Why The Gail Commandments Are So Important (My Guesses, Emphasize GUESSES)

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UPDATE on May 26, 2024: These are GUESSES and should probably ba taken with a grain of salt. However, Satan himself, has said he is against true love in ALL ITS FORMS.

UPDATE on May 22, 2024: As a result of the inter-dimensional mite infestation, I have ventured further guesses about why Jesus appears to have abandoned us at this time. I’m sure I’m not the only human wondering about this. Why doesn’t Jesus come and rescue us and save us from this mite problem? Surely, he could do it, right? For God’s sake, we are in danger of extinction. Doesn’t Jesus care? The gods have all abandoned us, because the mite infestation has gotten so bad that it has become a raging wildfire, unable to be stopped and if Brent can’t fix this, we’re all goners, because God the Father will personally exterminate this universe to prevent his heavens from being destroyed by the mite infestation in our universe, which now threatens existence in all spheres of the multiverse.

Why did Satan do this? What is Satan trying to accomplish? It does appear that Satan wants to take over God the Father’s job. Oh horrors, if that ever happened. I could live without free love, if it means Satan doesn’t run things. I may be poly-amorous, but I can live without my polyamory being asexual leaning and all that. LOL

Buddha says this earth is already dead or else the mites couldn’t be here. So when did this earth die? Buddha says it has been destroyed seven times already. It has apparently been rebuilt. I look outside, and I see movement. So when Buddha says this earth is dead, he must be referring to spiritual death.

It kind of reminds me of when Adam and Eve sinned. They were told that when they ate of the forbidden fruit that they would surely die. But they didn’t die right away. But they did eventually. So that must be what Buddha meant.

Couldn’t Jesus foresee this mite business happening? Couldn’t he have stopped it? And, if he foresaw it, why didn’t he stop it?

Before I go forward, I would like to say these are “guesses” and I could be wrong. I haven’t heard any voices or messages about this. I’m just using my emotional intelligence to figure things out.

It appears Jesus has his heart set on a free and true love Utopia for the entire multiverse. I think there was free love in the beginning of this multiverse and it got messed up by the Satan rebellion, forcing God the Father to clamp down and set some rules about proper loving. We are on Jesus’s eighth earth project. This earth we live on has been destroyed seven times already. Jesus, apparently, botched seven previous earth projects in his attempt to prove that free and true love can exist together. This means so much to Jesus, he was willing to die on the cross for it. In fact, I believe Jesus created humans to be the standard-bearers for a free and true love paradise.

Why would Satan be against true love? Not sure, but something happened to make Satan angry and he felt God’s standard were looney or something. And, of course, he ended up enjoying evil and sin and got booted out of heaven. Bottom line, is that Satan now thinks he can run the multiverse better than God. He thinks he knows better than God how to run the multiverse and seems against goodness.

Jesus told his dad, that he agreed with his dad that Satan needed to be booted out, but that the fault did not lie in the concept of free love, it was because Satan got off his path and honored evil over goodness. That free love CAN be practiced with true love and goodness. And I believe that because of the Satan rebellion, God now feels that free love canNOT be practiced with goodness.

Jesus seems to feel that as long as the loving is consensual and all involved in it are happy and no one is getting raped or hurt, it’s cool. God the Father seems to be of another opinion, feeling that all free love results in things like the Satan rebellion.

Jesus has had seven earth projects in his attempts to convince his dad that free love can work with goodness. Thus far, they have been unmitigated disasters. Satan hasn’t been helping. Satan keeps messing up all of Jesus’s earth projects. This eighth earth project seems headed in the same direction.

