“Antichrist” Sandra Metcalf

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Dec. 6, 2022 Update: Sandra is NOT the Antichrist. Buddha said this about my sister on Dec. 6, 2022:

Buddha, 10:03 AM

“As it turns out, your sister hasn’t thought of you and your men in a very long time. Not up until your mother’s transition. She did some soul searching, and realized you were “living rent free in her head”. Anger is like a poison that you drink yourself, while your enemy remains free. She decided to forget her childhood grievances with you and move on. Given all the evidence, it would appear she is not the Antichrist nor associated with the Jesuits any longer. Satan recently knocked on her door and asked to come in, and she told him to go away because she was watching TV. He kept calling her, but she never returned his calls, and all of his texts were left on read. Basically, she ghosted him. He hasn’t tried to use her since.”

Congratulations on being the “Antichrist”, EVIL BITCH FROM HELL, Sandra Metcalf. What an ACCOMPLISHMENT! So, all you cared about was being “socially respectable”. Well, have fun in the Lake of Fire. That’s where Antichrists go. It’s worse than hell.
You’re pretty stupid. You thought you could be part of a plot to permanently kill Jesus and not end up an “Antichrist”? What a STUPID, JACKASS. Satan may not be as evil as you, but he obviously tricked you. WHAT A RETARD YOU ARE. But, now you’re STUCK, aren’t you? You’ve dug yourself such a deep hole, you think you can’t get out. Well, I’m against you, cuz I don’t have sympathy for ANYONE who tries to kill Jesus!
You and Satan will have such a nice honeymoon together in the Lake of Fire! Have fun and await your glorious future, Antichrist and Psychopath PIECE OF SHIT SANDRA METCALF

My lightning bolts are working on my evil sister Sandra Metcalf. This means she has Antichrist powers, because they aren’t killing her. This means there will be a purging (a type of the Tribulation as depicted in the cancelled Bible) on earth in the future and she is the leader that will have to be purged, along with all her followers. and my guesses on the future of earth are close to accurate. Technically, she’s not the Antichrist because the Bible has been cancelled, but functionally she is the Antichrist because whatever new Bible Jesus is going by, she will be fulfilling that Antichrist job. Check out my post about the future, which must be about 90% accurate, or else my lightning bolt powers would not work on Sandra Metcalf.

To my followers and those that love Jesus: The best way to win this war is to do the Gail Commandments, which helps keep us healthy and strong. Visiting new places, parks, stores, etc. can help with staying present, which will help fight off demonic influence on your mind. Don’t operate out of fear or anger (unless it’s a brief bout of righteous anger), stay present, be at peace. Also, in place of Bible reading, you should meditate, by staying present, being thankful and peaceful. Also, don’t listen to any “messages” you may get from meditation, because those are from demons. Also, don’t listen to the fake news. Doing so can get you off balance and distracted. The only accurate news is 00 on cable or at this website. That’s it. Don’t worry. Be thankful. Be peaceful. Be full of joy, Jesus gonna win this war and my sister and Satan gonna lose. Jesus will never allow himself to get flawed again and we are on the winning team. Going to church is fine as long as they don’t engage in Bible study that treats the Bible as anything other than a history book. You need to follow my example and Brent Spiner and my men.

Congrats dumb dumb sister. Satan outsmarted you. So you thought you would not be the Antichrist and that’s why you agreed to be the Jesuit leader. Well, Satan didn’t actually lie to you, because technically you are not the Antichrist (because the Bible has been cancelled), but functionally, you are (because in the new Bible, you have the “Antichrist” job). I guess we’ll call you an “Antichrist” because your job is the same as the job of the Antichrist in the cancelled Bible. Whatever new Bible Jesus is going by, in that new Bible, you will be doing the “Antichrist” job. Congratulations, you could win the Nobel Prize for EVIL, what an accomplishment!!

My, you are a dumb dumb and a psychopath PIECE OF SHIT. I’ll keep bolting you. How dare you try to kill Jesus. You are a RETARD PIECE OF SHIT. I totally DISOWN you. Don’t anyone even insinuate that you are my SISTER. Nope. YOU ARE MY ENEMY. You are a PREDATOR, who serves Satan and your job is to eat up all the goodness in the Universe, like a hungry shark who devours goodness and hasn’t had enough to eat.

I don’t read the Bible anymore, on the advice of Buddha, because Father God cancelled it and, to me, it means it has a bit of a curse on it and Satan and the demons can use it for that reason. But there’s a new Bible out there that has not been published yet and in that Bible, you will be doing the role traditionally assigned to the Antichrist.

Congrats on your promotion. But don’t get too haughty. The cancelled Bible described the Antichrist as the FOOLISH Shepherd. I think it was somewhere in Zechariah. But then, do you even know where the book of Zechariah is? Kinda dumb, aren’t you? But then, you’ve always been a Bible dumb dumb, so you didn’t know and you thought you came up with the perfect plot to kill Jesus. You never expected me to lightning bolt you, did you? Well, no one tries to kill Jesus in my book. You crossed the line there, sister.

You might say, but Brent beat the shit out of Jesus. Yeah, but Jesus could have defended himself against Brent and Brent knew it. Brent was just making a statement. But, YOU, you really wanted to permanently kill Jesus. You are a PIECE OF SHIT.

