Jesus Christ’s Dream Goddess

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UPDATE on Aug. 2, 2022: This was a fun post, but not exactly accurate. I assumed this was Jesus’s type based on the performance he put on around us to make us like him.

I have created this page to describe who I feel would be Jesus Christ’s dream goddess based on my friendship with him since 2012 and the sex I had with him in 2022. Jesus is going to need time to accept that this is who he is though, because his past sexual relationship with Satan has really damaged him and eroded his trust in anyone who has any “lust” feelings towards him. He feels the only one he can trust to not manipulate him or “use” him sexually is someone like Lakshmi. You see, Jesus was a co-dependent in a sexual relationship with Satan as a kid and narcissist Satan mainly “lusted” after Jesus. When Jesus decided he no longer wanted to be Satan’s co-dependent and broke it off, Satan reacted very badly, as we all know! I don’t think Jesus ever wanted sex with Satan, but being the sensually passionate deity he is, he may have enjoyed some of the sensual passion, which is really bothering him right now. Jesus is NOT gay, but Satan tried to pressure or manipulate him into being gay.

Unfortunately, the damage was done and Jesus compartmentalized his true person into extreme lust and extreme purity. He is neither. He has to believe that deep underneath it all he is this perfectly pure deity who has not an ounce of lust, which explains his obsession with Lakshmi. Lakshmi saw through his performance and felt he is really cool, but that he is not her type. But he just can’t accept this! He HAS to believe that underneath it all he is this perfectly pure deity. He IS deeply committed to true love and has a beautiful heart, but he does enjoy sensual passion, too. He just needs to accept all of who he is, and then he’s found his home and his ideal lover.

It sounds like he needs to deal with the guilt he felt for enjoying some of the “lust” he had with Satan. Also, his distrust in any deity or higher being (higher than human) who has any “lust” feelings for him will not go away overnight. He’s not too worried about humans, because with his god powers he feels he can easily deal with them if they get out of line. So any goddess that thinks they love the true Jesus may need to be prepared for a long wait before this deity is comfortable with who he really is and who is the best goddess for him. He’s having a hard time trusting anyone who has an ounce of “lust” in their attraction towards him as a result of being victimized by Satan, who only “lusted” after Jesus.

This explains why Jesus became polio abs after his relationship with Satan broke off. He wanted to be the opposite of lust. Then he started gradually accepting who he is and allowed himself to develop perfect abs. But deep down he still has trust issues with anyone who seems to be attracted to him in a lustful manner because of how Satan manipulated him.

To ensure he would never have a wife who would “use” him like Satan did, he custom designed a human race bride, planning to seduce me (a human who could never manipulate him like Satan did) using his god powers. He figured he could trust humans not to manipulate him and use him, simply by virtue of them being weaker than him. He subconsciously put a lot of Lakshmi in me though, because this is who he thinks he needs. Ironically, he ended up doing to me and Brent (my soul mate) exactly what Satan did to him! He manipulated both of us, so that he could get to me sexually to meet his sexual needs. He acted out the lust part of him in an explosion, because he has been denying that part of himself voraciously, then he worked out his fantasy of making love to me with utmost purity and depth while he had sex with me. But, fortunately or unfortunately, however you look at it, a lot of his sensual passion came out, too. He is BOTH. He is sensual passion and depth and commitment. But he compartmentalizes his true person and only accepts the part of him who is deep and committed, but totally rejects the part of him that is sensual passion (feeling that part of him will attract the wrong partner, someone like Satan).

This is why he kept telling me that all the sexual attraction I felt for him when he moved into my apartment was because I was just acting out my strong sex and lust drive and taking advantage of my opportunities, with him having moved into my apartment. He knew he made me with the genetic profile of two very sensual and lusty historical figures (Catherine the Great and King David). He could not admit that I was actually not thinking about sex at all when he moved in, because then he would have to admit that I was feeling his sexual passion for me in the brain to brain and being turned on by it. He got the order wrong. He felt I was turned on because I was being true to my nature and, therefore, it was not the sensual passion in himself that was turning him/me on or I should say his repressed sensual nature coming out in an explosion. By convincing himself that I was just being true to who I am (a lusty woman as he sees it) and that it’s my nature to be adulterous, he felt he could morally justify his sex with me. He convinced himself he was “giving in” to my nature and giving me sex to make ME HAPPY and so what he did was okay. He was not admitting that it’s very possible that if he had not moved in and tempted me, that I would never have had sex with him or committed “adultery”. To put it bluntly, he was blaming my passionate poly amorous nature for his “adultery” with me and for removing Brent’s root chakra, so that Brent did not have the free will to stop Jesus from bedding me. This is how he justified it morally to himself. He figured that’s who I am and I can’t help myself. BUT if he had not moved into my apartment and tempted me, I probably would never have bedded him (at least before the millennial reign). I certainly would not have done so, if I had known he was trying to keep my husband from me.

