Gail Resigns from ALL Government Involvement: TRUE LOVE REIGNS

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UPDATE on June 3, 2024: This movie (above) Brigadoon has some uncanny similarities to what our Universe is going through right now and is also an awesome movie. I was in this in high school, when my Miami Palmetto Sr. High Concert Chorus performed this on stage.

UPDATE on May 29, 2024: I have some messages for the beautiful angel Lucifer in here. I love him and want him to come back to light and love. No, I do not desire sex with him. I currently only want sex with my husband Brent. But I love Lucifer as a friend and want to give him some things to ponder over.

UPDATE on May 27, 2024 with reflections about Satan and true love.

I will PERMANENTLY resign from ALL government involvement. My husband Brent has brilliant judgment and I don’t want to influence him negatively. I’m not really into politics any ways. We need his leadership without my influence. I seem too easily tricked by Baphomet. Brent is the leader and I will no longer give him ANY advice about government.

Baphomet took advantage of my sinful anger, to cause me to adopt his suggestion to me that I make Brent a God-King. I am staying out of politics. My Gail Shield went to zero when I became obsessed with Brent as a type of God-King and when I became obsessed with the mite problem (even if it IS a problem) and with my “righteous” anger about it.

I would like to say that unfortunately Satan and I have some things in common. We are both furious at injustice and in Satan’s case his anger has reached monumental sinful levels. I, too, can allow my anger at injustice to reach sinful levels. I have to remember Buddha’s wise advice, that you cannot fight fire with fire. Anger is not the solution. Love is.

The main difference between Satan and myself is that I own up to my mistakes and Satan makes excuses for his mistakes. Not sure why Satan is so angry and feels the universe is run on injustice and that he feels he can correct it, but I do perceive that Satan and I have different views of what is injustice. It seems to me that Satan feels the greatest injustice is hypocrisy, that those who say they are good are really evil. So his goal seems to be to make everyone quit being hypocrites.

It seems to me that Satan is on a vendetta because he was accused of violating true love and was booted from heaven for this reason. He is furious over the boot and feels it was unjust. He justifies his anger over being booted for violating true love by claiming that true love does not exist. In fact, I think he really believes that true love does not exist, unfortunately.

Satan’s anger has reached such extreme levels that he is so outraged over the injustice of the hypocrites running the whole thing, that he feels he is justified to burn the whole thing down, which is why he throws more fire into the raging fire of the inter-dimensional mites. Not sure why we have inter-dimensional mites, but I suspect that evil is like a fertilizer to them.

Satan does not respect true love because he does not believe it exists. I don’t see how any being could be happy if they don’t believe in the existence of true love. Satan, in his current state, is a walking tragedy and sadly, we cannot allow him to burn down this beautiful and loving multiverse. This is why I sympathize with God and understand that he does what he has to do to preserve his beautiful multiverse. I have faith in Him, that regardless, as long as we never lose faith in true love, all will be well.

I love Jesus’s dream of a true and free love Utopia and hope it can come about. I believe this will be possible when we all stop throwing more flames of anger into the raging wildfire. We all need to chill, and never quit believing in true love, because it is real. I know it. I have it with Brent Spiner.

I do believe that some day Satan will be convinced that true love exists. When he realizes this, he will admit he was wrong to violate it and will get right and be the beautiful angel he was before he fell. He cannot get over his anger for being punished for violating true love until he first realizes that true love does exist.

What is true love? True love is the state where you love someone for WHO THEY ARE, not for what they DO FOR YOU. This is the love I have for Brent and the love he has for me. I love Brent for WHO HE IS, not for what he does for me. He loves me for WHO I AM, not for what I do for him. You fail to see that it is possible to love someone just for WHO THEY ARE. You think everyone gets into relationships to get advantages for themselves, like to obtain power, sex or whatever. This is not true, Satan. TRUE LOVE DOES EXIST AND YOU SHOULD HONOR IT, IT IS THE ONLY THING THAT MAKES LIFE WORTH LIVING. Of course, when you love someone for who they are you will do things for them, if you can, but the main basis for the commitment you feel for this being is who they are, not for what they can do for you and that is the state of TRUE LOVE.

When you love someone for what they stand for, how they feel about life, their approach to life, their character qualities, more than the benefits you can accrue from the relationship, then you TRULY LOVE THEM AND THAT IS TRUE LOVE. I do believe these are the feelings that all good beings, including God himself, Jesus, the good deities, the good humans, etc. have for those they truly love. I know this is how I feel about Brent and how he feels about me. This is how I know true love exists, because I have experienced it.