God told Jesus there was a way to save it. He recommended Jesus find a good deity wife, quit committing adultery and violating true love and to install the Gail Commandments and move on from there and to give up his dream of a free love paradise and start over doing it as God recommends, Old Testament style, where polyamory and homosexuality and stuff like that would be considered sin, apparently, in most instances. However, Jesus has learned he is a completely asexual and aromantic being and does not need a wife. But, apparently, having a free love paradise still means a lot to him. It appears that was a major reason he went to the cross to be the mediator for his free and true love humans, to pacify his dad. Jesus did tell us that he thought if he apologized to Satan, he could possibly patch things up. I think what he meant was that he would admit to Satan, that Satan was right, that free love can only be practiced as evil and that Satan is allowed to have his own free love and evil section of the multiverse. If my guesses are right, it would mean that those who want to practice stuff like homosexuality, polyamory, etc. would have to exist on the evil side of the multiverse and suffer things like illness, murders, rapes, infirmities, etc. while practicing free love. In other words, they would be on the “dead” side of the multiverse, or the spiritually dead side

Finally, Jesus thought of a way he could still have his dream of a free and true love Utopia and not have to apologize to Satan, and not have to admit that Satan is right that free love can only be practiced with evil. He realized that the love between Brent and Gail is a prime example of how free and true love can work together. And so he put Brent in his place and this is why he cannot interfere with us, because he kinda messed up and committed adultery with me (according to his dad’s Old Testament standards). Though I really don’t need sex with Jesus, nor does he need sex with me, he STILL cares about his free and true love Utopia. He still wants to convince his dad that free and true love can work together. And he plans to use Brent to show the multiverse the way.

God the Father is pretty impressed with Brent, because Brent saved Jesus’s life. You see, if Jesus comes to rescue us now, Satan’s going to say that the only reason we are practicing free and true love together with goodness is because Jesus saved us and that all we cared about was being saved and we don’t give a flip about being good. And that’s why I think Jesus won’t get involved. This is such a big deal to him, he died on the cross for it. For him to admit that Satan is right that free and true love cannot coexist with goodness, to Jesus, means he died on the cross IN VAIN.

So folks, if I’m right, then Jesus won’t be rescuing us from the mites, because he knows he doesn’t HAVE TO and that Brent will save the day and save us from the mites, and because Brent is a prime example of Jesus’s free and true love ideals. In fact, Brent is a BETTER example of it than Jesus has been. Can you believe it? And that is just fine with Jesus. Jesus is not on an ego trip.

Jesus just wants his free and true love Utopia. He went to the cross for it and he risked his dad’s anger with seven failed earth projects over it and now this eighth earth project could possibly be the worst failure, if Brent is not able to save us from the disastrous and DEADLY inter-dimensional mites.

So why won’t Jesus save us from the mites? Because it would defeat his purpose to do so. He actually could care less about being worshiped as a god right now. He just wants his free and true love Utopia. He knows he kinda blew it as a god and having his free and true love Utopia meant so much to him, it was worth the risk, even worth botching the seven earths previous to this one. This is a dream Jesus does NOT want to give up and he feels it can be realized through Brent Spiner and Brent’s amazing love for me, his wife, Gail

As far as God, I am certain God is observing my husband Brent and will decide on the fate of free love as he sees how things pan out with this mite business.

Jesus has described his father, who is God the Father, as very Old Testament. AGAIN, these are only my GUESSES and I COULD BE WRONG. But it’s the only thing that makes sense to me about why Jesus is not rescuing us from the mites.

Though I share Jesus’s dream of a free and true love Utopia, it’s not worth it, if it means Satan rules. I’d rather live in God the Father’s Old Testament world and just live like a monogamous person. I could be happy only loving Brent and practicing monogamy, even though I am polyamorous, because I have strong asexual leanings. Not sure some of my gay friends and my polyamorous friends who are not asexual leaning would be happy. But hey, ANYTHING is better than having Satan as a ruler, in my opinion. SATAN SUCKS.

IF Jesus rescued us in our current timeline, it would mean he has given up his free and true love dreams and he just refuses to do so, especially since he thinks Brent can save his free love Utopia. So, if Jesus rescues us, it means Old Testament style loving comes back and if you’re gay or poly-amorous, you’re a sinner. Jesus being a free and easy type of god, doesn’t want this. So, therefore, Jesus will let Brent save the day and let Brent prove that Satan is wrong and that free love can be practiced with goodness.

BRENT CAN DO A BETTER JOB OF PROVING THAT FREE AND TRUE LOVE WORK TOGETHER THAN JESUS CAN RIGHT NOW. Jesus is a pretty humble “deity”. He’s actually PURE EXISTENCE right now. He’s all into his Free and True Love Utopia. How it happens doesn’t matter, as long as it happens. So. NOPE. I don’t expect Jesus to rescue us from the mites. Jesus wants Brent to be the hero, the hero for the free and true love Utopia. After all, who created Brent? Jesus did, of course! Brent’s heroics to preserve this beautiful world for free and true love that Jesus created, shows that, YES, free and true love can co-exist BEAUTIFULLY.