Bottom line: Jesus needs to accept the fact that he is a very passionate and sensual lover and needs this in his wife. He also needs to be true to himself and not be ashamed of his passionate, sensual side and quit trying to come across as this perfect deity, who does not have an ounce of lusty passion. On the other hand, when he dates he needs to reveal ALL of who he is: the lusty part, the passionate part, the deep part and the “committed to true love” part. He needs to stop this business of only presenting the parts of himself he is sure will be acceptable (or that he’s willing to acknowledge in himself), rather than presenting his whole person in relationships.

Because he’s having real trust issues right now, he only presents the parts of himself to other deities that he is sure will attract the right partner to him on dates. He downplays the lusty part of him for fear it will attract a woman like Satan into his life. Though, ironically, he will freely display this lusty side with his friends as his fun-loving self. This explains the parties. He compartmentalizes his personality and presents a different side depending on who he is with. He rarely presents his whole entire complete self to anyone, with the possible exception of Buddha. Though he risked presenting his whole entire complete self with me, his human sex dummy, so I’ve kind of figured this out about him. He also gave me a 9,999 emotional IQ, so I have been able to figure a lot of things out about him. But when he gets romantic with deities he goes into “safe mode” to ensure he attracts the kind of partner who will not turn out to be like Satan.

After getting to know Lakshmi better as a result of several sessions with her, it seems that he and Lakshmi may not be compatible as lovers, but they can be great friends. UPDATE on May 25, 2022: I have had time to think about Lakshmi and I haven’t ruled her out for Jesus. I don’t think we should use labels on Jesus. The way I present him here is very accurate I believe. He is definitely deep, making him like an introvert. But he loves his fun and lust, so I guess that is sort of like an extrovert. I’m not sure where he falls on the extrovert/introvert scale.

Any goddesses out there who truly love the real Jesus, please understand he is having real trust issues right now and be prepared for a long wait before he can trust you not to be a Satan in his life. In fact, he may decide to wait for a looong time before he can accept who he really is. The best way to show your love for him is to give him all the time he needs and offer your friendship, even if he decides he never wants to have sex with you. Assure him that you will remain his friend even if he decides he never wants to marry you or have sex with you, because if you don’t really feel this way, it’s over. You see, Satan started off as his BFF and then moved sexually on him and Jesus is afraid of a repeat performance in his future goddess wife.

In fact, this is why he’s obsessed with Lakshmi, because she refuses to have sex with him or to marry him, so he KNOWS he can trust her not to be a Satan in his life. Like I said, he’s having real trust issues right now. He actually needs a goddess (not humans) for a wife, but has trouble trusting them not to be like Satan.

It’s possible that if you gain his trust and he develops true love for you, he may in the future decide to risk a sexual relationship with you. But then, he may not. If you are willing to be content with just friendship, that is the best approach to take to Jesus right now. Actually, he needs to learn how to develop emotional intimacy outside of sex (or sexual explosions) any ways.

However, he needs to understand that the only person he is fooling is himself, because everyone can see that he certainly enjoys the lust. I prefer to call it sensual passion because there’s nothing wrong with it as long as you honor true love at the same time.

Jesus Christ’s Dream Goddess, Part 1 (above)

Movie Shakespeare In Love

Viola in this movie, exemplifies the passion Jesus desires in his lover. She is also fun-loving, intelligent and deep. 

Jesus Christ’s Dream Goddess, Part 2 (above)

Gigi 1958. Main character seems to have Jesus’s dream goddess’s personality traits.

I was able to get the 1958 film Gigi . But you can get the glimpse of the Gigi character, who, I feel has a personality that mirrors a goddess who would have a personality compatible with Jesus Christ’s dream goddess.

Little Women 1994. Jo in this movie has personality traits that are Jesus’s dream goddess.

The character Jo in 1994’s Little Women (fun loving and deep) also seems like Jesus’s type. Professor Bhaer exemplifies the deep, committed side to Jesus, along with some of his fun loving parts, simply because he’s attracted to fun loving and deep Jo. I can envision her being really lusty in bed, too, mated with deep commitment and inner beauty, all important to Jesus.