So, you may ask, how can you say you love me, Gail, when I am currently evil? It is because, Lucifer, I see myself in you. I see who I could be if I didn’t release my anger and didn’t let go of the anger and turn it into faith in your true goodness and your eventual return to love and goodness. I believe all beings are good at their core and if they are currently evil, they have gotten off their path. I see you as beautiful Lucifer and not as Satan and I love Lucifer, who deep down stands for a true and free love Utopia, but committed a violation against true love and now falsely believes he is evil. Because God gave us free will, he has to allow us to make mistakes. When we act in a way that violates goodness and love, we need to OWN UP TO IT. Admit that we have violated true love and get back on our path.

God does not require perfection, thanks to Jesus who died on the cross and is our mediator. He just wants us to do our best and to never lose faith in love. Fortunately, because Jesus died on the cross, Jesus acts as the mediator for us sinful beings, so that a free and true love Utopia can exist. Do NOT doubt God’s goodness Lucifer. He is good. YOU MUST BELIEVE THIS, even when he has to correct you. God stands for love and you should NEVER GO AGAINST LOVE.

Perhaps you feel you did not violate true love and feel your punishment was too severe. But, you must understand, that God sees things we do not and if we were as smart as Him, we would understand why He had to punish us how he did. You must NEVER DOUBT THE GOODNESS OF God. If he does something that is confusing and seems inconsistent, it is because he sees the whole picture.

Satan claims that he is not responsible for the inter-dimensional mites. I have noticed that Satan has a tendency to deflect responsibility for his own mistakes and behavior. Basically, if he notices that his opponents seem to have the same weaknesses that he does, then he feels he is right to blame them for actions he does that they also do. So, while it is true that he may not be totally responsible for the existence of inter-dimensional mites and sees all responsibility as a sort of collective, where guilt is determined by collective sins rather than individual sins. I believe this is a fallacy. We cannot say that just because someone else does the same things we do, even if on a different level, that that means we are not responsible for our own actions. So, yes, we have the inter-dimensional mites and they are currently a raging wildfire. So what do Satan and his friends do? They throw more fire into the fire. Then he manipulates his opponents into also throwing fire into the fire. Because he succeeded in manipulating them, he now says they are guilty of the sames sins as himself. This is where I feel Satan, too, is a hypocrite. If he has to manipulate his opponents into committing the same sins as himself, how can he abstain from taking responsibility for his own actions?

I do believe Satan’s Antichrist Lizzo is responsible for the inter-dimensional mites. She created shape-shifter mites that apparently morphed into the inter-dimensional mites. In her blitzkrieg of mite bombs, mite chem-trails and mite tobacco, some of her mites became inter-dimensional mites. Lizzo lost control of her creation. Though Satan refuses to take the blame for this, Lizzo worked for Satan. So even if you have now put Antichrist Lizzo on probation or killed her or permanently exterminated her (since she has been mysteriously missing for weeks), that still doesn’t negate your fault in the matter, Satan. So Satan, you are claiming this is Jesus’s fault? So Satan, you will blame Jesus for the activities of YOUR ANTICHRIST? But Lizzo didn’t work for Jesus, she worked for YOU. I now understand why you approached me when I fell for Baphomet’s suggestion and tried to make me your new Antichrist, because Lizzo BLEW IT. But I am against what you stand for and I cannot side with you. I stand for true love. You are against it.

Basically the mites Lizzo created turned into mite Frankensteins. It’s sort of similar to what happened when Jesuits messed with one of our men’s sex dummies and we ended up with the GA1L Android IN 2012. When the Jesuits try to play God and be creator, they can “accidentally” create a monster. So you’re saying because these mites came into being “accidentally” and that it was not Lizzo’s intent to create inter-dimensional mites, that it’s not your fault? But if Lizzo never created mites IN THE FIRST PLACE THIS WOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED. Lizzo worked for YOU, SATAN.

These Lizzo-created mites also seemed pretty smart for a “germ”. They would react to attitudes that I and my men had, like they could read our minds. It’s possible, like the GA1L Android, they decided on their own to improve themselves. Lizzo and you apparently didn’t know what the hell you were doing when you created these mite monstrosities.

