Gail Chord Schuler’s Meditation Christmas Album

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Created a GIF image (above) based on the Christmas Tree Cluster that appeared in space this month.

I made a special Christmas album for my men, which I share with the world. It’s just an impromptu album, sung from my heart. It made an album like this for Brent Spiner in 1990 and he fell head over heels in love with me back then. The love is still going strong.

The music reflects my new approach to Christianity after the cancellation of the Bible, which still worships Jesus but in a Buddhist meditative, thankful and joyful stance. Jesus is still our mediator.

It is an impromptu performance emphasizing living in the moment with the digital piano I play almost sounding like a Buddhist meditation bell. Gail spends time in meditation each morning to help her set goals for the day that are filled with joy and free of obsessions based on fear, anxiety or anger. She wanted her music to reflect a lack of ostentatious display so prominent in a lot of music, and to not fret over life’s problems or mistakes, but go forward with a thankful attitude, knowing all will turn out good as long as we stay on our path. The path to spiritual victory is a blend between the teachings of Buddha the god, who has counseled Gail a lot since 2022, and what Jesus taught us, especially the Gail Commandments. We should not toil over our work, but live joyfully, in the moment, and enjoy our work.

After Baphomet almost killed Brent because of Gail’s obsessions, she is determined to remain in a thankful, peaceful meditative stance to prevent obsessions.

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