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Update on May 31, 2022: I only assumed full monarchy to help the American people deal with inflation, but they seem to prefer inflation over a full monarchy, so I will not assume a full monarchy unless the American people vote for me to be full monarch according to Conspiracy Law.

Update on May 26, 2022: If Brent or I decide to adopt a bill passed by the legislature, we are free to modify it however we want. And, of course, we can outright reject it as well. The legislature’s role is ADVISORY ONLY. We are also free to apply this retroactively and undo (the best we can) past bills passed by the legislature and/or modify them as well.

(1) Young Catherine

(2) Young Catherine

My favorite movie about Catherine the Great. I am literally half Catherine the Great. This movie is almost impossible to get in video form and appears to be censored, probably because it depicts Catherine the Great in a way that makes her appealing. I feel it does the best job of capturing her heart. I had to film this from watching it on my television via my video player, so excuse the quality. NOTE OF INTEREST: The Jesuits appear to have targeted the actor Mark Frankel who played Catherine’s lover in Young Catherine for some reason. Perhaps they didn’t want him to become famous because they hated this production of Young Catherine and wanted to make it obscure. He died young.

Personal life of actor Mark Frankel who played Catherine’s lover

During his filming of Young Catherine, tragedy struck his family. His older brother was killed in an aircraft accident, a mid-air collision between two small planes. The pilots and passengers of both planes were killed. An experienced acrobatics pilot, Joe Frankel flew his plane as far from populated areas as he could, but he did not survive the eventual impact. Mark, just three years younger than his brother, lost his only sibling. Together, they had been risk-takers, performing aerial stunts and skydiving. Their father had been a pilot in the Royal Air Force.


The 34-year-old Frankel died in a traffic accident on 24 September 1996 from injuries sustained when he was hit by a lorry.[1]

The funeral service was carried out at Kingston Liberal Synagogue and was attended by friend, co-stars, professional colleagues and the directors Jason Isaacs and Gary Sinyor, who worked previously with Frankel.

He had married French advertising account executive Caroline Besson in 1991, and together they had two children, Fabien and Max. The younger, Max, was born after Frankel’s death.

David 1997

My favorite movie about King David. I am literally half King David. David spoke to me from heaven (in 2008 I believe) and said this movie is very accurate about him. Jesus created me to have half the genetic profile of Catherine the Great and half the genetic profile of King David with Lakshmi infused into my entire profile. This makes me a great lover as well as a great head of state with strong royal genes. I get the King David from my father’s side of the family. Howard Hughes was my great uncle on my dad’s side. I get the Catherine the Great from the Oshu Fujiwara family on my mother’s side. By the way, the Oshu Fujiwara family were kind and generous rulers in northern Japan when they reigned. They prided themselves in that no one in their country was homeless or lacked food. They used their wealth from gold mines to ensure everyone had food in their country. The password to watch the Japanese mini-series with English subtitles about the Oshu Fujiwara family is Oshu Fujiwara.

Here is the update to Conspiracy Law, which has been added to Terrorist Money Laws:


28.0 Because of a serious price gouging epidemic caused by greedy corporations taking advantage of a social climate and fake news that allows them to do so, costs for housing, food, gasoline, utilities and other essentials have skyrocketed and it seems there is no end in sight. The end result of all this is that it will increase the divide between the super rich and the poor and will eliminate the middle class. This will enable the super rich, who became rich at the expense of the poor and the defunct middle class, to lord it over the poor, causing the lower class to become slaves to the super rich (who got their status through pure greed). The best and most efficient way to solve this problem of rampant corporate greed is with a righteous supreme monarch, because to solve this will necessitate quick and efficient action without the need to go through legislative hurdles which would block the actions necessary to deal with the price gouging.

28.1 Unfortunately, in our current social climate, the legislative bodies have also become corrupted with greed and serve the interests of the greedy corporations. This is why it is necessary to remove their ability to do so. When a country has corporations that provide needs to the community, such as food, water, electricity, gasoline, etc. and these corporations engage in price gouging on a massive scale, making reasonable prices for necessary services impossible for most of the population, then a supreme monarch needs to be established to fix this problem.

28.2 Necessary services and products are defined as services and products such as gasoline, food, water, electricity, housing, automobiles, transportation, etc. that are necessary for survival and to make a living and that, if a person did not have these, the person could not live and function in good health.

28.3 Corporate price gouging is defined as a condition in a society where corporations that provide necessary services and products have banded together to increase the costs of their services and products to the public to the extent that it causes “inflation” and these increases only increase the corporate profits and not because there is a true need to increase the costs of these services and products (to the public) because of increased costs to the corporation to produce these products and services.