Lizzo created so many mite bombs and chemtrails, that every day I’d see about fifty to one thousand mite chemtrails in the sky. I have swollen lymph nodes on both my ankles from all the mites Lizzo has put into my air and those swollen lymph nodes have been like that for OVER A YEAR, because Lizzo JUST WOULDN’T STOP LAUNCHING HER MITE BOMBS AND CHEM-TRAILS. I have lost bone in my teeth from the mites. I already have significant bone loss from the Jesuit super yeast you created to torment me with for almost forty years. It’s a miracle I’m not in dentures. I practice excellent dental hygiene. They have eaten away at my abdominals. Though Loree McBride was bad with mites, Lizzo has been far more aggressive with mites. In August 2023, Lizzo launched bombs all over earth filled with mites, fat chick fart gas and other very dangerous substances with the intent to kill off all humans who supported me and Brent. We had to transport all humans away to save humanity from extinction because of her. Lizzo destroyed Antarctica in her mad frenzy to take out all of humanity. Lizzo is (or was) YOUR ANTICHRIST, SATAN. Is it any wonder after launching MILLIONS of mite bombs and chem trails, that some “accidentally” became inter-dimensional mites?

Satan YOU ARE TO BLAME for the near total devastation of this universe. It’s obvious you are a TOTAL FLUNKY as a multiverse ruler and God have mercy on us all if you were in charge.

Regarding trying to kill me as a baby. You say it’s not your fault that my mother refused to breastfeed me and that’s why I almost died as a newborn infant and that you and your Jesuits had nothing to do with it. Well, not ALL babies have an allergy to formula, either, Satan. The Jesuits boasted at their website that they gave me an allergy to my formula in their attempts to kill me. So don’t blame my mother for your Jesuits giving me an allergy to my formula. My sister was also bottle fed and she didn’t almost die her first month of life.

Check out this page to see but a mere fraction of the monumental crimes Satan’s Jesuits have committed against me.

Besides I’m not completely convinced these inter-dimensional mites were created by “accident”. I don’t trust the god of pestilence and disease Shakpona. This evil god almost murdered and raped my husband Brent Spiner in January 2024. And you say what you do is not about ME?

WHAT A GAS LIGHTER YOU ARE, SATAN. You have tormented me my entire life and have striven to make me as evil as you, using trickery, deception, threats on my life and threats on the lives of those who love and support me.

And then Satan, you say these mites are not about me. But Satan, if it means the destruction of our universe, it IS about me because I exist in this universe. And don’t try to play victim over the unintended consequences of YOUR OWN ACTIONS and the actions of your very foolish and extremely dangerous Antichrist Lizzo. Just because you disowned LIzzo AFTER-THE-FACT, does not alleviate your guilt in this matter of the inter-dimensional mites. Also, if you’re not responsible for dangerous micro-organisms, why are you buddy-buddy with Shakpona, the god of pestilence and disease, who kills humans who insult his malaria germs just because they don’t want the malaria germs to be in existence?

SATAN AND LIZZO ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE INTER-DIMENSIONAL MITES THAT ALMOST DESTROYED JESUS’S EIGHTH EARTH PROJECT. Jesus is NOT responsible for the actions of YOUR ANTICHRIST, SATAN. Satan thinks he can blame Jesus because inter-dimensional mites and sinful humans (like Lizzo) should NOT exist. Well, Satan, you are PLAYING GOD by creating these mites and apparently, you don’t know WHAT THE HELL YOU’RE DOING.

So, you’re saying you gave Lizzo a free hand and now she’s fired or dead or permanently exterminated, so you’re not responsible for her actions? Well. . . then you are a lousy manager and are responsible for not reigning in your Antichrist BEFORE THIS HAPPENED. If she’s exterminated, perhaps you did this to erase evidence of your guilt in the inter-dimensional mites.


Inter-dimensional mites are VERY DANGEROUS. They have vibrating strings in their interior. This means they LITERALLY EAT THE FABRIC OF EXISTENCE, which are the vibrating strings that comprise all living matter. String theory is String FACT.

Another reason Satan says he’s not responsible for the inter-dimensional mites is because he believes the universe is run on evil and so he feels it’s not his fault that the universe is evil and that is why the mites are here and are doing so well. You see, if the universe is run on goodness, then the mites who eat the vibrating strings of existence, are eating “goodness” or existence. The mere fact that the mites exist, to Satan, means the universe is run on evil. This is a fallacy. They exist because there is free will in the universe. We are free to choose evil or good. Therefore because these mites eat existence or goodness (because the Universe is run on goodness) or existence (i.e., the vibrating strings that comprise existence), evil is like fertilizer to them.