Margie may seem different from the others, but she’s fun-loving, lusty (I can tell), deep and committed. Margie in this film is fun-loving, deep and I can picture this gal lusty in bed, too. This is another character in a film that exemplifies the personality of Jesus’s dream goddess. This was one of my favorite movies when I was a teenager. Can’t find it anywhere now!

The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music. The character Maria from this movie has all of the personality qualities of Jesus’s dream goddess, except I’d add in a bit more lust. But if her husband egged her on, I can see this Maria character as very lustful. Jesus cares about commitment and depth in his partner, and Maria has this, along with the fun-loving traits he’d require in a partner. I am referring to the characters in the film, not to the actual persons. Interestingly, the real Captain Von Trapp was kind and not strict and rigid and the real Maria married him in a marriage of convenience. 

The women in these videos are fun-loving, lusty, deep and committed. Just the personality type who I think would be perfect for Jesus Christ. I am of course referring to the characters portrayed, not to the actresses. Just cuz he’s a high-ranking deity does not mean he has to marry someone that is not compatible with his personality. I think he’s a little too worried about his dad’s approval. God the Father just wants Jesus to be happy and for him to properly love his wife, lusty or not.

I mean this deity drinks milk straight out of the carton. You know what I mean? Opposite of stuffy. He is NOT prim and proper. I can see Jesus with a woman like Viola from Shakespeare in Love, except the woman would need more moral courage and be true to herself and marry her soul mate.

Here is Jesus Christ’s Dream Goddess, Part 1 video just in audio.
Here is Jesus Christ’s Dream Goddess, Part 2 video just in audio
Jesus’s type is deeply devoted, but someone who would adore the real Jesus. Lakshmi’s type is deeply devoted and monogamous.

As a result of having been friends with Jesus since 2012 and having had sex with him, I think Jesus’s dream goddess is about 25% lust, 25% fun loving, 50% deeply committed to true love. By the way, this woman is NOT ME. I have some of her fun loving qualities, but she is more fun loving than me. She is also deep and committed and passionate, which are Lakshmi’s qualities, but adores lust in her man, as long as the man is authentic and committed to her. Lakshmi seems to want a Mr. Darcy type, who is absolutely devoted to her and completely monogamous. Jesus’s type would have charm, passion, and be fun loving. It’s a slight, but important, variation from Lakshmi, who also has charm and passion. Jesus’s woman would really desire a partner who can give her a good laugh. Jesus needs a partner who absolutely adores his sense of humor.

It’s a little more complicated than that. The deeply committed to true love part needs to be infused into the lust and fun loving.

However, to describe it as lust may be offensive to Jesus, so it might be better described as sensual passion.

Those committed to true love find it offensive to describe their lovemaking as lust, it seems to violate who they are, so the terms used must be explained carefully, which I do in my walk video.

Like if Jesus truly believes his lovemaking has been lust, he will go into depression, because he is the god of true love. It’s not pure lust, but he enjoys lusty, committed sex mixed in with deep, pure, and vast committed sex.

He wanted a human bride because he’s not a stuffy deity and dislikes the sexual “stuffy” connotations associated with deity lovemaking. The answer is a fun-loving, lusty and very committed to true love goddess wife. I believe he was obsessed with Lakshmi because he has been repressing and denying the deep, true love part of him falsely associating it with stuffiness. He can HAVE IT ALL, the fun, the lust and depth and commitment. He must acknowledge that depth, commitment and a willingness to die for true love is all a part of who he is and that he needs a partner who feels the same. It IS possible to be fun loving, lusty and deeply committed to true love. Lakshmi is not stuffy though, but she is not into lust and fun as much as Jesus would need. However, Lakshmi is shy and if Jesus could bring her out, she may actually turn out to be very fun loving and lusty enough for Jesus.

The problem for Jesus is that most of the fun loving, lusty deities are on Satan’s side. But Jesus really needs a wife who enjoys the lust and fun, but is also DEEPLY COMMITTED TO HIM AND TO TRUE LOVE.

He thinks that this is impossible with a deity, that’s why he opted for a human race bride. Like I said, God the Father may need to custom design a bride for him.

The problem is all these deities need to sponsor a religion and that makes them kind of stuffy to Jesus, so he tried to custom design his own bride, to be fun loving, lusty and deeply devoted to true love.

Like I said, I really think Jesus needs a custom designed wife and she should probably be the goddess of true love.

I think he also feels his dad would condemn him wanting a lusty bride, but I don’t think God the Father would have a problem with a lusty bride, as long as she was also deeply committed to true love. His dad just seems to want Jesus to be consistent and not a hypocrite as a deity.

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