Linus Torvalds & Mike Rodrick Appointed Deputy Big Tech Administrators

Zack Knight has a big job as Big Tech Administrator and President Gail has appointed Linus Torvalds (who developed the Linux operating system) and Mike Rodrick of ITProTV to assist Zack Knight in transitioning our most important infrastructure away from the Windows operating system to a Linux based operating system. They shall determine which companies or government organizations (that supply […]

Martin Karplus, Arieh Warshel, & Dr. Bill Van Bonn Appointed Deputy Research Secretaries of Defense

I have added 3 more research scientists (Martin Karplus, Arieh Warshel, and Dr. Bill Van Bonn) to assist Klock and Michio Kaku develop the technologies we need to take out Loree McBride’s cum star and to assist our military in interdimensional warfare. One is a veterinarian who works at a Chicago aquarium and two others are Nobel Prize winners who […]

Microsoft Windows Updates Caused Colonial Pipeline Shutdown

It was a Loree McBride criminal Microsoft Windows update that caused Colonial Pipeline’s computers to go offline. Loree has also been using Microsoft programming to attack President Gail’s computers, so Gail has made new executive orders to make it death penalty to use/promote Loree McBride criminal malware. These executive orders have been incorporated into her Conspiracy Law, namely her International […]

President Gail Brokers Peace Between Israel & Palestinians; Her IQ Excels Satan’s

You won’t believe this, but I just got word back from our CIA teams in Israel and Palestine. . . We talked to representatives from both countries, and everyone was taken aback by what the US was saying in the popular news media. Apparently, you did such a good job with your last video, that Israel and Palestine decided to […]

Terence Tao and Judge Terrance Jenkins Appointed Research Secretaries of Defense

Because our warfare is interdimensional, we need a mathematical genius to head up our military. It takes very advanced math to understand the higher dimensions and how to deal with them. Michio Kaku and our military leaders can educate Terence on the interdimensionality of our warfare and help him to develop our military so that it is capable of interdimensional […]

Michio Kaku & Klock Appointed Deputy Secretaries of Interdimensional Warfare

11 DIMENSIONAL MULTIVERSE BY LALIT VASHISHTHA Vladimir Putin heads up the Dept. of Defense as Secretary of Defense. Under him are some very important team players. Michio Kaku and Klock appointed Deputy Secretaries of Interdimensional Warfare. Klock also works with Bryan Dean Wright as joint directors of the CIA. Rule 13 and Neil deGrass Tyson are appointed as Joint Secretaries of […]

Blaming an Innocent Russia for U.S. Problems & Orchestrating Hood Mentality DEATH PENALTY

I have updated my Conspiracy Law, specifically INTERNATIONAL MILITARY LAW to deal with more Loree McBride propaganda which she uses to cause chaos to assist her in her war against myself and other freedom lovers. THOSE WHO BLAME AN INNOCENT RUSSIA FOR U.S. PROBLEMS OR ORCHESTRATING HOOD MENTALITY THROUGH PROPAGANDA EXECUTED FOR TREASON. 4.1 Due to efforts by those who […]

Genetic Code IDs Replace Voter Registration for Voting

U.S. President Gail has issued another executive order and update to her Conspiracy Law, specifically Sections 8.07bbb to 8.07jjj of her document called Conspiracy Laws and Government. This law can now be implemented since the Federal government has taken over Google, Apple and Microsoft. To implement these new voter registration laws, U.S. President Gail appoints Judge Terrance Jenkins as Genetic […]