28.4 A righteous supreme monarch who rises up to solve corporate price gouging must be scanned 24/7 to ensure that their motive for assuming full power, which necessitates the annulling of the legislative bodies in their country, is to serve the interests of the people and is not doing this for private gain. If the scans determine that the righteous supreme monarch is infested with a lust for greed or power or lacks the intelligence and sanity to act as a righteous supreme monarch, then the legislative bodies must retain their power and the supreme monarch must revert back to their former position as a head of state who is hindered by a legislative body to ensure the monarch does not become corrupt at the expense of the people. Those who do these scans must do them accurately and willing failure to do them accurately will bring the death penalty to the scanner. The results of the scan must be made available to the public 24/7 in case there is an emergency where the righteous supreme monarch turns evil very fast and they need to be removed from power.

28.5 A righteous supreme monarch is defined as a monarch who came to full power to solve the problem of corporate price gouging which has caused rampant inflation and an unnecessary increase in the costs of necessary goods and services. When this happens, the legislative bodies of the country are annulled and act in an advisory capacity only to the righteous supreme monarch or monarchs (if there is a team as in the United States with Brent and Gail). This means elections for the legislative positions will continue and these elections must be conducted according to Conspiracy Law, using genetic code voting as outlined in Conspiracy Law.

28.6 Those in the legislature who only serve in an advisory capacity, are entitled to approach the supreme monarch to offer their bills for passage or enforcement. In fact, the monarch must allow those in the legislature to do so and must set up an efficient process to allow these bills to be presented and considered for enforcement. In the United States, Brent and Gail will delegate a lot of this to their Cabinet to review the proposals or bills and to decide on enforcement. The purpose for the supreme monarch is not to negate the voice of the people, but to allow the people’s wishes to be considered without all the hurdles necessary to have their wishes enforced.

28.7 The legislature must put into writing their bills that they want to be enforced. The supreme monarch then decides on enforcement. If it is an important bill that affects the population deeply, the monarch must read (or make available to the public) that bill to the public in its entirety on a public broadcast or be publicly published. This reading can be assigned to another person. If a monarch fails to let the public know which bills are being considered for enforcement, that monarch must lose their supreme status and go back to how they were before they became supreme monarch. The purpose of the supreme monarchy is to eliminate the hurdles to righteous government, it is not to lord it over the people and rule over them as slaves.

28.8 But since corporate greed can infest the legislature and cause worthy bills to not see the light of day, any worthy bill in writing can be presented to the supreme monarch for passage from any member of the legislature even if it has not been voted on by the majority in the legislature for approval. Any bill that is being considered for enforcement or passage must be publicly published and/or broadcast. This means any bill presented in writing to the supreme monarch from any member of the legislature can be considered for passage, even if it has not been approved of by the legislative body using normal legislative processes. Because this will involve a lot of time for the supreme monarch, the monarch can assign or delegate the duty of deciding on enforcement of bills to members of the monarch’s Cabinet.

28.9 To show that the monarch has assumed full power to serve the interests of the people due to rampant corporate price gouging, an assessment must be made of all corporations or entities that engage in corporate price gouging. All such corporations will be exposed publicly and punished with fines. First, economists must determine what are reasonable prices for necessary goods and services in all categories and must determine maximum amounts that are allowed to be charged for necessary goods and services (such as rent, housing, food, gasoline, etc.). Those in the Cabinet in charge of the economy must publish these results and make them available to the public. The findings may end up the size of a book. Those that engage in price gouging will be fined according to the amount that they charge that is above what is considered reasonable for their goods or services. These fines will then be paid out to the public in the form of vouchers, food stamps or whatever to allay the suffering caused by the price gouging. So if all the apartments are increasing rent costs, all the landlords will be fined for the amounts they charge that are above what is considered reasonable and the fines will be used as rent vouchers to be given to the victims of these greedy landlords. The fines can be applied retroactively for previous price gouging, as long as it can be determined when the price gouging started. The fines will continue until the price gouging stops. All fines will go the victims of the price gouging, and because a supreme monarch is doing this, there are no legislative hurdles to stop the victims from getting their money immediately.

