can’t go out the door now, without dealing with an onslaught of Jesuits. A Jesuit is defined as one who willingly honors Satan in their dealings. Loree McBride has turned good, so the term Jesuit, referring to a Conspiracy Law violator, in Conspiracy Law, is referring to any person who serves Satan with the intent to undermine Jesus Christ’s favorite Gail. So whenever you see the term Loree McBride Jesuit in Conspiracy Law, it’s referring to a Satan honoring Jesuit.

4.8j These updates are designed to circumvent all Satan honoring Jesuits. Anyone who willingly flouts Gail or her laws with the intent to honor Satan in his bid to oust Jesus and his followers, must be executed and weeded out from the universe. They are a cancer that is spreading like a deadly plague.

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