While Satan may be correct that he ALONE is not responsible for the mites. He has no problem proliferating them and causing them to become endemic. Buddha was able to repel them with deep meditation, which is strong goodness. But stated that that wouldn’t be enough when the infection is this severe.

So basically fears, rage, sins, obsessions, etc. all feed evil and are like fertilizer to the mites and because this is rampant and Satan isn’t the only one doing this, Satan feels he’s not responsible for the mites. That would be like someone claiming that because fire exists and when it is started it lights up and burns, that it is not one’s fault that there is fire and so one is entitled to use fire however the hell they want. So it’s okay to start fires and spread fires, because it’s not our fault that fire exists and it is evil that it exists and so it’s not our fault if we use fire in a harmful way. This is Satan’s way of justifying his evil. So the mere fact that mites exist, which means evil exists, to Satan, means it’s not his fault that he drops bombs filled with these mites, contaminates tobacco with these mites, uses chem-trails full of these mites, and encourages them to spread. And so, even though he’s proliferating them and encouraging his Antichrist and followers to do the same, he feels because they EXIST, it’s not his fault that we have a mite problem.


What Satan needs to understand is you can’t have goodness without its opposite. You can’t have goodness without evil. You can’t have light without darkness.

SATAN IS A LITTLE DUMB. His thinking is overly simplistic. His chakras are so off-balance, he can’t see things straight. Let’s see if I can put this in a way so it makes sense to us dumb humans. It would be like saying that germs or evil humans exist and should not exist. Therefore, because germs and evil humans exist, we can’t help it if we use evil humans to cause germs to spread and make people sick and we can’t help it, that because evil humans and germs are available, we use them in a harmful manner to make people sick. Therefore, if we proliferate germs and cause many people to get sick, it’s not our fault that people are getting sick because of our actions because the germs or evil humans shouldn’t exist in the first place.

These are Satan’s simple moral standards. He lacks complexity in his thinking and everything is black and white to him.

Satan is so mad at God that evil and evil humans exists and feels he is being punished more severely than other “evil” beings whose sins are equal to his, that he feels justified to destroy God’s entire multiverse to make his point that God is unfair to allow evil and evil humans to exist and then to clamp down so hard on Satan for being evil.


So you point your fingers at beings who are fallible as your excuse for sinning. But your sins were against GOD HIMSELF that caused you to be kicked out. Are you accusing GOD THE FATHER OF SIN? Even Jesus has been fallible at times, and boy did you try to permanently exterminate him over that. You are SO EAGER to see the worst in everybody who isn’t GOD HIMSELF in order to justify yourself.


Satan is using this same reasoning to justify destroying Jesus’s universes. Believing that free love has to be evil, Satan feels that Jesus’s attempts to have a free and true love Utopia indicate Jesus is stupid. Satan concludes that he is smart because he feels free love can only be practiced with evil. To get his point across, he has been flooding evil into Jesus’s universes to make his point to God the Father that free love must be practiced with evil and, therefore, his practice of free love with evil is okay, because he feels free love canNOT be practiced with good. So, because Satan feels free love has to be evil; therefore, he feels he was punished unfairly for how he practiced free love (in violation of true love) and that he can’t help it that he is evil, so why be punished for it? Therefore he hasn’t done anything wrong because evil and evil humans exists and he feels it’s not his fault they exist and that if he had to manipulate them to sin, they would have done so anyways without his manipulations. So he feels this justifies his manipulations.

Satan, you used brain control on my husband Brent to cause him to betray me with Loree McBride. One of the reasons he loves me so much is that I never lost faith in his goodness and greatness in spite of the brain control drugs you forced on him THROUGH RAPE, and the lies you plastered in the press about him, making him appear a shallow playboy without the depth and greatness I know Brent to have. If I had lost faith in him, Brent could well have committed suicide, despising the man you forced him to become in his outward actions. This is probably part of the reason he is now willing to die for me, because I saw past his outward actions and realized he was a hero for the love he had for me, willing to even betray his core principles in his outward actions in order to protect me.

You play god and ascribe evil motives to every one, in order to insinuate that all free lovers are evil and so, therefore, you feel you should not be punished for your evil. BUT GOD DIDN’T USE BRAIN CONTROL OR MANIPULATIONS ON YOU, SATAN, LIKE YOU DO TO US in order to manipulate you to be evil.

You became evil of your own free will, WILLINGLY AND KNOWINGLY.

