Easy To Tell the REAL Brent Spiner From His Clone!

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I haven’t posted much about Brent’s new look because I’ve always loved him for who he is on the inside. But I wanted to post what the REAL Brent looks like now, so that people can easily tell him from his clone. Once Brent acquired his new look in May 2022, he joked that it would be easy to tell him from his clone now.

I am polyamorous and am content to confine most of my loving to Brent, who is monogamous. That’s because I have strong asexual tendencies. However, I can see myself being the future Gail described below in our Discord conversation from May 6, 2022. Perhaps in the future I will have more energy to act out my polyamory. My attitude towards sex with anyone I don’t have a very strong emotional connection to is lackadaisical. However, I am not lackadaisical about my friendships with my men and closest friends.

In the meanwhile, I have encouraged my men to make automatons of women I admire (some former beauty pageant winners) and have fun with them, if they want. I don’t have a problem with this, since I’d like for my men to feel fulfilled. But then, they also have future Gail. Brent won’t be taking up this offer, because he’s very monogamous and is fully into me. But I currently am only having sex with Brent and happy with that, and encourage the other men on the marriage list to feel free to have sex with my hot women friends, if they want. Sorry for being so strongly asexual, but that’s who I am. But yet, I can get turned on by my soulmate, who is Brent. The other men can remain on my marriage list and have sex with other hot women, who are nice and who support me and what I stand for.

As Brent joked with me, he said, “You don’t have a jealous bone in your body!” That’s true. If I feel a woman is superior to me in any way, I admire her and cheer her on. I never feel threatened by her. Perhaps, it’s because a superior woman, loaded with both inner and outer beauty is something I greatly admire and see her as a beautiful flower enhancing the beauty of the universe and am thrilled she exists to add more beauty to the multiverse. This includes goddesses who are beautiful inside and out, like the beautiful goddess Lakshmi. However, Lakshmi has informed me that she is highly monogamous and saving herself for her god husband. She is plainly not interested in having it with anyone besides him.

The only problem I have with humans having sex with deities is that it weakens the deity and I don’t want a good deity to harm themselves and make themselves vulnerable to attack from evil beings. They have to compact their 11 dimensions down to 3 to have sex with humans and it really weakens them.

Perhaps because Gail is so asexual, she doesn’t understand why a deity would want to have sex with a human. Most deities have an I.Q. in the trillions and Brent and Gail have an I.Q. of around 10,000 (we are the highest among humans). I guess a deity having sex with a human would be like a human having sex with an animal. But there are humans that like to have sex with animals. Rule 13 is like that. Gail does not feel this is wrong, but it befuddles her why any being would desire sex with another being they can’t have a very strong emotional connection to. Part of Gail’s very strong connection to Brent is the fact that they both share a very high intelligence and care about the same things. Gail tends to project her asexual tendencies onto others.

Would Gail be open to having sex with a deity? Well. . . she would not want the deity to harm themselves, that’s the only problem. If they could not be harmed, she’s not sure she could get into it though, because having sex with a being so much smarter than her would be rather intimidating to her. Frankly, she’s not interested in having sex with deities. Gail believes the only humans who would be interested in sex with deities might be those with a super strong sex drive and perhaps a bit of an ego, which is definitely not her. She personally feels that if a deity wants sex, for their own sake, they should save it for another deity. Though Gail hears the god Muhammad likes to have sex with virgin female humans. Gail suggests he practice this in MODERATION however, lest he weaken himself to the point that he can be attacked successfully by another evil deity or being.

Gail used to have sex with those she respected and was friends with just to make them happy, even when she wasn’t into it. But she has quit doing that and is no longer ashamed of her asexual tendencies and has accepted herself as she is.

Speaking from an asexual perspective, it is fully possible to be happy without lots of sex. Gail gets most of her happiness from her deep friendships and connection with those who share her heart and her goals. Her friendships are like eating a delicious meal and the sex would be a rich dessert. However, too much of a rich dessert can give an asexual indigestion. So, for this reason, Gail saves the rich dessert for her husband and soulmate Brent. In other words, for Gail, too much sex, seems to make it less enjoyable for her, because she likes to savor her rich dessert and not eat it like a meal. Gail loves her dark chocolate, but if she made a meal out it, it would become nauseating to her and would make her feel sick. You get the drift? So, she cuts up her one little chocolate bar and sprinkles it over her fruit salad. That would be a good analogy of how Gail likes her sex, like how she likes her dark cocoa bar. High quality, very selective sex, is how Gail likes it. She gets this from her husband.

She also doesn’t need a daily orgasm for happiness. Her husband Brent seems to need this and she offers him her vagina, and enjoys the intimacy of the sexual experience with him, even when she’s not in the mood for sex that particular day. Just knowing she is meeting his needs and cuddling with him is often good enough for her and it works for Brent, too. A poly-amorous person who has asexual tendencies (Gail) can work it out well with a monogamous person (Brent), for this reason. For a relationship like this, or any relationship, to work, however, you need to respect the boundaries of your partner and give them their space. Brent has learned to keep his humping to a minimum at bedtime sometimes, so Gail can get her rest, because she (with strong asexual tendencies) requires a long time to get to orgasm and sometimes, frankly, is not interested. On the other hand, Gail always offers Brent her vagina, to meet his needs, even when she’s not in the mood for sex, but she’s always in the mood for cuddling!