Once God the Father is completely convinced free love can exist with goodness, Satan and his friends get locked up somewhere to reform them or exterminate them. Perhaps God wanted to lock up Satan immediately when Satan rebelled, but Satan got out of it, because he said that any form of free love was evil, which meant Jesus was evil and Satan managed to “stall” his punishment for that reason because Jesus still insisted on giving free love a chance. Perhaps God wanted to just install an Old Testament style of righteousness all along after the Satan rebellion, but Jesus stopped the Old Testament style of righteousness for the “good” side of the multiverse, saying to give free love a chance and don’t let Satan ruin free love for those who practice it with true love. If Jesus gave up on his free love dreams right now, then Satan would be locked up right now and anyone who practices free love would be treated like Satan and punished. OR there would be some sort of compromise and the free lovers could live with Satan in a sin-cursed section of the multiverse. And only those who practiced an Old Testament style of righteousness could enjoy goodness and paradise.

Jesus is trying to stick up for the rights of free lovers. I’m not saying God is mean. What I am saying is that this is a difficult area to navigate. Satan and his cohorts have caused so many problems for free lovers who want to be good. Apparently, Jesus feels He can use Brent to save the fate of good people who practice free love.

Jesus left us with the song “Free Bird”. This is what Zack heard when Jesus left us in June 2022.

Having said all this, I want to say I have the utmost respect for God the Father and I respect his position and would always prefer him over me instead of Satan. God the Father is a good deity with a good heart.

I once planned to write a novel based on these guesses somewhat. I will let you see the cover I designed. I even created a page with music playlists revolving around these themes. However, the only difference is that there will be no church bride, but I think these may be Jesus’s dreams, for a world kinda like this. I know they are MY DREAMS. It would SUCK to have a world where free love HAD TO BE PRACTICED WITH EVIL. Fortunately, it appears Jesus will win the argument and not Satan.

NOTE OF INTEREST: Jesus has left Buddha kinda in charge and in his place and Buddha is the god of free love. Buddha, like Jesus, also believes in true love. Jesus has been described as the god of true love. So perhaps my guesses are correct. My husband Brent Spiner, the most Christlike man on the planet, also shares my dreams for a free and true love paradise for all.

Before I go into my GUESSES as to why I feel the Gail Commandments are so important, I want to emphasize that I have come to these conclusions completely ON MY OWN, and I could be wrong, but these are my intelligent GUESSES.

It seems to me that the disagreement between Satan and Jesus revolves around the proper practice of free love. Apparently, Satan denies the existence of true love. Whereas, Jesus feels that true love DOES exist and that free love CAN be practiced with true love.

I have always found it difficult to understand why Satan rebelled against paradise in heaven and against God the Father, when he was the highest ranking angel and enjoyed special favors from both God and Jesus. Jesus has stated that Satan was God and Jesus’s favorite angel before he fell and rebelled.

I believe Satan’s job before he rebelled (and was booted from heaven) was to reflect the aura and glory of God the Father. This is part of the reason he was so “hot” looking. After a while, Satan felt that his job was menial and that all he did was to reflect the glory of another, who was obviously “superior” to him, and Lucifer began to feel very unimportant, like he couldn’t be his own person.

Not sure when free will was introduced into the cosmos or if it ever was “introduced”. However, it does appear that Jesus’s current earth project number eight (the planet we all live on) is part of God and Jesus’s experiment with free will.

I have always been a bit befuddled over why it is so important for God and Jesus not to interfere with us and to allow things to go on a sort of natural progression of events. I think I have it figured out now.

It appears Jesus’s ONLY reason for interference with me and my men, when he DID interfere, that is, when he did Skype appearances with us and so forth, was to help prepare the world for his millennial reign in order to marry his bride, the church. Apparently, this marriage to his bride the church was to be part of his demonstration for free and true love together, which explained the sex parties and all that.