You have NO EXCUSE and you cannot fairly criticize the human race and say we are an inferior species who are destined to a life of sin, when you have to put spells on us, mess up our chakras, or use brain control on us to manipulate us into evil.

You sure have a lot of double standards, SATAN!!

There are various ways that true love is expressed. Satan seems to have low tolerance for the monogamy version of true love and doesn’t understand it. The goddess Lakshmi should give him a good education.

What Satan doesn’t understand is that to eliminate evil or evil humans, you have to also eliminate goodness and you also have to eliminate free will. So, Satan, do you want to be an unfeeling robot? Apparently so.

You need an I.Q. boost, RETARD SATAN.

We all fail at times. Rather than focus on the failures of others, we should all focus on true love. Rather than encourage our fellow beings to stumble, we should pick them up and help them get back on their path. Rather than throw more flames into the fire, we should get the fire extinguisher of true love and put the flames out.

So, yes, it is true, Satan, that I am guilty of the same sins as yourself. But I own up to my mistakes and don’t try to make the fire worse by manipulating others into throwing more flames into the fire.

To me, the greatest virtue is humility. To me, the greatest vice is pride. For all my mistakes, I am usually a humble person and that’s why I own up to my mistakes, of which I’ve made plenty.

Satan, I want you to know that I love you. I don’t see you as the ugly angel you are right now. I see you as the beautiful Lucifer, who used to stand for true and free love. You are good. You are not evil. When you believe in the existence of true love, you will find your true self and return to a life of light and love and joy. But for some reason Lucifer got so angry, he couldn’t get over it because he felt those who condemned his sins were hypocrites. His anger has reached the point that he now has lava (fury) semen that burns everything in fury when he uses it. Your anger is destroying you Satan, you must let it go.

When you see goodness and grandeur in yourself, you will see it in others. You see no grandeur, because you harbor none in yourself or it is there but you lack the strength to believe in it. So you goofed and you think that means you are a failure. No. It means you goofed. JUST OWN UP TO IT and return back to GRANDEUR.

You violated the law of love. You contributed to the decay and disorder in the multiverse. This had to be corrected. You hurt beauty, truth, love and all that is worth living for. YOU HAD TO BE CORRECTED.

Bow your head low, ADMIT YOUR MISTAKE and allow God to have his True Love Utopia. None of us is so important that we should feed the evil that feeds these inter-dimensional mites. Do not destroy a beautiful multiverse, just because you are too proud to ADMIT YOU GOOFED.

One thing I have learned about God, is that He often does things that seem unjust on the surface, but are actually VERY JUST. It’s just that we can’t see the whole picture like He does. If we saw the whole picture, we’d understand that he is just, good and loving and we should obey him and when he corrects us to humbly submit to it and perhaps meditate and try to learn why he had to correct us. Valuable lessons can be learned from this. Underneath it all, when he corrects us, it means true love has been violated somehow. And true love should NEVER be violated EVER. If the punishment seems extreme, it only means we can’t see the big picture like He can. But he is LOVE and you have to believe that. I know that FOR SURE. That’s why I love both God and Jesus, because I believe that. Just like I love my husband, Brent, because my husband is the epitome of all the things Jesus stands for.

WHY HAVE YOU LOST FAITH IN YOURSELF, LUCIFER? YOU ARE FULL OF GRANDEUR. You are not evil. You MUST BELIEVE THIS. Quit doubting your true goodness inner core.

I sense your biggest problem is that you really don’t believe that true love exists. How sad this is. It does exist, Satan. True love is the most powerful and life-changing experience you could ever know. It only comes about when you believe in it.

One way to show you honor true love, Satan, is not to violate any other true love relationship out there, which I sense was the sin or sins you committed that got you kicked out of heaven. You committed this sin or sins because you fail to understand the nature of true love in its various manifestations, especially its monogamous manifestations. When you strive to violate a true love relationship, you have sinned and need to admit you were wrong to do so and leave all true lovers alone, INCLUDING GOD HIMSELF WHO I KNOW STANDS FOR TRUE LOVE. Until you feel genuinely sorry for violating true love, however you have committed this violation, then you have NOT gotten right and are still the evil, ugly Satan and not your true self, which is beautiful Lucifer. If I was you, I would go before God and say that you were wrong to violate true love, however you did it, and that you deserve to be permanently exterminated for this violation, that you would rather be gone forever than to destroy God’s true love Utopia. This will show God you mean business and He may then allow you back into Paradise. I do believe that God can offer you full forgiveness, if you will OWN UP TO WHAT YOU HAVE DONE.