Gail’s sex drive has also lessened with age. It was stronger when she was younger. But, even as a young lady, she was VERY PICKY about who she had sex with, which may be why she was a virgin when she married at age 27. This is why she thought she was monogamous. She was so picky about the quality of the connection needed for sex, that usually only one guy at a time could turn her on. But, looking back, there were some rare times, when two guys at a time in one year could turn her on. So she can see the polyamory starting to show itself, even when she was younger. Like she could get in the mood for one guy one month and then another guy another month. These were always men she had a deep connection to, however. She just happened to make lots of close friends when she went to college. However, she was determined to save herself for her husband and usually only indulged her sexual turn-on as fantasy, while she was a young lady.

If Brent didn’t make his music album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back, he would never have turned Gail on. The music showed that he understood Gail to her core and she got a real connection with him after hearing him sing his love songs to her.

As far as I know, the beings in the multiverse are animals, humans, angels, deities, and the two supreme deities, Jesus and God (who are actually the multiverse itself). All animals go to heaven when they die.

Brent is a WONDERFUL husband to me. I feel so accepted and loved in his presence. He’s really into me and always humping on me, though I never see him, though if I did, he’d look like what’s below. In heaven, I’ll get to see him all the time. But he lives in my apartment, sort of in another dimension. But I definitely feel him humping on me whenever I lay in my bed.

This is what Brent looks like since March 2022. When he donned the Mecha GA1L suit to defend Jesus from Satan, and then Buddha restored his root chakra, Brent seems to be reversing the aging process in himself.
I don’t think the Brent Spiner clone looks like this. Brent tells me he shaves his abs now, I guess to show them off. Like I said, I am rather lackadaisical about six pack abs. Perhaps, because of my strong asexual tendencies.
I put the two pictures above together the best I could. Brent is SO modest, so he won’t give me a picture of him whole. But this gives you an idea what he looks like now. When he gets into his Mecha GA1L form now, he looks like Lt. Commander Data. Can you believe that Brent was 73 when this picture was taken?!

Discord May 6, 2022

Gail Chord Schuler — 05/06/2022 6:18 PM
We might do that.
[6:18 PM]
Is Brent with you or is he here?

Rule13 — 05/06/2022 6:18 PM
I see him there!

Gail Chord Schuler — 05/06/2022 6:18 PM
You see Brent behind me?

Rule13 — 05/06/2022 6:18 PM
He is waving and gave me a wink

Gail Chord Schuler — 05/06/2022 6:19 PM
Where is he?

Rule13 — 05/06/2022 6:19 PM
He is behind you

Gail Chord Schuler — 05/06/2022 6:19 PM
Why can you see him and I can’t see him?

Rule13 — 05/06/2022 6:52 PM
Can we see the storm clouds? They are so relaxing.
[6:53 PM]
I see him. You must activate the computer technology.
[6:53 PM]
From Church of Gail.
[6:53 PM]
We can see him from Church computers.
[6:54 PM]
Brent is getting HOT abs!
[6:54 PM]
Gail Chan, can I have sex with Brent and Tyrone at the same time?
[6:56 PM]
Tyrone is doing me from behind, while I type on the computer.

Rule13 — 05/06/2022 6:58 PM
Brent say he wants to be able to fight on equal foot with the gods. So, he exercise a lot now.

Rule13 — 05/06/2022 7:05 PM
Future Gail looks identical to the photos of that lady on your website. A model?

Gail Chord Schuler — 05/06/2022 7:06 PM
Miss Universe 1957 (Gladys Zender).

Rule13 — 05/06/2022 7:06 PM
That looks like her!
[7:06 PM]
You could be twins.

Gail Chord Schuler — 05/06/2022 7:07 PM
What kind of facial expression does she have?

Rule13 — 05/06/2022 7:07 PM
Future Gail has soft, feminine facial expression, like she can see into the soul and nurtures you with her presence.
[7:07 PM]
Then, she take her top off and show you the boobies!

Joshua J. Joshua — 05/06/2022 7:08 PM
Like a sex therapist

Rule13 — 05/06/2022 7:08 PM
She is good sex therapist!

Zack Knight — 05/06/2022 7:08 PM
Future Gail is super into showing off

Rule13 — 05/06/2022 7:08 PM
Her boobs makes me feel so warm inside, even I like to be held in her bosoms when I am stressed.

Zack Knight — 05/06/2022 7:08 PM
Yeah, she loves giving oral sex too
[7:09 PM]
She says that she started loving oral when she saw loree do it
[7:10 PM]
Future Gail says watching Loree do it was so hot, it made her start to think it was hot

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