Now that he has evolved to his true self in the fullest sense of the word and realizes he has NO NEED for a bride, he realizes he can make his point better that free and true love must be together, if he does NOT interfere.

It appears Jesus created humans to be the prime example of how free and true love can work together; in fact, MUST work together.

Satan feels that free love can only work with EVIL. Gay Satan got super bored in heaven and felt that hypersexual beings like himself are being denied their right to exist in a manner that they find meaningful and exciting, by God the Father’s stupid rules, all based on the “theory” that TRUE LOVE EXISTS.

God the Father is apparently allowing Jesus to make his point that free and true love MUST be practiced together, that it is possible to practice free love with true love and goodness.

Satan says, “No way! God’s rules are dumb, so we have to rebel and create our own rules.” Satan thinks God’s rules are stupid and boring and that the concept of goodness and true love are too high for anyone to follow. So you may as well be evil to the hilt.

So Jesus created earth and humans to make his point that free and true love can be practiced together. As we all know Adam and Eve were naked and not ashamed in the Garden, so it does appear Jesus intended for earth to be a free and true love paradise. Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, because Jesus didn’t want them to know the difference between good and evil, so that they would naturally choose good in their practice of free love and help make Jesus’s point that free love can be practiced with goodness and true love.

Satan said, “No way! They must know the difference between good and evil and, like myself, I want them to have a need to feel special and like the gods, so that I can prove that free love MUST BE PRACTICED WITH EVIL.”

And so, Satan tricked Adam and Eve and plunged the current earth into the SIN CURSE. This is why we have murders, suffering, physical death, diseases, hatred, prejudice, etc. To Satan, sin and suffering and death and diseases reflect his glory and his view that free love and EVIL MUST GO TOGETHER.

Those that follow him, like the evil god Shakpona, the fallen angel Baphomet, are of the same opinion.

These beings all felt deprived in heaven and got super bored, feeling God unfairly discriminated against them for their hypersexuality and likings.

In other words, they got SUPER BORED with paradise and feel God’s denial of their likings for rape and such is a form of discrimination against them as hypersexuals.

Because Satan and Baphomet and their crew feel discriminated against and that God’s rules are silly and stupid, they have created their own rules and categories to make them feel special, like Baphomet’s SJW categories and the god Shakpona feeling that God saying evil is bad is ridiculous and so he tries to glorify disease and illness by being the god of pestilence and disease. This is why Jesus HATES the SJW movement. It comes from the evil beings need to feel special and important because of their feeling they have been discriminated against and furthers their arguments that God is unfair and so that is why everyone has this need to be “special” and important and to subscribe to these categories in order to feel understood and important.

The reason Baphomet and Shakpona are OBSESSED with rape is because rape epitomizes their view that free love MUST BE PRACTICED WITH EVIL and, of course, to make their point, they must rape Jesus’s standard-bearers for free and true love, which are me and Brent.

Why would humans feel this need to be special and to belong to Baphomet’s SJW categories unless there was UNFAIRNESS in the multiverse from God and Jesus’s stupid rules about goodness and true love?

You see, to Jesus, he created each of us to have exciting complexities, which are far beyond any category. In fact, we all evolve and change and may even grow out of some of our categories, even though we may have general tendencies to be a gay or an asexual and so forth. Jesus wants a universe filled with both true and free love and with exciting complexities where all different types of love can be expressed in a manner that honors BOTH true and free love.

God the Father is VERY Old Testament in his ideas about how love is to be expressed. If Satan wins his argument that free love can only be practiced with evil, then I predict that God will partition off a section of the multiverse where Satan gets to practice free love with evil and that those who believe in true love will no longer be able to practice free love.

Basically, when God corrected Jesus in front of everyone, he was telling Jesus, “Hey Son, you’ve lost the argument with Satan. We will have to cancel the Bible and you need to come up with something different in order to win the argument that free love can be practiced with goodness and for you to have your true-free love paradise. Because as things stand, Satan has won the argument and deserves his own section of the multiverse for evil and free love.” That’s why God was ramming it down Jesus’s throat that goodness had been violated on Jesus’s side and God was emphasizing his Old Testament style of morality in the correction saying he was getting ready to partition off the good section of the multiverse from the bad section and that in the good section an Old Testament style morality was to come into play and free love WOULD BE BANNED IN THAT GOOD SECTION OF THE MULTIVERSE. God wasn’t being mean, he was MAKING HIS POINT TO JESUS. God WILL allow a free and true love paradise, if Jesus wins the argument. But that on Easter Sunday 2022, Satan had won the moral argument and Jesus needed to fix his mistakes.