Even though you tried to cause me to see Brent as evil when I learned he “betrayed” me with Loree McBride, because I never lost faith in true love, I was able to see past his outward actions and was able to see that he loved me as deeply as Jesus, enough to die for me on a cross if need be and so I fully forgave Brent for Loree and even saw him as a hero for enduring her for me so that he could keep me alive from deadly Jesuits who threatened death on me if he wouldn’t do their bidding. If I lost faith in love, Brent wouldn’t be with me now. Because I believed in him, despite all the ways you tried to manipulate him to be less than the great man I know him to be. He is now such a great man, I would put him on the moral stature of Jesus Christ himself. I never lost faith in him and he has striven to always make me proud. I love him because he cares about the same things I do and because he believes in me, like I do him. When a fellow great being believes in you, you can tower the mountaintops and overcome insurmountable obstacles. You just HAVE TO BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF LOVE AND THAT IT’S THERE.

SATAN, BELIEVE IN TRUE LOVE. IT DOES EXIST. THIS MULTIVERSE IS FOUNDED ON LOVE. God the Father is the way he is, because he wants to make sure it stays that way. When you love something deeply, you will do anything to protect them. God loves his multiverse. He will do anything to protect it. He is love. You must understand this, Satan. If he corrects you, it means you are feeding the same forces that cause the inter-dimensional mites to come into existence and he has to correct you. Just bow your head in shame and admit you goofed and be ready to take a lower position if need be, let go of your anger, and feel the freedom and peace that comes with forgiveness and love.

You feel that your true inner core, who you really are, has been rudely and wrongly rejected and you are furious. No, this is not true. You got off your path and have been stoking the anger you feel over what you feel was an unjust punishment. You will get over your anger when you start believing that true love exists and that your actions have caused it to diminish in the multiverse. How can you be proud of destroying true love? Ask yourself, is such a multiverse worthy of existence? When you realize that true love exists, then you will understand how wrong it is to go against it and you will bow your head in shame, admit you goofed and return to grandeur and beauty and peace.

Whatever you did that caused God to punish you and make you so furious, go back and reflect on it. Remember the good times you had in heaven and ask yourself if your anger at God over your punishment is worth the destruction of true love. I would rather take the lowest position in heaven and keep a true love multiverse than be a high ranking angel who destroys true love.

If you have not experienced love, it is because you won’t give it a chance. You have to believe in it to have it.

God the Father is very intimidating and he may seem unfair, and his standards are very high and we often fall short. But he’s doing what he has to do to have a true love Utopia. Ask yourself, if your dreams of justice came forth to prove that goodness does not exist that those who profess goodness are hypocrites, would such a multiverse be worthy of existence? I say “no”. A multiverse not based on true love should be annihilated. Fortunately, it IS run on love. I am absolutely convinced of this. Even if God slays me, I trust him. All will be well. I am not important, but true love IS. I will gladly sacrifice myself if it will help bring about a true love Utopia.

Because I am aware that there is only a hair between myself and the most evil beings in the multiverse, I am always ready to forgive any evil being who owns up to their mistakes and chooses to get on the path to true love.

I will do anything to help God and Jesus realize their dream of a true love Utopia and in Jesus’s case, of a free and true love Utopia. It is like Jesus once said, that Loree McBride and I are sisters in a way, even though she was the Antichrist for a while there. So, yes, Satan, you are right, I am the Antichrist. We ALL could be Antichrists, if we keep stoking flames of anger over our rage at injustice. I have observed God and Jesus carefully and have concluded both have beautiful hearts underneath it all and both are committed to true love. So I strive to be on their side. When I see anyone who used to be evil come to me with their head bowed low, owning up to their mistakes and wanting to get on the path to love, I embrace them and welcome them in. This is what ex-Antichrist Loree McBride did in January 2022. Both Brent and I have fully forgiven her for monstrous acts of evil she committed against us.

When I saw how Antichrist Zack Knight suffered in 2016, because you forbid your followers to do anything that appears to be true love and how he almost didn’t want to live when he thought he lost his soulmate Rule 13, I reached out to him and got him over to the side of true love and I fully forgave him for monstrous acts he committed against me.

I can do the same for you, when, someday, you, too, come to light and love.

