Gail Chord Schuler Dares Brent Spiner CLONE to make a statement (under LIE-DETECTION) that he's not a clone

Gail Chord Schuler Responds to Brent Spiner Jew Clone who calls her crazy. Hey, Brent Spiner Jew Clone, why don’t you give the REAL Brent Spiner his Twitter back? And why don’t you have the courage to post your picture at Twitter? Scared that everyone will figure out you are a FRAUD? Anyone with the brains of a two year […]

LAS VEGAS SHOOTER SCANNER (designed to take out Terrorist Loree McBride & her supporters)

CONSPIRACY LAW DOCUMENT in Sect. 23 of INTERNATIONAL LAWS FOR CLONES: I have determined, using logic, that Facebook feels that my new law designed to take out terrorist Loree McBride and her terrorist network is what Facebook deems as violating their Terms of Service. It is not really necessary for me to advertise this law on Facebook. But we would […]