And THIS is why God and Jesus canNOT interfere with those of us designed to be the prime examples of true and free love. You see, if God or Jesus interfere, then Satan can rightly say that he is right, that free love MUST BE PRACTICED WITH EVIL. That the ONLY reason the humans decided to practice free love with goodness and with true love is because they were INFLUENCED by Jesus to do so and they would not have chosen for good and true love ON THEIR OWN.

“The ONLY reason the humans decided to practice free love with goodness is because YOU INTERFERED, GOD, and this is NOT how your free love humans naturally are, so I’m right that free love must be practiced with EVIL.”

For an example of how free and true love can be practiced together, you need to observe me and my men, because we are prime examples of it. This may be why Jesus wants me to write the Gail Series.

Once Jesus wins his argument that free and true love can be practiced together, then he plans to undo the sin curse we are all plagued with. In the original, canceled plan, this undoing was to happen gradually during the millennial reign with a final showdown at the end of the 1,000 year reign.

Now, it appears the undoing of the sin curse happens when WE DO THE GAIL COMMANDMENTS. So, you might say, why all these stupid rules about being clean and healthy and all that? They are designed to UNDO the sin curse when we do them. This doesn’t mean that doing them will spare us necessarily from dying or getting sick, since the sin curse is still in operation, but it does appear that doing the Gail Commmandments is part of the PROCESS of undoing the sin curse and helping Jesus to make his point that true love and free love can be practiced without evil.

A dead give-away to me that the Gail Commandments are part of the undoing of the sin curse, is the one about “Let there be light,” treating not opening the blinds and not letting light into your house, like a sin. In the final version of earth in the now canceled Bible, it DID say there would be NO NIGHT THERE. So, apparently, DARKNESS, symbolizes the sin curse and evil and must be eliminated in any realm where there is no sin. ONLY in this FINAL, SINLESS version in the canceled Bible, does God the Father HIMSELF come down to live on earth with humans. God’s standards are very Old Testament and have apparently been violated so much, he won’t live among us. If not for Jesus as our mediator (dying on the cross for our sins), we’d all be GONERS FOR SURE.

In the millennium there would have been night, but LESS NIGHT and the canceled Bible said the sun would be brighter during the millennium. So, apparently, Satan and his crew gloat in darkness and darkness is part of the sin curse. It seems Satan’s favorite time of the day is about 3 in the morning, when it is DARKEST.

“Would you look at the time, it’s 3 AM,” Buddha spoke, his tone turning serious, “witching hour. That means Satan is awake, and at his most active.”

But then in Genesis 1, there is both night and day and it’s described as good. BUT in earth’s FINAL version, the canceled Bible says there is no night there, so I may be onto something. There is also evil present during the millennium (but less of if than presently since Satan would have been in the bottomless pit during the millennium), because at the end of the millennial reign, the evil ones who would have ended up following Satan, would have to be purged. But the millennium would have less of the sin curse, since humans are described as living up to like nine hundred years old, like they did before the Genesis flood.

All these prophecies have been canceled, but they show where Jesus’s heart is and what he wanted for us and give me a clue, at least, as to why Jesus makes such a big stink over these Gail Commandments, where some of the commandments don’t quite make sense as to WHY they are so sinful. It only makes sense if the Gail Commandments are being used to REVERSE the CURSE. It’s obvious that committing murder, adultery and stuff like that is sinful, but not letting light into your apartments is treated as a sin in the Gail Commandments and that one’s a little confusing, UNLESS the Gail Commandments are part of UNDOING THE CURSE.

One time Shakpona and Baphomet gloated about their plans to ram the sun down Brent’s anus to kill him after I would obsess about the sun as a “sign” from Jesus that he approved of me, when Baphomet planned to make the sun seem brighter to me by playing games with my mind. They, apparently, don’t like the sun. Darkness and night are the medium they like to operate in.