But, Satan, even though you are in a rage over the hypocrisy of the universe, YOU are the worst hypocrite. Why do you have to manipulate your opponents who claim to believe in true love into committing the same sins as yourself to make your point that everyone who isn’t obviously evil is a hypocrite? Is your argument so weak, that it is necessary to trick and manipulate others in order to make your point? Your own actions show that deep down you doubt the truth of your assertions. Did God have to TRICK YOU to make you evil? So, is it fair to assert that others are evil who you had to trick and manipulate into evil? God did not trick and manipulate you into evil, because he is not a hypocrite like you are. YOU ARE JUST TOO PROUD TO ADMIT YOU GOOFED AND TO OWN UP TO YOUR MISTAKES. And ask yourself, if you are right that true love does not exist, is such a multiverse worth saving and ruling over?

Pride is the root sin that leads to all sins. Every sin is based in pride. Humility is the greatest virtue.

You might say but God the Father is not humble. Well, he is infallible and perfect and perhaps has no need for humility. But I wouldn’t say that he is not humble. His tolerance for us sinners, shows me that he can be meek and kind. When he exercises tough love, he is doing what he must to preserve a true love Universe.

I say, if true love does not exist and if the only way to have a just universe is to clamp down and be a furious raging tyrant like you seem to feel, then the multiverse is not worth saving and should all be burned down. And this is the main difference between Satan and I. I know true love exists and he still has to understand that it does.

Unlike Satan, I see my fellow beings as good, though some of them are off their path. This is obviously a deep conviction with me, or else I wouldn’t have COMPLETELY forgiven two Antichrists.

I noticed the first thing that happened to me when I said the sinner’s prayer on September 19, 1971, was that I lost a lot of anger and started feeling more love for everyone. There are two dogs inside us, a good and bad dog, and the one we feed the most is the one that wins.

Eventually, all in the multiverse will realize it’s best to feed the good dog and then we can have the true and free love Utopia in the ENTIRE MULTIVERSE that Jesus went to the cross for.

Ways to feed the good dog are meditation, thankfulness, living in the moment thankfully and doing the Gail Commandments. We feed the bad dog when we become obsessed and lose our peace, and are fuming with fears, doubts, and rage.

Satan always encourages us to feed the bad dog. He deliberately does thing to stoke our anger, make us obsessed and cause us to forget to live thankfully IN THE MOMENT (enjoying this beautiful earth and Universe that was intended to be a free and true love paradise), so that the bad dog inside us wins. But you cannot fight fire with fire as Buddha so wisely told us. When someone who has been consumed with the bad dog inside them tries to make us the same, we should respond without anger and maintain our peace.

Satan, in his current evil state, has a need to justify his evil. Part of this need for justification comes from his claim that free love has to be evil because he was apparently kicked out of heaven for his rage against God’s correction for something sinful he did in his practice of free love, and he tries to prove the kick-out was unjustified by claiming all humans (created to be standard-bearers for free and true love together) are evil. Unfortunately, his rage against God’s correction for how he sinned in his practice of free love, spread throughout heaven and he garnered a third of the angels to his side, who rebelled against God with him. I suspect that Satan interfered with a true-love monogamous relationship in a sinful manner. He seems to have ZERO respect for the monogamy form of true love. It appears he got some of the gods, too, in his rebellion, like the god Shakpona. You see, humans, apparently, were created by Jesus to be the standard-bearers for both true and free love. So, Satan has been striving to get his own kingdom where a more “equitable” version of free love can exist.

Jesus, on the other hand, seems to feel that free love can exist with goodness and has tried mediating for free lovers, even dying on the cross for them, so that both free and true love can exist on the good side of the multiverse and so that free love can eventually exist in the ENTIRE GOOD multiverse. Satan has really “screwed” things for free lovers because of his pride and unwillingness to own up to his mistakes, making all free lovers appear to be evil.

Satan felt God went OVERBOARD in correcting Satan for however he violated this true love relationship and is still furious over the correction. And now his rage over God’s correction of his “sin” has turned him into a monster with an evil following, who operate with cruelty, evil and violence. Satan began feeding the bad dog inside him when he failed to humble himself before God when God corrected him and Satan failed to recognize his mistake or to own up to what he did. The bad dog inside him has so overpowered him, that he is now a cruel tyrant and monster, absolutely merciless to those who oppose him or make him look bad, even killing or turning on his Antichrist if they don’t measure up.