29.0 It is death penalty to interfere with the payment to the victims of price gouging for necessary goods and services. All victims of price gouging for necessary goods and services must be paid all the fines assessed on the price gougers and those willingly who try to stop the victims from getting the fines, will be publicly executed for punishment. Due to our current rampant price gouging, this would seem to qualify everyone to get food stamps or food vouchers, since we seem to have a massive problem with price gouging occurring with groceries. We can even hand out vouchers to buy new cars, if we determine the automotive industry is engaging in price gouging. We could only do this with a monarchy, since the legislative hurdles would be too steep to accomplish this otherwise. We have a massive conspiracy of price gougers in corporations worldwide and this problem can only be solved by strong monarchs who work with Gail to fine these greedy corporations and to give the fines to the people who are suffering as a result of corporate greed.

30.0 The military industrial complex has infected most legislative bodies in the world with greed, which is another reason that Gail has decided on a supreme monarchy to deal with the problem of greed. Most legislators themselves are infected with greed. Because the standards to be a righteous supreme monarch are very high, we will not require this for all legislators. They will just be annulled and only have advisory capacities when we have a righteous supreme monarch over a country. However, the same scan which we use on the supreme monarch will be applied to all legislators and the results will be made public.

Gail’s government has been patterned after Japan’s Constitutional Monarchy, but she has reserved the right to cancel the legislatures if they get out of line, which, it appears, they have.

As a reminder, Biden is not allowed to act as President and if he does and we catch him, he will be executed. He has flagrantly violated Gail’s law since the beginning of his joke rule and has the I.Q. of a retard (literally, this is not a joke). Jesuits hide him from us and keep us from executing him. He is basically a puppet for a shadow Jesuit ruler (probably Satan). Further, all government officials must be scanned to ensure Conspiracy Law compliance. Anyone who obeys Biden willingly, will be executed. He is not the U.S. head of state and his policies are to be IGNORED.

The coronation as seen in Young Catherine, which is Gail’s favorite movie about Catherine the Great.

Update on May 25, 2022: President Gail is very concerned about rising inflation and costs increasing in everything from food and gas to everything! Part of the blame may lie in the money sent to Ukraine IN VIOLATION OF GAIL’S LAWS. President Gail does not recognize the war between Russia and Ukraine and wants a warrant for the arrest and execution of the Vladimir Putin clone in Russia who is causing significant economic problems all over the world as a result of his nonsense.

As a reminder, no one should take any news seriously besides what you get at this website or at Gabrielle Chana FOX News. But when Gail goes to the grocery store and sees her bill get higher every month, she knows that inflation is spiraling out of control and the blame seems to lie with asinine bills passed by the House and the Senate, which is why Gail must cancel these institutions and relegate them only to advisory roles for the future.

We have already dissolved the U.S. Supreme Court, which has passed absolutely asinine rulings in the past couple years. But, it seems the Jesuits have taken advantage of the freedom I have given the House and Senate and have used them to try and bypass President Gail. So, as a result of this, the Senate and House can only pass bills that are suggestions that I and my co-President Brent will consider for passage or enforcement. If Brent or I decide to adopt a bill passed by the legislature, we are under no obligation to adopt it completely as written, but can modify it however we want.

Russia and the U.S. are ALLIES. It is already death penalty to have any sanctions against Russia. See Sect. 23 & 24 of Gail’s laws. As a reminder, Vladimir Putin and Stephanie Kelton are in charge of economics. We may need to start regulating some of the corporations who appear to be exercising corporate greed and using “inflation” and the war with Russia as an excuse to artificially raise prices. I will let Stephanie Kelton analyze this and determine policies.

It appears Jesuits have used the U.S. House and Senate to try and bypass President Gail’s executive orders. For this reason, Gail has made the United States a COMPLETE MONARCHY and the House and Senate are now DISSOLVED. We will allow elections for the posts in the House and Senate to continue (and these elections must be conducted according to Conspiracy Law). But all the U.S. senators and representatives can do is act as advisors to President Gail’s Cabinet. They can pass bills and these are only to be suggestions given to Gail’s Cabinet. The final approval of these suggestions or bills will be made by Gail herself or Brent Spiner, her co-President Brent can delegate approvals to members of the Cabinet as he desires. If any bills passed by the House and/or Senate are approved of and acted on without getting approval first from Gail and/or Brent (via Cabinet members he may appoint for approvals), those willingly responsible for this will be publicly executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News.

Further, if Ukraine has received money illegally sent to them in violation of my wishes, they must return the money or else I will take over Ukraine and make them part of Russia. Russia is ruled by the REAL Vladimir Putin, not his jackass clone. We have a monarchy in Russia, like we do here, and the REAL Vladimir Putin is emperor of Russia.

No joke. This is a picture of the Vladimir Putin clone or one of them at least.

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