Lizzo Going on Fake News Rampage (No Coup in Russia)

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Above is a recent photo of the Vladimir Putin CLONE, who, it appears, has been making lots of appearances in Lizzo’s fake news. Of course, he may be dead and replaced with a fatter version of Putin, since Lizzo likes her fatties.

Update on June 24, 2023: It appears part of Lizzo’s strategy involves taking down websites that might expose her lies, like Alex Jones’s Infowars and replacing them with clone versions of that site run by an Alex Jones clone. Zack Knight working with our automatons mans this website and has been able to defeat Lizzo in this regard, so, unfortunately, the ONLY reliable news source is this website (which sponsors Gabrielle Chana FOX News at 00 on cable).

Newsmax and all alternative media have been taken over (or somehow transformed or overridden) by Lizzo. THE ONLY RELIABLE NEWS SOURCE IS GABRIELLE CHANA FOX NEWS (00 on cable and at this website). If she is unable to take down a site, she can also use her clone copies of the Internet to OVERRIDE the site. I don’t believe Lizzo has been able to successfully clone this site. Zack Knight is a genius at the Internet and computer.

This is just fair warning to turn off all news except Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable). It seems the latest fake news is claiming Russia is on the brink of civil war. This is all a psyop created by Lizzo and her lying news propagandists. Sadly, even alternative news sources are falling prey to the fake news. The ONLY reliable news source is Gabrielle Chana FOX News.

No coup anywhere. Crazy Evgeny Prigozhin laying bare his skyzophrenia for the whole world to see. And of course, the West will take it all and magnify it 10000%. Evgeny Prigozhin needs to go yesterday. He’s now doing a lot more harm than good, and will now have to be taken away in chains after completely disgacing himself. What a shame, when he could’ve been remembered as a hero.

Commentator at Russia Today

I think President Putin is safe from being overthrown for the time being. Wagner has 50,000 troops? Russia has 1 million?

Commentator at Russia Today

Any ways, Vladimir Putin is in President Brent’s cabinet and the U.S. is in an alliance with Russia. If there is anything to this report, it must be a Jesuit leader and, if so, he will be stamped out by our joint U.S./Russian forces. Bona-fide retard Biden is NOT the President. Brent Spiner is the President and Vladimir Putin and many Russians are in our Cabinet.

If there’s anything to this report, Wagner is a Jesuit and his 50,000 are Jesuits. If that’s the case, our joint U.S./Russian military will easily take him out. My guess is this is a bunch of hot air and anything you see of this in the Western news, is probably from a Hollywood style movie set.

So just ignore the fake news and only tune into Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable and here at this website) unless you like being a brainwashed, controlled idiot.

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