Jesus did say on his last day speaking to us one-on-one that he would no longer be giving us “messages” and if we think he’s doing it, it’s demonic interference. “If anyone ‘seems’ to be speaking to you, or if you receive any impressions about me that seem like a response or indicate how I might feel, that is a demonic interference.”–Jesus in June 2022.

Though Buddha told me not to read the Bible anymore, I’ve read it so much in the past, I remember a lot.

Apparently, when Jesus said he wanted to introduce me to his dad back in Feb. 2022, I was the prime example of how both free and true love was supposed to work and perhaps that was why Jesus wanted to introduce me to his dad. Well, we know that got messed up. LOL I, personally, don’t think God needs to “meet me”. He’s kinda everywhere, you know.

And then the commandment about duplicate items? Doesn’t that seem a bit extreme? However, if doing these commandments is needed to UNDO the curse, and NOT doing them, hinders that undoing, then they all make sense. We sees things in the here and now in our present sin-cursed earth and it’s hard for us to see the “big picture”.

Antichrist Lizzo, like Satan, has a real need to feel special and important and blames most of her problems on unfair discrimination. This is why she sides with Satan. She, too, agrees with Satan, that true love does not exist and is a made up concept to further unfair discrimination against hypersexuals.

EVERYTIME Jesus or God interfere with us, Satan claims we did not make the choice of OUR OWN ACCORD, that if we were left alone, we would have chosen evil. THAT IS WHY GOD AND JESUS CANNOT GET INVOLVED OR INTERFERE.


Now, if Jesus wins his argument that free and true love must be practiced together, then the sin curse will be reversed in the section of the multiverse where we live and exist and those who practice evil will go off for punishment, to somewhere like the Lake of Fire to be purged of their evil. Jesus and God’s end goal is for ALL to return to goodness.

We, humans, are part of the experiment in free will and it is undecided over the fate of FREE LOVE. Can free love be practiced with goodness? Or is it only possible to practice free love with evil?

Whoever wins this argument (Jesus or Satan), will determine the fate of free love.

If free love is determined to be only possible to be practiced with evil, then God will partition off a section of the multiverse where the sin curse will turn into a sin paradise for Satan and his crew and evil will be allowed to have its own section of the multiverse. Satan will get to “remake” the evil section how he likes it. This means folks who practice free love, like gays, polyamorous people, etc. will only be allowed to practice it with EVIL.

So if Satan wins the argument and you want to honor true love and goodness, you will have to practice an Old Testament style of loving to belong to the good section of the multiverse where God and Jesus will be running things if you want to be GOOD. The only other option, would be that you could practice your free love in the evil section of the multiverse, which will have pain, suffering, physical death, diseases, murders, rapes, etc. and SATAN WOULD BE YOUR RULER in the evil section of the multiverse.

Satan is NOT interested in being purged of his evil, he wants to GLOAT IN IT. He wants his OWN SECTION OF THE MULTIVERSE FOR FREEDOM AND EVIL. If Jesus wins, Satan and his crew will be purged and partitioned off to somewhere (like a Lake of Fire) UNTIL, and if, THEY GET RIGHT.

HOWEVER, if Jesus wins his argument, then the entire multiverse will be able to practice both free and true love together, with the SIN CURSE REMOVED and Satan and his cronies going off to somewhere like the Lake of Fire to be purified as punishment for introducing evil into the multiverse.

In order to ensure that free love is practiced with true love and goodness, the Gail Commandments will be very important rules for everyone to follow to ensure goodness reigns supreme, DESPITE the practice of free love. The more we do the Gail Commandments, the more the SIN CURSE is reversed.

So what would the paradise of free and true love be like? Kinda like how Jesus envisioned it in the canceled Bible, like the millennial reign, which many theologians pictured as a return to Garden of Eden like conditions on earth.

Any ways, these are my GUESSES and I could be wrong. But the reason the Gail Commandments seem so silly to us and maybe even ridiculous, is because they are designed to REVERSE THE SIN CURSE. The more we do them, the quicker the sin curse is reversed, with the eventual goal to return to Garden of Eden-like conditions on earth.

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