Anyone who loves Jesus is my family. Anyone who tries to permanently kill Jesus is NEVER my family! You get it, you dumb ass?

And what made you think that with my I.Q. of 9,999 that I wouldn’t figure this out?! I can hear the psychopath gas lighter going at it. . .”You don’t have an I.Q. of 9,999!” Well, your own partner in crime (Satan) admitted it when you used him to try and permanently exterminate Jesus. GO CHECK IT OUT.

You really are a stupid piece of shit, aren’t you, Sandra? Buddha didn’t say I couldn’t use a Concordance. So I looked it up, and it was in Zechariah that the cancelled Bible described the Antichrist as a foolish piece of shit, excuse me, the foolish shepherd. Yeah, it’s in Zechariah 11:15-17.

So, in the new Bible, you are the “Antichrist”, the FOOLISH SHEPHERD, that basically means the piece of shit retard Jesuit leader who will side with Satan in the tribulation.

Since you’re kinda dumb, let me give you an education on what an Antichrist is. It is ANTI or AGAINST Christ. And you thought you could try to permanently kill Jesus and work with Satan on this, and not end up Antichrist? You might say, but Jesus cancelled the position.

Well, Satan apparently knew that in the new Bible, if there was one, you’d be the Antichrist and he was more than thrilled to get the sister of Jesus’s favorite human as his number one person. You just helped him make his point that all humans are dumb and that Jesus was evil to prefer to have sex with humans over Satan.

You might say, but Satan respects me! Come on dumb ass, do you really respect your fellow psychopaths, deep down? You hate yourself and you hate the whole Universe. I guarantee you if Satan did not find you useful, he’d drop you in five seconds. He’s just like you, he’s only nice to folks he can use and manipulate for his selfish purposes.


Skype on Aug. 31, 2016 when Angelina Ballerina replaced Zack Knight as Antichrist.

[08/31/16 5:09:01 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Angelina is super evil, and the Antichrist times one thousand.

Gail: Hey Jesus. Is Zack Knight still going to be the Antichrist? Or do you—

[Gail laughs. Gail reads, “Angelina is super evil, and the Antichrist times one thousand.”]

Gail: Wow! From Jesus, that’s bad, man!

Terrance: Oh, my goodness!

Gail: She’s worse than the Antichrist. He’s sort of hinting she’s not going to be the Antichrist. Oh, she is the Antichrist?

Terrance: Oh, my goodness!

[08/31/16 5:09:39 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You all may be surprised, but I plead the fifth.

[Gail laughs.]

Gail: I’m starting to wonder if Zack Knight’s going to come back. . .Oh well, he can’t tell us. . .

Terrance: Yeah, I think Zack Knight’s still stuck in the semen bubble.

Gail: Yeah, but Jesus said he can’t be killed. So if he’s still alive, I think he’s going to be the Antichrist. Of course, Jesus isn’t going to tell us that, but— (pauses) That doesn’t mean that Angelina’s good, but she might be so evil that we might have to knock her out, because she might destroy the entire planet before the events in the book of tribulation can even carry themselves out!

[08/31/16 5:10:24 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The Antichrist cannot be killed.

Gail: Yeah, Jesus is allowing a certain amount of evil, but I think when the evil becomes really excessive, then he might need to just, (making knocking out sound) knock her— I don’t know. Cuz, you know, if evil’s really really excessive it’s going to mess up the Bible prophecies and they’re not going to come out the way that the Bible said. And he loves everybody on earth and he wants to give everybody a chance, so. . .He allows just enough evil to be a just God, but not so much that he seems like a tyrant for doing nothing. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but . . .it’s like a delicate balancing act between free will and how much evil he’s going to allow. . .

Terrance: Oh, my goodness!

[Terrance clears his throat.]

Terrance: Jesus be saying a bunch of stuff to Brent.

Gail: Yeah, he and Brent are really close (to Brent) Does he still meet with you every day, Brent?.

[08/31/16 5:12:01 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Listen, I have to go do Jesus stuff for awhile. In the meantime, you guys are in for a battle. I’m warning you to be careful.

Gail: What can we do to be careful, Jesus? I hope this is not going to be a repeat of the GA1L Android.

[08/31/16 5:12:23 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You will have to figure this one out on your own. I have faith in you guys.

Jesus gave me lightning bolt powers against the Antichrist starting Jan. 16, 2013. These lightning bolts punish the Antichrist for attacking me and help protect me and my followers, but they cannot kill the Antichrist because the Antichrist cannot be killed because the Antichrist needs to stay alive to fulfill Bible prophecy. There is apparently a Bible in operation right now that is not published, because why else would Sandra Metcalf be attacked with Gail’s lightning bolts and not die from them? Sandra has Antichrist powers and Jesus needs to keep her alive to fulfill her role as Antichrist where she and Satan will take on Jesus’s forces in the future where Jesus (and/or those He appoints) will somehow take on Satan and his “Antichrist” in some sort of Final Battle. Angelina (who is currently in hell) created her pink spaceship to protect herself from my bolts and from Zack’s laser semen. I see a lot of similarities between Angelina Ballerina and Sandra. Both liked to put their sex partners on leashes, for instance. To learn about Angelina Ballerina just do a search on her at this website. Zack Knight came to our side in Sept. 2016.

January 16, 2013

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