CONVICTED BRAIN CONTROL WAR CRIMINALS MUST BE DENIED DUE PROCESS (DEATH PENALTY TO GIVE A CONVICTED BRAIN CONTROL WAR CRIMINAL DUE PROCESS) 43.0 Gail is hearing brain-to-brain that Loree is still fighting her men in court. She justifies her murders claiming self-defense against Zack Knight (her former leader who she has rebelled against). She justifies trying to take Brent Spiner’s […]

Jew Clones are NOT Jewish, but are part of the CLONE RACE (children of the fallen angels).

The church has not replaced Israel. Dispensationalism is the only approach to the Bible that makes sense of all the Bible. Brent Spiner and I are part of the Jewish remnant that follow Jesus and Jesus is using JEWISH writers for my current book Bible for Tribulation Saints (me and Brent Spiner). All the Bible writers were Jewish. It seems […]

Empress Gail's Yeast Management Laws

YEAST MANAGEMENT LAWS (from Sect. 42 of Gail’s International Criminal Law: Satellite Technology) 42.0 All health care practitioners who are licensed to prescribe medications must be educated about all Jesuit super germs and most especially the yeast super germ that Gail Chord Schuler is infected with. This yeast infection appears to have become an epidemic. As of July 8, 2017, […]

Bible for Tribulation Saints (Jesus: 2012-2020)

Rape-loving Antichrist Zack Knight, on arrogant Satan’s mission to destroy Jesus and true love, no longer cares about being the Antichrist when he thinks his true love Rule 13 is dead. This new addition to the Biblical canon is formatted as transcripts of Skype and online communications (organized by time and date stamps) with Jesus Christ advising and guiding Gail […]

The False Prophet of Revelation a Transgender Man Loree McBride?

What the False Prophet of Rev. 13 may look like (transgender man Loree McBride). Artwork depicting Loree McBride with a depressed Brent Spiner and a horrified Franco Nero (Dec. 1996). What the Antichrist may look like (transgender man Angelina Ballerina) or a reincarnation of Alexander the Great. Gail has developed more insights into this and made a video about this: […]

Bible Seems to Indicate the Jesuit Order Will Fall Because it Loses its Ability to CLONE Babies & Angelina Ballerina to be resurrected during tribulation as Alexander the Great ANTICHRIST (Satan's child).

How to go to heaven (the sinner’s prayer gets you in the right heart attitude to lead you to Jesus and heaven): Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits Doctrinal Statement features conversations with Jesus Christ that have shaped our unique doctrines based on the Bible and what Jesus has discussed with us. The book of Zephaniah seems to indicate that Loree […]


Zack Knight has just contacted Gail and told her that Loree McBride found some evil Jews who worked with her and used them to takeover the nation of Israel by switching out all good Jews with their evil Jew clones. Gail describes the traits of these evil Jew clones, so that people will recognize them. She explains that the good […]