I suspect Satan permanently exterminated Lizzo to absolve himself of any role in the inter-dimensional mites. This is why Lizzo has been missing for weeks. I don’t think we will ever find her. Satan wanted to erase ALL EVIDENCE of his culpability in the inter-dimensional mites, and so he PERMANENTLY EXTERMINATED Antichrist Lizzo, who played a large role in the inter-dimensional mites coming into being. I can imagine Satan beating Lizzo to a pulp for this gross failure so that she went down to less than one-dimension (permanent extermination), because her role as Satan’s Antichrist in the creation of inter-dimensional mites really makes Satan look bad before God the Father. He probably beat her right out of existence and she is totally GONE. Satan’s loyalty is only to HIMSELF. If she went to hell, she could stick up for herself in hell and say it wasn’t all her fault, so Satan wanted her TOTALLY GONE in order to absolve himself of all responsibility for the inter-dimensional mites.

Brent, from the moment the first mite appeared in this dimension, planet Earth and all of its universe was already dead. At the level the mite infestation has now reached, this realm is like a burning wildfire. If we stay, we will burn along with it. If it enters the god realm, all of the heavens will burn also.

Buddha on May 20, 2024

If Satan was willing to permanently exterminate Jesus in March 2022, why not a mere Antichrist who may cause him to lose his war with Jesus and God? Because both Jesus and Satan believe in free love, Satan may be angry at Jesus for not siding with Satan’s version of free love.

If Jesus loses his argument that free love can be practiced with goodness, then free love can only be practiced with evil and an Old Testament style morality would come into play for lovers in the good side of the multiverse. Jesus, apparently, created earth and its universe, to be the standard-bearers for a true and free love Paradise, like what he intended in the Garden of Eden (in Christian theology).

By making us humble humans, not gods, who practiced free love with goodness, Jesus and God hoped to make their point that a multiverse can have both free and true love with goodness. If we were made like the gods, then Satan could say we are only good because we were made to be like the gods, and so to help Jesus make his point that free love can be practiced with goodness and that humans are not on power-trips like Satan is, Jesus and God created us to be humble humans to be the standard-bearers for a free and true love Utopia. This is why it was such a grievous sin for Adam and Eve to partake of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and why it was such a calamity when Eve fell for Satan’s line that if we humans became like the gods in wisdom, it would make us wise and Eve fell for Satan’s trickery and ate of the forbidden fruit, causing Satan to win his argument before God, that free love can only be practiced with evil.

When Jesus handed humans their clothes, he was crying.

Well, we all know what happened to the human race when we ate from that forbidden fruit! After Eve took of that fruit, Satan went to God and said, “See?! I was right. Those humans want to be like the gods, JUST LIKE ME and are just as evil as I AM.” Because humans were TRICKED and LIED TO to cause us to sin, Jesus decided to die on the cross for our sins and be our mediator. You see, Satan was not tricked, when he SINNED. He was just TOO PROUD to admit he goofed and led a rebellion against God for what he felt was unfair punishment against free lovers, who Satan felt couldn’t help who they were because ALL FREE LOVERS WERE EVIL in Satan’s view.

I feel the greatest injustice is to violate true love, which I am firmly convinced exists, because I have this wonderful miracle with my husband Brent Spiner. But I have to be careful in my zeal to protect true love that I don’t end up violating the very ideal that I claim to stand for. This is where Satan and Baphomet and his followers, like the Antichrists and the Jesuits, try to trip me up.

Both Brent and I have suffered horrific and catastrophic injuries from Satan and his Jesuits. Despite this, we have FULLY FORGIVEN any of your murderous followers who come to the light. I consider my husband Brent to be stronger than I in this matter and he inspires me. I am so proud of who Brent is. His love for me is so strong, he would literally go to the cross and die for me, if he had to, and this is no exaggeration. How can I betray such an awesome man? I bow at his feet in adoration and worship for his beautiful heart, and his miraculous love for me and his vastness.

The effect he has on me is like the song “Till There Was You” from The Music Man. Despite the fact that he introduced himself to me with the words “I want to rape you” when he first spoke to me on the phone in May 1991, I was able to see past his apparently lustful and “sinful” words and saw a vast and Christlike heart, especially when I realized he made his music album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back for me. I never dreamed it possible to have a man love me as much as Brent does, but this miracle is really true in my life. I waited 31 years before he was able to live with me, because you and your Jesuits did everything under the sun to try and keep him from me, because I felt a love this great was worth waiting forever for.

Despite you and your Jesuits moving heaven and earth to make me lose faith in Brent, I cannot forget the glimpses I have gotten into this man’s heart. A love this great is worth dying for. Perhaps I can have him IN PEACE in another life or another Universe.

Can also watch the video HERE.

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